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  1. I'm not aware that anyone suggested that.
  2. I don't think either sorcerous or animist societies would have a theistic being as their guardian, but would have a being of their own type.
  3. I think that the sorcerer might go even further. "Yes, you're a vital piece of tne cosmos, so I shall manipulate you as far as I can without breaking you."
  4. Whether it is called a wyter or not, IMG every community has a guardian being.
  5. I would anticipate a Buserian or Irippi Ontor Rune - in the present iteration a truth rune, or alternatively Law. I visualise them as ledgers whose entries flare with the light of the moon. To write in one requires a quill made from a destexin feather.
  6. Back in the ancient days when Form/Set was a wondrous sorcery, I saw someone form a volcanic flame into a sword and set it for a vast period using all the Extension points he could muster. Lo and behold, Light Sabre!
  7. On a purely pragmatic basis, might the Crater Makers periodically call some down in a controlled environment, for example somewhere the Bat has just depopulated, to provide new resources? Or would that be regarded as offending Sedenya for base profit, rather than sacred duty? It goes without saying that RW religious leaders are never interested in wealth or worldly power.....
  8. Yep, given that she sang the Titanic theme..... 😉
  9. And the sky was the colour of a divination tuned to a dead god....
  10. The Western "saints' nodes" always struck me as a bit cyberspacy
  11. Why should we all be stuck in the Hero Wars? Glorantha's future awaits....
  12. Consider it as a carnivorous form of kimchee. Or if you prefer it religious rather than culinary 'Basko Saves! For later...'
  13. Chern Durel has a sequence of religious revelations with pyramids as a feature of their Deep Past. The different cultures may have built different styles of pyramid. I could easily see black or grey stone Egyptian-style pyramids, built by enlo and human slave labour, housing the mummified bodies of their uz rulers.
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