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  1. Perfectly true, but that is not what is being talked about with the bifurcation of the brain. That would be considerably worse, particularly if inflicted in an instant, let alone the trauma of the pain from the physical mutilation.
  2. As you stated in a thread relating to 'dragonewt wierdness', to gain any such understanding would at minimum require the splitting of tongue and brain. The trauma of this being imposed instantly would certainly cause mental damage, if not death.
  3. Ali the Helering

    Libraries & Records

    If you want to look at RW religious repositories, it is worth searching for Ancient Near Eastern Texts relating to the Old Testament, which is available on line. For secular, look at the Hittite foreign office archives, or the Knossos & Pylos tablets.
  4. Ali the Helering

    Libraries & Records

    Writing must also be understood in the context of carving - an Egyptian temple such as Karnak carried a wealth of (heavily biased) political as well as religious material. Maranaba's walls, for example, could be a remarkable record.
  5. If broos could fight alongside Praxians at Moonbroth, maybe we shouldn't impose such a hard division between Chaos and others. Are we adopting an Orlanthi prejudice without a proper critique?
  6. Ali the Helering

    Libraries & Records

    I would anticipate that Ethilrist would have a considerable collection.
  7. Absolutely. My thought was that there is no need for such a group to NOT be Thanatari!😈
  8. Since head-hunting communities have been quite common and well established over the millennia in the RW, I can easily see them in any environment that isn't readily accessible to anti-Chaos fanatics in significantly large numbers.
  9. Ali the Helering

    Ernalda to Vinga

    Back in the 'good old days' of Thunder Rebels and Storm Tribe, Vinga had a Protection Rune which appeared as a modified Earth rune. Surely there is some potential in using Ernaldan runic powers in just such a fashion? When 'Going Vingan' the cultist accesses different interpretations of the same feats, and if/when she returns to her previous role the interpretations return likewise.
  10. Ali the Helering

    Mining in Genertela

    Similarly many of the Uz deities/spirits have a burrowing aspect. If the scorpion folk create nests similar to RW scorpions then there could be possibilities there as well.
  11. Ali the Helering

    The Hydra

    Do the multiple heads have separate stomachs? If not, I dread to think of the digestive issues of the Hound AND the Bat in there.....
  12. Ali the Helering

    Mythic Origins of Harpies

    That is the Orian myth, but it needn't stifle others. Given their nature they may have multiple origins.
  13. Ali the Helering

    The Lore of Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind

    A Vuranostum-based HQ would allow access to a fair amount of myth, as would 'Escaping the Evil Empire and the Ice.' Never underestimate the length of reach of Oral History: a recent book documents Australian Aboriginal myths of the last Ice Age and the inundations that followed it! (Reputable research, not fanciful nonsense)
  14. Ali the Helering

    The Lore of Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind

    Yup, that is why I said over 1500, not wanting to get drawn into another pre-Dawn dating debate!
  15. Ali the Helering

    The Lore of Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind

    Speaking as the alterego of Pentmaniac, thank you very much! Since I have not played 6A, I would not expect compatability beyond that of two ideas with a common inspiration. From what I gather, 6A is set over 1500 years before the HQ 'present', so there is much that will have changed. Language, Religion, food and clothing, to name a few! As ever, YGWV.