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  1. At least nobody is suggesting the Cannibal Cult diet....😜
  2. You complete and utter..... some of us are diabetics!
  3. Why else does Dayzatar's figure in Gods War have the rag across his eyes? All those Umbroli make for really enthusiastic flautists as well!
  4. Rather than being done away with, the gods become 'idiot-gods', accessible by sorceries only. Rune magic is gone, and dangerously powerful sorcerers feud for dominance.
  5. It is in the works, I assure you. At the moment we are collaborating on something covering Henjarl and Darjiin, I am working on Chen Durel and he is working on Nolos, but a lot has already been written up for Lokomayadon's Legacy.
  6. Ah yes, thanks - away from my books amid self-isolation, dammit. Over in two more days, hurrah! So - if durulz are in the past, what is his present fascination? A mountain with something resembling OCD has interesting/disturbing possibilities.
  7. Mind you, there is nothing to dictate that Gonn Orta is good, so he could be trading the Durulz he finds with Halcyon von Enkorth
  8. Ducks? I seem to recall that he has an interest in every one that goes past - Ahgwath, perhaps?
  9. Woohoo - no more suffering! Donchajustlurv religious doublethink?
  10. Ah, my misunderstanding. There was I, thinking that "You should" was prescriptive, rather than seeing it as enabling. In that case, all is well in the land of post-Greg, the master enabler. I am sorry I cannot see how, though.
  11. As I said, canon has become diktat, but I had been under the (mis?)impression that these discussions were not limited to canon. So, apologies. Of course all Lunar statements are truth, not propaganda. One sees that now. I had wondered why I was finding Glorantha less and less fun, and was putting it down to being a true grognard. Maybe I was wrong, and obviously must learn when to keep my mouth shut and my keyboard off. Outtahere...
  12. Exactly. The idea that there is a worthy Emperor is a pious fiction. The DH religious-political complex is implicitly dishonest (hardly unique, given RW history) and manufacturing it (GRoY) made it more vulnerable to the Lunars, rather than more resilient.
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