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  1. I am afraid that I have to disagree. 'Objectively verifiable' relies on everybody being able to witness it, or implicit trust in those who do. Atheists will not trust such data, viewing it (necessarily) as systematically corrupted.
  2. I tried a campaign using Clarketech, with Blue Moon uzuz as Protectors, but the whole immersion thing completely broke down. More recently I ran a game for Tindalos placing Glorantha on a ringworld in the Uplift universe, with him as a Chim scout. Neither of us have been crying out for a return fixture... I have now reduced it to a simmering thought experiment and am focusing on bringing a book to the compendium dealing with the happy holiday home of Can Shu!
  3. Ah, as I say, I could go on. A number of us worked out the ramifications and requirements of Ringworld Glorantha in 1980-ish, and the physics still holds together, as far as I know. (Others in the group being the physicists, not me!) One simply needs another new level of bizarre rationalisations every five years or so. Almost like being Gregged.... However, I wasn't being serious, so don't be concerned about the maniac in the corner. 🤪
  4. Yup, I was simply meaning that from a materialist approach it would make sense, which the Compromise wouldn't. Arachne Solara's web? Don't be daft, it's the strands of the Shadow Squares circling inside the Ringworld in the Great Ocean of which floats the Map of Glorantha in the middle of which is a meteorite impact which will eventually empty the Ocean as it is sucked into space.... I could go on. And on and on and on.....
  5. Is this the rationalist approach to Hidden Greens? 👨‍🎓
  6. In Heortling societies, of course, no one is born into thralldom, so every member of a thrall-keeping clan know what it is to have been in the role of the 'master', even if only as community owners. Of course there were, and are, atheists who will argue themselves blue in the face of any evidence for the divine. In the societies of which you speak they were normally exiled as traitors to the patron/matron deity, or given to them in a more instant and messy way. Now we give them a PhD. Go figure....
  7. No Ali, no, bad boy! No jokes about it.... evil evil evil.....
  8. which almost begs the question, and do they make remarkably gentle lovers?
  9. Actually, I simply googled 'Temple of the Reaching Storm' - there is no escape from Google The Unavoidable🐙 (Hail Hydra)
  10. I don't understand - why is there a supposed dichotomy between weird and good? For the sake of all that is beneath the Skydome - this is a FRPG!!!
  11. Never say I don't check for sources! There are numerous occasions when bisons have been broken to the saddle, apparently there was even a TV series at some point in the past. Being bred to be a riding beast isn't the only way to become one.
  12. Apparently parent rhinos 'steer' their young by prodding with their horn, so if you stuck with this as a training regime, it should be a possible method. Damn big prod needed, though.
  13. I always imagined a Rhino rider to be something of a mahout until the danged thing got moving, then a passenger along for the ride - a passenger with a nasty pointy thing...
  14. Yah. Interesting. So I'm okay with the lemon drops and dew and lighter-than-a-pixie rhinos then?
  15. On 23rd September 2016 Jajagappa posted this: Actually, in winning over Saird, Holay, Tarsh, ... you have a population that is still heavily Orlanthi in the hills. The Lunars were never a dominant portion of the populace here - even in the lowlands, much remained a mix of Earth worshippers, DH colonists (i.e. Lodril & Oria), other native folk (e.g. dog folk of Saird worshipping Jajagappa, the Vanchites with their own weird and eclectic mix). Argrath does need to find a unifying power and has broken the Temples of the Reaching Moon (at least those of Tarsh and Saird). The goddes
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