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Heroquest games at UK Expo


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Good news folks!


There are now three Heroquest Glorantha games being offered at UK Expo- 2 of which have places to spare on Saturday afternoon. UK Expo is the UK's largest gaming event and is held at the Birmingham NEC/ NEC Hilton on 2-4 June. 


The sessions with spare spaces are: 


Highwall Inn- GM Ian Cooper

A Dragon Pass scenario- GM Mark Adri-Soejoko 


Booking details  at: http://www.ukgamesexpo.co.uk/bookevents.php?category=rpg 


See you there? 

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I have some direct links at this post


Inlined for ease


So if you are coming to UK Games Expo we have some new HQG games for you.

If you go to http://www.ukgamesexpo.co.uk/bookevents.php?category=rpg and search for Heroquest you should find three games now.

The new ones are

Highwall Inn: http://www.ukgamesexpo.co.uk/game.php?id=RPG2579
Cold Hard Iron: http://www.ukgamesexpo.co.uk/game.php?id=RPG2639 For clarity I will try to get the description changed, but Mark will run a repeat of 'Cold Hard Iron' as described on Friday http://www.ukgamesexpo.co.uk/game.php?id=RPG2480.

We also have a playtest of the new Runequest by Andrew Jones: http://www.ukgamesexpo.co.uk/game.php?id=RPG2551

Hope to see you there!


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