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  1. Ali the Helering

    Theyalan-centric history.

    In college I was once asked "Is the story of Noah truth or myth?" My reply was simply "It is myth, and therefore true." This, for me, is the guiding principle of the HQ. Myth makes truth, not vice versa
  2. Ali the Helering

    Those Red Planet deities

    And your problem with that is....?
  3. Ali the Helering

    Those Red Planet deities

    Nope, just stop expecting myth to be logical! Timeflow is subjective, and relative timing (especially before Time) doubly so....
  4. Ali the Helering

    Theyalan-centric history.

    The monomyth is a creature of its time, be that Cambell's concepts or that of the Godlearners. Greg knew it was flawed, being imposed on myth by systematicians rather than a reflection of its complexity. To suggest that others introduced ideas contrary to it ignores Greg's own work that shatters the Monomyth. The Entekosiad is critique, not in error
  5. Ali the Helering

    American History if a Gloranthan Had Written It

    Never forget the totem beasts of elephant and donkey. Or of weird orange sexist.😈
  6. Ali the Helering


    So to what degree are canonical books canonical?
  7. Ali the Helering

    Old Earth Religion

    Whow! I believe that I am answered!😀 Many thanks
  8. Ali the Helering

    Old Earth Religion

    Thank you both. My thinking for the underground temples was something along the lines of Hal-Saflieni in Malta, albeit less developed in the Dawn Age, probably similar in Hortugarth.
  9. Ali the Helering

    Old Earth Religion

    The term comes from the entry in the History of the Heortling Peoples. Each of the two settlements you mention have 150 inhabitants at the Dawn, Tor Balur now being the Plain of Stones and Tor Vara now Hortugarth.
  10. Ali the Helering

    Old Earth Religion

    This description is used for the Dawn Age Balurgans. I have my own ideas as to quite what this means, but would be grateful for other opinions.
  11. Ali the Helering

    Greg Stafford Condolence Thread

    RQ answered my frustration with AD&D, and Glorantha gave me a world to explore with many friends over the 39 years since. Greg was a mighty star in the Skydome, and a great spirit drummer in the dance that declares 'We are all Uz'. Travel well on your next part of the greatest quest.
  12. Ali the Helering

    Gloranthan Martial Arts

    Of course, there's also the Peacock Society with their Antisocial Alarm Call attack....
  13. Ali the Helering

    The Open Seas ritual was a success...

    I think there's a simple basis for bending of light over the Gloranthan ocean - Magasta's Pool doesn't only affect water.
  14. Ali the Helering

    Elmal Yelmalio thing

    Must agree to disagree. Perhaps YRWWV!😇
  15. Ali the Helering

    Elmal Yelmalio thing

    The PIE root is debatable, as is much concerning a reconstructed language. The imagery of the parallel fingers and out-thrust spears is, however, clear. As for barbarians, my ancestors were barbarians (being non-Greek) who practiced barbarism (being Borders reivers) and there is no shame to that. It is historical fact. As a definition of a non-city based tribal society, the word will serve our purposes without importing any prejudicial (and therefore false) meaning. As for fantasy stereotypes, I am afraid that we are as stuck with them as we are RW stereotypes. We have dragons, we have magic, we have monsters with vile natures, woodland dryads and subterranean dwarves. Stereotypes are a convenience, and even Greg uses them.