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recruiting for Playtesters and Section reviews and Artist


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ok I need a lot of feed back and heavy opinions from those who enjoy thrillers and modern action sci fi and Horror!

yes this is for Gravequest- go see the grave quest post to learn more!

I do not need a lot so I am only going to let three to five in on the review and playtest,

need a group to play test this on who enjoy horror or one of the other three elements in the source book\


you like reading and review and nit picking to death settings.

those who are choosen will get listed in the Monograph as contributers and playtesters- along with what you did!

Artist well get to help shape the over all feel to the Monograph -

I well not take away your right to the work and its only for the monograph I can not promise any work will get choosen for and if it ever makes it as a book! I have my own art to contribute too, but if your stuff stand out or even better then mine or Eds then we will let you know if we can use the pieace!

please fill out this general questions

what is your favorite setting or game world

what is your Favorite Books to read for pleasure

what skills do you have in gaming table top

how long you been playing?

player or game master

do you have a steady group?

Do you feel you are

A.old school

B.new school

C..in a class of your own

are YOUR COMFORTABLE WITH later listing real name and or getting call from me or Ed to elaborate on points or do you want E-mail and or do you want to stick with nickname?

if I like your answers I well ask you to mail me your real name at the end of the work so as to LIST YOU IN THE BOOK, i MAY EVEN ask for phone numbers and time to call, as to talk to you on something specific that I or you wrote. if you are not comfortible with that that is fine I can list your call sign or nickname and use regular e-mail.

thanks for the time to read this and answer the questions.

Christopher House

Post Script send this to my mail at


also I have a small staff that is helping and are co creators on this project

Ed Chase Art and design and technical writer and Editor

Anne Austin Editor and Writer

Christopher House Illustrator and Creator Writer.

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Finally got the blurb up. Sorry for taking so long! :o

My groups are allready pretty set, with 3 settings which we rotate between, so I couldn't do any "actual" playtesting, but would be more than willing to have a look at it, give feedback and do proofreading in the Gravequest playtest-forum if you'd like.


Ef plest master, this mighty fine grub!
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the actual so called playtest is not really need this setting is over 15 years old dating back to 1992, when i forst rain the concept for a world of darkness setting hunters hunted"

but I do need experience game master to read over and let me know if suggestion and concept would greatly benefit them in BRP.

PROOF READING AND CRITICAL eyeballing is welcome as well.

but i would like to have a few in about four month to take the manuscript and run it on thier own and see if anything was missed!

thanx all

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