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  1. I am preparing a campaign in Doblian, by player request. Sources are highly varied in period, origin and depth and leave immense opportunities for YGWV. When in doubt head for the less documented spaces. 🤪🤓
  2. In the Domesday Book a lot of woods are defined by the number of pigs they could support.
  3. As a Campbellian trained anthropologist his early reliance on the monomyth is both inevitable and obvious. I found his later appreciation that variation matters at least as much as commonality very helpful, and am disinclined to revert to the monomyth structure. MGDV. For me the question is not whether the myth-structure and religion are over complicated; it is whether they are over-complicated enough!
  4. I have to profoundly disagree on many levels. Follow FS (?) on Low Pelorian religion, since Greg favoured it himself. Treat the Monomyth as the God Learnerist perversion that it is. Herodotus studying the Enuma? Hardly remote history, given the sources he would have available, and hardly irrelevant given how strongly the ideas within it influenced the countries he regarded as deadly threats. There is no need to know Gloranthan lore to play any knowledge priest (or similar), just a willingness to discover a new set of truths
  5. Try playing in a game run by Tindalos. Why be less than esoteric?
  6. One of the delights of the Entekosiad for me is the stylistic difference from FS and GRoY. Valare is a mystic who lacks the focus and the tools required to be a systematic theologian or reconstructive historian. Instead she has the inclusive genius of the experiential quester. . I don't think it is a mess, but rather that it is one of Greg's greatest works. However, this does mean that the identities and parallels are both difficult and bounded by the time and context of the 'origin' of the story. Happy hunting 😇
  7. https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10814-019-09129-6 Seemed moderately interesting🤓
  8. Epic of Gilgamesh tablet 11 I sacrificed a lamb The gods gathered around the altar like flies This has always struck me as giving an interesting insight as to the Sumerian view of divinity🤢
  9. I spent some time with a proud and tribal people amongst whom their qualified doctor would send the sick to a local Methodist minister for exorcism. The proud and tribal people? Highly educated and high earning suburban English. These relationships and linked practices are far more common and widespread than we might at first think
  10. What you sacrifice doesn't matter half as much as why you sacrifice it. Evans-Pritchard on Nuer Religion notes how the Nuer will sacrifice a cucumber rather than the extravagant outlay of a cow!
  11. It is a matter of the context - theistic or animistic. The pole star tengri of the Eurasian steppe is spirit rather than god, in so far as the division has any meaning. I would see Buserian as a vibrant spirit of the steppe adopted as a god by the settled wimps of civilised Dara Happa. No personal prejudice involved 😇
  12. Rather than being a polestar God, particularly given a Pentan context, I would propose the tent pole being a shamanic axis mundi, down which celestial spiritual truth is drawn.
  13. I am afraid that prices are dependent on economic worth, supply, demand and culture. If an equation is easy, then it is too easy! 🤓
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