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Weapon Breaker


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I'm converting a campaign over into BRP. One of the things I'm trying to do is bring over the characters and their abilities into BRP.

Now, one guy played a Martial Artist who had an attack that allowed him to break weapons (not always, but fairly good chance).

So, how could I do this in BRP? That ability is one of the ones he is most interested in keeping.

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Either with a super power, or by detailing the martial arts style he is using. Is he also using Martial Arts to increase damage? This character could know more than one Martial Art technique.

The character had various martial arts techniques. Some that added damage (which of course works with basic MA skill). He had a technique that allowed him to have 'stone skin' if he knew an attack was coming and wasn't wearing armor. Finally he had this weapon breaker strike.

How would a character 'buy' Super powers in a non-super campaign?

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