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  1. Bits of Glorantha you ignore

    Returning to the original question, I tend to ignore anything that simplifies religion. I don't think it can be sufficiently complex and bewildering! Therefore I pick and choose those elements that enhance mystery and mystification.
  2. A Magical Economy

    I think this says something more about RQ2 than it does about Glorantha. While Jon may have missed the reference, many of us would not check such RQ2 books as we may still possess. The ubiquity of magic may be deemed to merely 'raise Glorantha to RW levels' with the implicit understanding of Glorantha as a post-Catastrophic if not Apocalyptic world, but I agree with Jon that locally prevalent magics must inevitably distort the local economy. One Barntari hero with access to the cult secret can produce a centre of agrarian wealth beyond other areas' dreams. One Maranite can produce fresh open-cast mines on a regular basis, immensely increasing ore production.
  3. Troll wind Lord.

    If they slip on and cover his feet nicely, does that make Orlanth's deeds a 'Trojan' effort?
  4. Troll wind Lord.

    oops, iskallor s/b soltakks
  5. Troll wind Lord.

    Sorry if I came across as particularly snarky, it is just that I see us all as engaged in developing Greg's work, not altering it dramatically. I appreciate that a 2% difference may not appear that dramatic, but it is a two-thirds reduction. Given that in CoP days the Orlanthi Pantheon was considerably less detailed than it is now, that 2% difference could very readily be applied to others of that Pantheon. The figures 'seeming wrong' for me cries out for investigation and variation, not reduction. But as Iskallor correctly implies, all of our GWV!
  6. Troll wind Lord.

    In response to Tindalos In addition, Cults of Prax lists three percent of Praxian Trolls as worshipping Orlanth. David Scott wrote Personally I'd adjust this to 1% in light of the cult population number I've done for the Wastes. I have to say that I got used to being Gregged over the decades. Greg is, after all, the creator of Glorantha. Am I now to assume that we are to be Davided? If so, by what authority? Is it not more appropriate that David's cult population numbers for the Wastes be adjusted to match those of Greg?
  7. Any Yelmalian Poets out there?

    I am afraid I have to disagree, because they are addressed to the greatest deity in the pantheon. Perhaps the Prayer of Ashurbanipal to Shamash http://jewishchristianlit.com/Texts/ANEhymns/pr$m$.html might be closer, particularly given the pseudo-Mesopotamian character of Dara Happa.
  8. Swords of Central Genertela

    The information is, indeed, canonical in that it is by Greg, although anyone who has been Gregged knows just how much that means... The article also lists it as the primary weapon IIRC (lots of material still in boxes following house move), which does not imply that it would be used by skirmishers, but is the weapon of choice for the wealthy and well equipped. IRW I don't think many skirmishers carried swords until organised units of Spanish foot in the early medieval, but again, open to correction. Most skirmishers carried distance weapons, light shields if any, wore little armour, and went unencumbered by a hand weapon heavier than a small hatchet, club or knife. Which description certainly makes them unlikely to be the choice of your average player even if not a combat-monster.
  9. Effect of runes to personality and emulating one's god

    Absolutely. The Mutually Assured Destruction of the two steadings that blossoms to consume the world as Kari hunts down the Burners is probably my favourite piece of historical romance. The trust between Njal and Gunnar that transcends such simple matters as tit-for-tat 'drive-by' axings and spearings is a joy, and would actually make for a glorious darkly comic tv mini-series. I think Neil Gaiman could script it nicely....
  10. Effect of runes to personality and emulating one's god

    Within RW societies that utilised weregeld it wasn't up to the killer or maimer to assess the compensation due. Now, if the bag had a mailing address attached so that you could be followed up for an excess.....
  11. Rapier Miniatures comes to Glorantha

    Durn tootin', bro
  12. Rapier Miniatures comes to Glorantha

    Not really, except to say that I don't find the figure interesting enough to buy. At least with separate fixture points for each leg then, with a bit of modification, you could at least have some semblance of Chaos Features. The thing with the legs is, as you say, they are more crustacean than from the Order Scorpiones. If the figure was being sold as - say - a Crab Centaur, then that would be fine. Bagogi are, however, scorpion folk. Sorry if I appear a bit crabby.....
  13. Rapier Miniatures comes to Glorantha

    Lack of attention to detail? Or lazy modelling taking the easy route???
  14. Rapier Miniatures comes to Glorantha

    I have down a reasonably quick search, and I cannot find any RW scorpion with legs like those. I don't normally go checking the legs of arthropods.... I'm not that kind of guy...honest
  15. Sun Dome Temples

    I should have added that in the case of this Donald, shouldn't we all Duck?