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  1. Thankfully they have 'straight' answers as well.
  2. I know, it simply sounded better to me. Sometimes art must overcome precision😜 As it happens, I used to work at the Uk's Trademark Registry!
  3. Try the Exeter Riddle Book. Especially the obscene ones.
  4. Some artists use carved lobster shell, so it should only be an issue due to their uz association.
  5. Soooo.. are the diokos ranyhyn????
  6. Observed life. What was oozing beneath the mud or travelling within the ash, leaping on the plateau or slinking within the forest.....
  7. Scourged, cursed, mud, ash. Good breeding ground.
  8. Quoting the Wiki here, acknowledging it is not itself canon, "Arkat cursed it with the Curse of Cleansing into becoming a foul chaos infested hell". Away from my books at the moment.
  9. Everything to do with Dorastor after he left through to the present?
  10. I was hesitant to suggest that Ga sucks, but...... 😕
  11. Refer to your nearest flat-Earth pundit for their latest theory. I have a fondness for one propounded at a recent conference, that the world is flying upwards. 🤣
  12. I always assumed the Hollow one to be the empty emperor Elmal faced. Why buggery, by the way? I thought any entry worked as well as another....
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