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Prax. The Lunars and their Aldryami slaves.


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3 hours ago, Darius West said:

That is pretty dependent on the Aldryami being able to do with Praxian plants what they do with their more familiar species.  Many of their best defensive species will not be acclimatized to aridity.  Of course there is a great exception; cacti.  The way I would do it is by creating a fast growing poisonous prickly pear.  Praxians will see the prickly pear as their normal species, and  a source of nutrition AND water, and so they and their animals will eat it and be poisoned.  The blood and bone of the fallen is then used to fertilize the growth.  The beasts will not know they shouldn't eat it, and it will spread across Prax.  Another alternative is to create poisonous feed grasses and intermingle them with the normal species.  If they taste the same, the beasts will die; no herd no nomads.  The only problem is that the Praxians are the part of the ecosystem that keeps Chaos down, and without the nomads, the broos may well start drilling holes in and buggering your cacti, as plants aren't known for being effective at running away, then you have a fresh problem.

My pcs came across a mobile chaos cactus recently!

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