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  1. I spent some time with a proud and tribal people amongst whom their qualified doctor would send the sick to a local Methodist minister for exorcism. The proud and tribal people? Highly educated and high earning suburban English. These relationships and linked practices are far more common and widespread than we might at first think
  2. What you sacrifice doesn't matter half as much as why you sacrifice it. Evans-Pritchard on Nuer Religion notes how the Nuer will sacrifice a cucumber rather than the extravagant outlay of a cow!
  3. It is a matter of the context - theistic or animistic. The pole star tengri of the Eurasian steppe is spirit rather than god, in so far as the division has any meaning. I would see Buserian as a vibrant spirit of the steppe adopted as a god by the settled wimps of civilised Dara Happa. No personal prejudice involved 😇
  4. Rather than being a polestar God, particularly given a Pentan context, I would propose the tent pole being a shamanic axis mundi, down which celestial spiritual truth is drawn.
  5. I am afraid that prices are dependent on economic worth, supply, demand and culture. If an equation is easy, then it is too easy! 🤓
  6. Hate to be a pain, but Bob and the Band were on the Isle of Wight when many others were at Woodstock.
  7. Cat Scrat hings, Dog Scratchings and, for the Aramites, Pork Scratchings!🐖
  8. The way that you can try to control the rate of information dissemination is to pass on a carefully edited part of said information. Train a copyist, but never, ever teach them to read or write. Train a metalsmith to inscribe an enchantment, but never, ever tell them what the symbols mean or why you need it.
  9. I think you are making an unwarranted judgement concerning ritual humiliation. That could be an implicit part of their daily routine. Worshipping the Earth deities is a daily reminder of how their freedom of religion has been stripped away from them. I also think that you have a rather odd perception of the joys of serfdom, since a prisoner can at least hope for freedom. So glad that you aren't defending people who actively pursue a programme of turning Sartar into an image of Peloria-outside-the-Dome in the Glacial era, destroying their culture along the way. Starving the Sartarites to death is just a happy outcome they are totally willing to accept.
  10. There have been some interesting studies recently regarding interracial pregnancies, indicating some difficulties relating to pelvic size, differing rates of prenatal diabetes and blood group incompatibilities. RW rather than Glorantha, yet interesting.
  11. How interesting! Since they are but part Uz, I would have thought them very likely to be able to breed with humans. Divergence by cultural norms or isolation are quite likely to result in lower rates of fertility. Gonna hafta go check now, dammit! 😜
  12. As per my earlier post, I was referring to the men-and-a-half, not other Agimori. I don't play in the West, but my reading is that if their stats lie outside base humanity they are people, certainly, but not human.
  13. I think you have a rather gilded image of armies. Forget the taking of a city, I am referring to the 'liberation ' of food and valuables as troops advance accompanied by piecemeal murders rather than ethnic cleansing. Rape occurs everywhere. After a while prostitution on an industrial scale can emerge as formalised humiliation of a nation. (eg the Rieperbahn(sp?)) Garrisons conduct raids and pre-emptive strikes which seldom worried about collateral damage before the era of mass media.
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