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The Westfaring Sea Journey


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In the Westfaring quest we have the following on the sea journey:

The Sea Journey
Orlanth and his friends sought the best way to cross the wretched ocean, which was dying and breaking from the forces of Chaos. Orlanth cast about for help or guidance and was answered by Sofala, the ancient Turtle Grandmother. She owed Orlanth a favor, and agreed to bear them across the seas to the best of her ability.
On the way they were attacked by a sea dragon, but Orlanth drove it off. They were attacked by a god, but he left when Chalana Arroy healed him. A school of small monsters tried to swarm over them, but could not penetrate Issaries’ sacred camp defenses. Golod, the King of Fishes, tried to swamp them but Eurmal convinced the Old Man of the Sea that they were kinsmen. A goddess attacked, but Lhankor Mhy knew what was needed to divert her. At last they reached the western land, Luathela.


Does anyone know or care to speculate on  who the unamed  enities could be , notably the god healed by CA or the goddess diverted by LM?

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3 hours ago, Martin said:

the goddess diverted by LM

Hudara or her daughter Nelioma, if you want the mothers of the western seas.

Or Triolina, or Tholaina the Queen of Sea Beasts.

Or Natea the Queen of the Seas who holds some of the deep secrets.

Or Warera the Triolini, mother of Malkion.

4 hours ago, Martin said:

the god healed by CA

Malkion, OR how about Vadel ;-)


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