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  1. Anglo-Saxon / Old English gives us hægtesse and drycræft. Welsh could be hud, swyn, dewindabaeth or dewiniaeth. Norse, seidhr, or galdr. Go to Mythic Iceland for other ideas! There are plenty of sources for terms outside our normal go-to range.
  2. The idea that hoplites went barefoot arises from the Spartan tradition of denying footwear to their juveniles in training. Even if this is accurate (rather than another scary Spartan story) there is no indication that it persisted after they became hoplites.
  3. Half Welsh, half Scots. Raised to love sheep and hate the English.
  4. Trust me, there's more..... mainly in terms of Malian influence, but hey.... And very few people start characters at 60..
  5. Just because somebody is a religious scholar - or an irreligious one - doesn't mean that they recognise the flaws in the faith they follow, be it a religion, and unproven thesis, or the idea that the Wallabies are the greatest rugby team. Whilst I agree that some religious texts show signs of corrective editing, I have to disagree that none have escaped it. I dare say that is the form of mysticism you want. As I said, it had little to do with true mysticism, but YGWV. Obviously. Yeah, but you didn't read my post, did you? I said very few, not none. (or nun?)
  6. However, the idea of Carmelite martial arts is rather wonderful
  7. ooooh gimmee gimmee gimmee wannitnow!
  8. Missing the point, Darius, and certainly not what I was suggesting. Heresies begin when somebody suggests that they have understood how a structure riddled with plot holes can be understood as being internally consistent. Providing you understand it my way, of course! And no, it doesn't depend on the faith in question, because faith is about trust, not logical consistency. Again, no. Mysticism is not defined by what you want it to be, or 'what it should be definitely about' as you put it. Does it involve meditation? Well, in the strict sense of the word, meaning to 'thi
  9. I knew I had seen him somewhere before
  10. My problem with this is that anyone can wear anyone else's clothing, that there are plenty of Blue People in Glorantha (and have been still more in the past) and that we have no idea who he (it?) is or what their origin is. Unless we know Belintar's origin it is impossible to know whether he breaks the Compromise in some way or not. Is he a creature from Outside or Within Time? Is he from Glorantha or (shivers) somewhere else (duh duh duuuuuh). How he functions is all very interesting, but it doesn't begin to cover WHY he functions.
  11. Not entirely unlike Blackpool....
  12. No more information than we had previously, though. Origin unknown.
  13. Since it is absolutely unclear who/what Belintar is, that might be hard to adjudicate.
  14. Jim Fitzpatrick's artworks for his rendering of the Lebor Gabala, and similar.
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