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How do the Haragalan / East isles inhabitants look


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Kralorelans tend towards pale to olive skin tones, with hair color typically ranging from brown to black. Black eyes are the most common, although green eyes are not uncommon and blue eyes are not unknown.


The East Islanders are mostly yellow- skinned, black-haired people, similar to the Kralori and Vormaino.

Men of the Sea:

Haragalans are tall and dusky, with dark hair. Men have more facial hair than most East Islanders; their long mustaches and well-kept pointed or forked beards are sources of pride.

GoG seems to have discrepancy in the above sentences.  Men of the Sea has more detail but is at odds with Gog "yellow skinned"


I would go for mix of GoG kralorelans and Men of the sea.  There is only one picture I immediately found on Haragalan's or East Isles inhabitants to determine the clothing. Any other sources or suggestions. I would imagine they use lots of tattoos?


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