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Conditions or Afflictions List


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Has anyone ever seen or created a list of character conditions and how they affect d100 game play? (Just in my collection, I've seen such lists in D&D 5e Player's Handbook, Appendix A; Pathfinder Core Rulebook, Appendix 2; Through the Breach Fated Almanac, pages 216-217; Shadow of the Demon Lord, pages 41-42.)

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I believe the entire "Conditions" mechanic is not a common one in BRP/d100 games.  I think common sense & GM judgement is presumed, in place of explicit mechanical "conditions" from a list.

That said, I'd be surprised if no iteration of the extended brp/d100 family had done it... every family has its black sheep, after all !   :lol:


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There is a character traits system in the latest Cthulhu by Gaslight CoC supplement. Some of the traits are advantageous and some are not. You can have such afflictions as Scarred which detracts from communications skills, or Social Stigma, or even Shady Past/Scandal. and if that isn't enough you can be Paunchy or Palsied or even Phobic/Manic. Each trait has rules effects. :)

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"Scocial" ?
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