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Modern Firearms


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I usually run “hard SF” games set in the near future that have a gritty feel about them, and so they benefit from a fair amount of detail in firearms. Now there was a thread a little while ago about modern firearms in BRP, and that got me thinking that there may be others out there who would like to see my house rules on the subject. I have uploaded a document called Modern_firearms.doc to Alternate Rules, and I would invite anyone with an interest to have a look at it. Feedback is always welcome.

Post-apocalyptic gurus will recognize that the system I use is strongly influenced by the old FGU game Aftermath!

I will also point out that page-layout is not my strength and the weapons table is munged-up in several places – but I think it should be usable by anyone who cares.



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You know, downloading stuff only encourages him…

Since no one has said anything particularly negative about my firearms upload, I thought I would try my hand at writing up some common weapons of WW-II. I hope people find this of interest.

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