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Drivethru RPG Christmas in July Sale - NOW!


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Fellow gamers,

I don't know when this started, but Drivethru RPG is running a Christmas in July sale. Grab all (most?) of your favorite Design Mechanism PDFs for a fantastic 25% off.

If this has already been alluded too, then oops, but in the chance that it was missed, I wanted you all to know.

There is only 3 days, 18 hours and 39 minutes left, so hurry!

Here is the link to Design Mechanism's Drivethru page...


Obviously, check out all the other great publishers as well, but don't forget to support a couple of the nicest guys in the biz.


PS - Oh ya, there's that Classic Fantasy book as well. ;-)

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I picked up Monster Island and the Monster Island Compendium. I like collecting little pieces of geography that I can paste into obscure parts of Nehwon. I was chuffed to read that this was exactly the intention of Monster Island, and that Nehwon (and Monster Island's possible location there) even gets a mention! Along with Lemuria, the world of Conan and a couple of others.

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