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  1. Ali the Helering

    Greg Stafford Condolence Thread

    RQ answered my frustration with AD&D, and Glorantha gave me a world to explore with many friends over the 39 years since. Greg was a mighty star in the Skydome, and a great spirit drummer in the dance that declares 'We are all Uz'. Travel well on your next part of the greatest quest.
  2. Ali the Helering

    Gloranthan Martial Arts

    Of course, there's also the Peacock Society with their Antisocial Alarm Call attack....
  3. Ali the Helering

    The Open Seas ritual was a success...

    I think there's a simple basis for bending of light over the Gloranthan ocean - Magasta's Pool doesn't only affect water.
  4. Ali the Helering

    Elmal Yelmalio thing

    Must agree to disagree. Perhaps YRWWV!😇
  5. Ali the Helering

    Elmal Yelmalio thing

    The PIE root is debatable, as is much concerning a reconstructed language. The imagery of the parallel fingers and out-thrust spears is, however, clear. As for barbarians, my ancestors were barbarians (being non-Greek) who practiced barbarism (being Borders reivers) and there is no shame to that. It is historical fact. As a definition of a non-city based tribal society, the word will serve our purposes without importing any prejudicial (and therefore false) meaning. As for fantasy stereotypes, I am afraid that we are as stuck with them as we are RW stereotypes. We have dragons, we have magic, we have monsters with vile natures, woodland dryads and subterranean dwarves. Stereotypes are a convenience, and even Greg uses them.
  6. Ali the Helering

    Elmal Yelmalio thing

    Actually the word Phalanx means 'finger bones', by extension taken to describe spears pointing forward side by side. The use as a battle formation is by a further extension in turn. Hill Barbarian is a subjective term. To Dara Happans the highly civilized other peoples of Peloria are probably seen as barbarians, hill or otherwise. To the Kralorelans the term surely implies Everybody Else. In the RW the Greeks (correctly) called the Romans barbarians. Sairdites are pure Hill Barbarians, the level of urbanisation being irrelevant.
  7. Ali the Helering

    Where is Sit Here?

    I imagine that each Trickster 'knows' the One True Site. For given values of One' and 'True', naturally.....
  8. Ali the Helering

    Balazaar in 1625?

    Firshala, Granny, Rigitania and Sakkar (through his avatar Greyrunner) worship, that of Durbaddath (by authority of the GodsWall) may all have developed significantly. Has the Windsword been taken? An attempt to regrow the Great Tree burnt by Arkat might replace/augment an Aldryan seed-planting. What relics of the ancient Gork queendom have been unearthed? Has Skilfil imported a Rinliddin cult to support the giant vroks? How far has Holay extended its reach? If they've had to withdraw, have any stayed behind? Are there more Heortling refugees, or have those hanging around Trilus gone home? Have either or both of Festering Island and the Chaos Holy Ground developed into major Chaos sites? Just a few musings off the top of my head.
  9. Ali the Helering

    what is the mythic basis for addiction?

    Why would the shaman want to reduce your need and ability to gain a closeness to the spirits? I would suggest Addiction Spirits hang around shamanic rituals as a matter of course.
  10. Ali the Helering

    Conan came to Glorantha and rode a bison.

    Sensible, yes. Poetic, no. Combat Styles are interesting not least in the way you can be limited to improving your armour if it hinders an established Style.
  11. Ali the Helering

    Conan came to Glorantha and rode a bison.

    An inability to dextrously dress himself may explain why he is eternally 'naked, save for a loincloth'. Dex 1 looking good
  12. Ali the Helering

    The Trauma of the Dragonkill War

    Wales fell to Edward Longshanks 700 years ago. Does anyone imagine that the English have been forgiven, or the conquest forgotten? Hadrian reigned rather more remotely, and Haaman dominated the Achaemenid empire around 2400 years ago. They still figure strongly in some Jewish communities consciousness.
  13. Ali the Helering

    Other Runes

    YGWV. I think we must agree to differ
  14. Ali the Helering

    Other Runes

    Gregging can work in a number of ways, and a change in the rule system changes the way the world is perceived. That fashion has changed simply means that it is fashion, not that it is better. IMO the complexity of the rules is something that can either enhance or hinder play and simulation, depending on the group, and I do not for one second believe you can have overly specific mythologies if you want to approach RW religious complexity. Some of us remain simulationist. I am seriously considering abandoning HQ, and returning to RQ, although not without regret.
  15. Ali the Helering

    Other Runes

    The rules at this given moment, yes. Having been gregged fifteen ways till Tuesday since I started with RQ2 in the late 70s, I prefer to find the form of play that is both MGF and reflective of the ancient RW. YGMV. MGDV.