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M-Space Character Sheet (.txt based)


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I just finished Scalzi's The Collapsing Empire, so I will go see if the library has the "The Writer's Journey", thanks for the suggestion. Hollywood is good at making visuals, it's what they do. I don't have any real complaints about Star Wars, Rogue One was really good so that The Last Jedi seemed rather flat and predictable, which is what it was going to be anyways. The whole toxic rage in fandom makes me recoil.

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@clarence I think it's like anything else:  Put a blunt instrument in the wrong hands, and... 

Remember that Campbell's ideas are synthetic and based on empirical observation--actual mythic stories from around the world.  He didn't invent this stuff out of pure imagination; it's grounded in phenomenology.  Thus probably one could find "Campbell's influence" in Hollywood writing even if none of those writers had ever actually read him, because they were (unconsciously) drawing from the same pool of ideas.  Maybe they learned to write by reading the same tales that Campbell did, and internalizing the same lessons about storytelling.  I don't know.

As for George Lucas, I believe he was personally influenced by Campbell:  IIRC, they used to hang out and chat, both being in California in the same era.  I suppose that Lucas discovered Campbell's writings in college (he is the right age for Campbell's work to have been the hot new-ish thing in intro Anthropology and Sociology classes in the UC system, I reckon) and then looked him up--maybe after that Star Wars cred started accreting. 😉 

I find Lucas an interesting case:  He can plot out a tale (especially the action beats), and he can create interesting characters (though not consistently...), but filling in details is not his strong suit, to me, and his dialogue is too often horrendous.  Thus Star Wars and especially some parts of The Empire Strikes Back were so great, yet the prequels were not.

I can't remember where I heard of Vogler, but you ring some kind of bell in my mind.  I will get around to checking him out, eventually.


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