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HQ 2 G stuff in HQ 2


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As far as I know, they are quite similar. I have seen the "difference list" sometimes and it is really something like four bullet points. HQG is based on HQ2 after all. I am not sure what you are looking with this? Of course, there are the magic systems that are specific to HQG.

You could expand the question to other HQ-based games like Nameless streets. Those I don't have any experience.

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The differences are indeed very few.

Here is what I am taking from HeroQuest Glorantha :

- Ties in contests, a marginal victory is awarded to the higher of the two rolls.

- The default difficulty base value increasement rythm of HQG, one point every four sessions instead of one point every two sessions in HQ2.

- The "Cultural + Occupation" keywords as a basis for character creation whenever it is appropriate.

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