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Hearts in Glorantha issue 1- now out via Lulu.com


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The premier issue of Hearts in Glorantha is now available via Lulu.com in both print (£5) and pdf (£2) versions

Get a copy directly from our Lulu storefront

D101 Games' Storefront - Lulu.com

In this issue

Godfall- an encounter and mysterious cult in The Wastes with RQ3 stats by John Ossoway

Prologue Method of Character Generation for HeroQuest by Newt Newport

Aweke - Flora Glorantha by Stuart Mousir-Harrison

Homeland: Kralori for HeroQuest by Mark Galeotti

Karia, Gazetteer, Mythology and History for this land in the Eastern Wilds of Ralios by Newt Newport

Rymes and Ribbold Royale, two Kings and One Queen of the Durlurz by Stewart Stansfield

Fixing the Wrong, a HeroQuest Scenario by Newt Newport

Using a Charm, a Kolat shaman speaks by Greg Stafford.

Mythology and Glorantha Feature including

Two very useful and unique ways of creating myths on the fly

Tale Theft by David Durham

Location Mythlets by Jane Williams

Backed up by two pieces of fiction that show myth in play.

Lookout Hill by Jane Williams

The Seduction of Tarahelela by Jeff Richard

Hearts in Glorantha is a licensed fanzine for Glorantha, which covers both the 2nd Age and 3rd Age of Glorantha. Both d100 (RQ2/RQ3, Mongoose RuneQuest, BRP) and HeroQuest systems are supported. It aims to produce a diverse set of articles in each issue, written by fans old and new of the setting. The emphasis being on material that is usable in your games. Two issues every year, Summer and Winter.

I am aiming to have the next issue out by Dragonmeet UK in early December.

Submissions, both articles and art, to newt@d101games.co.uk

Head Honcho of D101 Games
Publisher of Crypts and Things/Monkey/OpenQuest/River of Heaven
The Sorcerer Under the Mountain

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