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  1. Interesting - given that the movie lacks the gods, most would suggest that more realistic! Fall of a City is FAR better, not least due to the gods....
  2. Almost anything by Kurosawa, I know not Bronze but.... Definitely the Mahabharata series. Ashoka, if you ignore the songs
  3. I thought it meant Liberator 🤔
  4. I never suggested that the Lunars are good.... simply that they could be read that way. I don't think anybody deserves that adjective without some qualifications, in Glorantha or the RW.
  5. Oddly enough, l doubt a Lunar prisoner relishes being 'given to the fields' or thrown to an umbroli. Cultural prejudice is always unfair.
  6. Good to know that nobody in the RW holds an hatred dating back 500 to 1000 years. Oh, hold on.....
  7. Isn't it wonderful that the Orlanthi weren't involved in the horrors of the EWF? Nor in any way connected with the slaughter and sack of Peloria when Nysalor was murdered?
  8. I completely disagree. The fun and power for me emerge from the anthropological invention of Greg, along with his playful and sardonic humour. The Aldryami are out to revert the world into forest, hostile to most of the other sapient races. They will kill millions if they succeed.
  9. Fanatical ecoterrorists? Aldryami. I happily play Orlanthi, because it is play. I can play extremists with ease. Doesn't mean I love 'em!
  10. When I was asked to explain the Orlanthi viewpoint a few years back, I realised that the best comparison I could think of was an ultranationalist right-winger. Even if they are correct, it doesn't make them either good or nice in terms most of us would understand.
  11. Slavery exists in the boonies too. Freedom in the more advanced tech also Is it better to be a slave to a brute in the backwoods or a free citizen with greater safety?
  12. As opposed to the guys with Urox, Babeester and Ereltharol, such great paragons of reason, moderation and pacifism?
  13. Whilst I agree that technology in and of itself doesn't make things moral, it does enable things that can make life qualitatively better. Public health, better communications, as obvious examples. Do we have to invoke Monty Python here?
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