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  1. It could form an interesting basis for a campaign in Safelster and the Return of Arkat👹
  2. Jajagappa is the god of Lost Rocks, a astronomical feature. Umath crashed in the North. The Darkness may well be the result of a meteoric impact. Ghelotralas came to ground in the west, with significant effect, and the recognition of Lodril as heat within the earth. Mernita is lost in the fall of a 'moon'. One of Argrath's later battles involves a 'rogue planet'. IMHO there's every indication that Glorantha is under massive bombardment from time to time.
  3. Is this why the Hidden Greens don't last very long? ☹️
  4. The problem with that would be the lack of the prolific vegetation one would normally expect for apatosaurs to eat. However, MGDV, and dinosaurs are quite prolific in the Elder Wilds, and I like your thinking!🙂
  5. The terminal -a certainly isn't easily applicable, otherwise there will be some confused worshippers of Elmalhara. Helerharans on the other hand....
  6. My post to which this is a reply was referring to Pent, rather than Prax, which has a very different ecology - both biological and spiritually.
  7. Further research indicates a lack of knowledge relating to mustang herd migration. Over the last few years there have been attempts to track those in Montana and Nevada, but I cannot find the outcomes.
  8. If one follows the observable Mongolian model, this migration is often 'local lowland-local highland' rather than enormous distances north and south. I would also assume that there are wild herds, the result of centuries of escape from the main herds followed by breeding in the wild. These would be far more likely to follow a north-south axis.
  9. Whilst this does state A source, it doesn't state that it is the ONLY source. Gata might be mimicking a creature with Air linkages in order to gain some leverage within another element's area of control. YGWV
  10. Dammit, I had been doing so well....😵
  11. Yes, but what of the other wind cultists? Doburdun, TarUmath, North War Wind etc. Is there a primordial '7 to save the world' myth, with parallel outcomes?
  12. Musing upon this, especially since the GL monsters didn't directly reach Rinliddi, makes me wonder just how widespread the basic myth form is.
  13. Corflu - an American abbreviation for correction fluid, which was covering a mark on the map. When asked what this was Greg replied 'cor flu' and thus it was named thereafter!
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