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Free RPG Day's 'The Derelict' - how to get your copy if you missed out

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Chaosium didn’t participate in Free RPG day to create a collectable or scarce scenario only available to a small subset of our fans (we did it to show our support for bricks & mortar game stores all over the world!). But we appreciate that some people went to a FLGS on the day, only to find all the copies of Sandy Petersen's 'The Derelict' had been snapped up. And many of you simply aren't in an area with a participating local game store.

So, if you really want a copy of Sandy and Mike's 'The Derelict', this is what we can do:

  • Everyone here in the Cult of Chaos will get a free PDF download of 'The Derelict' on July 1st
  • If you also want the physical version, it will be available soon via Lulu.com at cost price - $2.99 + postage.

(NB we also have a very limited number of print copies left and will be using them as convention giveaways. For example, we'll be giving physical copies to everyone who GMs Call of Cthulhu at Gen Con this year: contact Todd for more details.)

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