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  1. Not at all clear as to how you see dealing with genius loci or totemic spirits as healing, and mediumship doesn't cover all of the aspects of necromantic activities of some shamans. Simply because some cultures have other ways of dealing with spirits doesn't mean that it isn't part of the shaman's task in others. If you want to be truly specific and return to the people from whom the word 'shaman' is taken, then Buryat shamans also undertake the practise of interceding with the tngri, those great spirits some class as divine. Not just healing, honestly.
  2. and reintegrating individuals into society after illness, broken gaeas or defilement, and conversing with the dead, and dealing with totemic spirits, and placating genius loci, and...... oh sorry, is that more than one job?
  3. Let us never forget Veng/Ghevengus, now only treated as a demonic aspect inside Dara Happa. There is every reason to suppose that he continues in his full nature (God of Avilry) in Rinliddi. The name Ghevengus illustrating his celestial origin.
  4. If you really wanted to justify the Heortling lack of a genuine sun god - which I don't - at a stretch you could take it back to rejection of Nysalor. I still think it a highly suspect decision, though. Elmal serves a real purpose as he is, and this great leap backwards does not 😕
  5. A devout Hindu is not an occultist. They may be that as well, but it is not the same thing.
  6. I have to say that I don't understand why it is preferable to strip away Elmal's fire powers and make him a subcult. I know it is being done, but cannot see why this is supposed to make Glorantha better. Given the great arguments that occurred when he was differentiated from Yelmalio, what was the point then, and what now?
  7. Of course, even if they look alike and are capable of mating, that does not mean that they are fertile matings. Different origins might imply infertility, or at best a mulish infertile offspring.
  8. A curse upon he who fathered thee, oh son of infamy, spawn of the Jrusteli!!! On the other hand, you might be right... 😜 Seriously though, even though they are IRW classified as Caprinae, muskox are Ovibos. This would tend to imply Nevala rather than Thed.
  9. Alternatively, they might be mobile but greatly slowed and prone to shattering
  10. Then it would need a title... perhaps something like 'keyword'? 😁
  11. That's why I suggested hesitation rather than rejection. Your Visualisation of Glorantha Will Vary, but there are some that are, perhaps, closer to the source than others.
  12. Given Sandy's history with respect to Glorantha and its inventor, I would be very hesitant in suggesting that his views were incorrect.
  13. Just when you thought there wasn't another critical hit table to experience.....
  14. I believe that you are looking for Lumaxovoran (sp?) mentioned in the old Gods of Glorantha
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