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Rune Master

Harvey Walters

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Looks like something we should try to get hosted here, but I can't find any contact information for the guy. :ohwell:


Depending on when you tried I wasn't getting email at that address. It also may have gotten incorrectly marked as spam (that particular account is flooded with it due to having been listed on the web for so long).

Rune Master looks a fair amount different than it did back when I was still uploading rules to the rollanet.org site and doesn't really have much to do with Basic Roleplaying (its cool that BRP got a new life: they published it, then "Worlds of Wonder" with supers, scifi and fantasy extensions, and that was pretty much it...)

I'd be happy to discuss ideas.

Tim Doty

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My apologies 1) I don't really "get" forums 2) I've read the private messages but based on what they say I think a quick thing I can do briefly outline Rune Master.

The Rune Master rules were never conceived as a d100 system and what you find on the web are old rules. I have written various game systems over the years for personal use, but never took any to what I would consider completion. Rune Master was born from a desire to scratch this itch. A system needs a premise and the Rune Quest lack of proper questing rules had always bothered me so I used that as a spring board.

Time passed and one of the problems was the large number of experience points required to represent skill improvements. The progression was cubic and scaling on a 100 point scale... well, in principle that requires a span of 1 to 1000,000 points. Details differ, but that was an issue. Unintentional errors on characters abounded. I settled on a 30 point scale for a few reasons, one of which is it worked well with the concept of substituting a skill for an attribute (e.g., Acrobatics for AGI). This helped bring the EP scale down from the stratosphere. One consequence is that it isn't a percentile skill based system any longer. I'm not sure what the criteria for a 1d100 system is, but if it requires percentile-based skills Rune Master no longer qualifies.

It still uses 1d100 as the primary means of resolution by means of the Resolution Table. There is a certain similarity to the Chaosium "resistance table", but whereas that operated on (A - B + 10) * 5%, this operates on (A / B)^2 * 50%, making it proportional. As the resolution table is core to the rules it is still very much based on using 1d100, but whether that qualifies as a "1d100 system" I have no idea.

So, why is what is on the web so dated? To be honest, I thought I'd removed the files. My intent is to publish on RPG Now. The first book (character generation & skills) is essentially done (I have to do some book keeping for the illustration credits, give proof reading some time, and such like). The second book (combat, extended skills) is close to done. I've revised the combat to make it smoother though the essential concepts haven't changed. There are currently six books (around 250 pages each) and I expect to have split out religion from book four (magic) for size reasons.

Why sell the rules commercially? I dunno, that was just part of my original, personal definition of "bringing a set of rules to completion." I don't expect to actually make money off of it. I've invested a lot of my time over the last ten years and if I were valuing my time I just can't see making that back.

I'd say more, but I have to go for now. I'll try and reply specifically to the private messages as time allows.

Time permitting I'm happy to discuss the concepts behind the rules and elaborate on the ideas. I'm very much a believer in sharing.

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Okay, sounds like the "old" version of Rune Master is more in tune with this site, but if you have a newer version that you plan to publich commercially, then I can understand why you would want to remove the old version from the net. Good luck with your RPG project!


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