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  1. Ali the Helering

    what is the mythic basis for addiction?

    Why would the shaman want to reduce your need and ability to gain a closeness to the spirits? I would suggest Addiction Spirits hang around shamanic rituals as a matter of course.
  2. Ali the Helering

    Conan came to Glorantha and rode a bison.

    Sensible, yes. Poetic, no. Combat Styles are interesting not least in the way you can be limited to improving your armour if it hinders an established Style.
  3. Ali the Helering

    Conan came to Glorantha and rode a bison.

    An inability to dextrously dress himself may explain why he is eternally 'naked, save for a loincloth'. Dex 1 looking good
  4. Ali the Helering

    The Trauma of the Dragonkill War

    Wales fell to Edward Longshanks 700 years ago. Does anyone imagine that the English have been forgiven, or the conquest forgotten? Hadrian reigned rather more remotely, and Haaman dominated the Achaemenid empire around 2400 years ago. They still figure strongly in some Jewish communities consciousness.
  5. Ali the Helering

    Other Runes

    YGWV. I think we must agree to differ
  6. Ali the Helering

    Other Runes

    Gregging can work in a number of ways, and a change in the rule system changes the way the world is perceived. That fashion has changed simply means that it is fashion, not that it is better. IMO the complexity of the rules is something that can either enhance or hinder play and simulation, depending on the group, and I do not for one second believe you can have overly specific mythologies if you want to approach RW religious complexity. Some of us remain simulationist. I am seriously considering abandoning HQ, and returning to RQ, although not without regret.
  7. Ali the Helering

    Other Runes

    The rules at this given moment, yes. Having been gregged fifteen ways till Tuesday since I started with RQ2 in the late 70s, I prefer to find the form of play that is both MGF and reflective of the ancient RW. YGMV. MGDV.
  8. Ali the Helering

    Other Runes

    Sorry, still have to disagree 🤔 I don't think that having a 'lesser' Rune makes it a lower case rune. The degree of specialisation can make it more precisely effective than a generalized 'core' Rune. Having a narrow vision for a keyword is interesting in itself, as though one has taken on unforced gaeasa.
  9. Ali the Helering

    Other Runes

    I have to disagree. The player can play up a 'lesser' rune to their heart's content, and thereby make the character ever more distinctive. A small starting difference can be used to great long term effect.
  10. Ali the Helering

    Heroes to Superheroes

    Woody. Aldryan superhero????
  11. Ali the Helering

    Other Runes

    My thinking is that, rather than acting as a restriction, the 'derived' rune qualifies the way in which the core rune is known. Using your Yelmalian example, I would see the Light rune indicating an intrusion into Darkness rather than the fiery destruction one might expect of Elmal or Yelm. His fertility aspect is active in the period of ripening, rather than in the drying of fields. I do like your image of an Odaylan calming frightened cattle. It could, of course, be on the level of "They thought the Sakkar was scary? Wait till they get a load of me!"
  12. Ali the Helering

    Other Runes

    Actually, I would want to encourage players to indulge their originality as we co-operatively work to incorporate their chosen cult runes into the game. I do prefer a complex religious landscape, and I feel that this is a big contribution to that. YGWV, and mine certainly does!
  13. Ali the Helering

    Glorantha technology and Glorantha material technology

    That the felt is of lesser quality is a subjective human judgment. The material has a rougher and more fibrous quality (having been compared to dredlocks) which may well be favoured by some markets, such as the Uz.
  14. Ali the Helering

    Glorantha technology and Glorantha material technology

    Since human hair can be felted (google is a wonderful thing), I would assume that gern felt would be a possible thing.
  15. Ali the Helering

    Six husband-protectors of Ernalda

    You thought my title was accidental, maybe????? I am half Welsh, and used to a great many sheep jokes.