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Dark Empire

Ali the Helering

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The map on p132 of the Guide has the basic outlines.  However it gets more complicated.

The latest mention of the Dark Empire in the Middle Sea Empire book is during the reign of Nralar (who ruled during the whole of the 500s).  During the reign of Bretnos (650s), there's an invasion from Tanisor but no awareness of an empire in Ralios.  Likewise in the reign of Hymat (c. 675), the Duke of Tanisor hiring mercenaries from all over Ralios but no mention is made of what the rulers of Ralios thought about it or who they were.  It's unclear if there was even an empire as such in Ralios at the time.

There is no sign of a Dark Empire during the reigns of Tyrmir or Haladin.  The Jrusteli rulers are keeping peace with Nolos and Tanisor, eventually welcoming Nolos back into the fold and converting Tanisor.  It is only during the reign of 708-725, that the Dark Empire makes an appearance by plundering Rindland.  The reprisals seem to be confined to conquering the Marsh.

When Seshnela is convulsed with civil war during the reign of Saval, the Dark Empire is conspicuous by its absence.  Only in the reign of Annmak does it reappear with its conquest at the hands of Marshal Nisaro (which may or may not be Arkhome in Rindland).

So I'm inclined to doubt there was anything like a conventional empire and that mentions of an empire may have been disputes with religious leaders and magicians of various places.






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