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Interesting insights about the HeroQuest RPG


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"The main point of HeroQuest is that characters have traits that they use to solve problems in the game... the trait does not indicate how good you are at doing whatever it is that is covered by the trait. Rather, the number represents how well you can use it to succeed in your goals. It can be a subtle difference at times, but it’s an important one."

Some interesting insights about the HeroQuest RPG in this article:


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It's an important principle to understand. I often use the example of Worf to illustrate how a rating can represent an ability's problem solving power decoupled from a character's in-fiction capability. Worf is supposed to be this big extra strong & tough fighting expert, but much of the time he gets dropped hard by whatever alien baddie decided to go aggro. Only after years of character development does he actually start to win most of his fights. If a game, that would be represented by Worf's player having only assigned a 15 or so some ability like "Klingon Martial Arts." (having no doubt put most of his points in "Unshakable Code of Honor 5w") While that KMA ability got raised to a more effective level, it was never a "Zero-to-Hero" type progression. Conversely, one might look at Indiana Jones's awesome whip-moves as an example of something that's more effective in solving problems than it really ought to be on paper.


It's also worth noting explicitly when that principle not followed, and why. Ratings for Runes in HQG for example, actually have some quantitative meaning. Just as HQ can sometimes zoom-in to task resolution where beneficial even though it's default mechanical posture is conflict-resolution, so too can ability ratings measure things more concretely when doing so makes for a better game. Just be sure to call out specifically when that it going to be the case.

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