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Mythras Bundle of Holding - Final 48 Hours!


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There's just over 48 hours left for the extraordinary Mythras Bundle of Holding! (http://bundleofholding.com/presents/Mythras). The offer ends at 10pm Eastern Standard time on Monday, May 7. Our nominated charity is the Electronic Frontier Foundation. If you've already taken advantage of the Bundle, then please accept this as our sincere Thank You. We hope you're enjoying Mythras, and we welcome you wholeheartedly to the Design Mechanism community.

But if you haven't got the bundle yet...

This means it's your last chance to take advantage of this superb collection. Even if you have the Mythras rules, the Bundle's Starter Collection includes Classic Fantasy and three scenarios, with the Bonus Collection expanding that to include Mythic Britain and Mythic Rome. Just these two Mythics supplements would cost $30.00 to buy, but you can snag them, along with all the scenarios, the maps packs, and the Mythic Britain Companion, for just $24.95 - a 17% Saving!

Here's what you can get...

Starter Collection (US$14.95 - retail value $47)
Mythras core rulebook ($15)
Mythras Imperative (free)
Classic Fantasy ($20)
Three Mythras adventures
A Gift From Shamash ($4)
Xamoxis' Cleansing ($4)
Madness & Other Colours ($4)

Bonus Collection (threshold starts at $24.95 - retail value $52)
Mythic Britain ($18)
Mythic Britain Companion ($5)
Mythic Rome ($14)
Mythic Rome Maps (PWYW)
Three Classic Fantasy adventures
M1 The Terror of Ettinmarsh ($5)
G1 These Violent Delights ($5)
N1 Tomb of the Mad Wizard ($5)

How it works is simple. The customer can pay any price (minimum $14.95) to get all the titles in the Starter Collection. If you pay more than the threshold(average) price, which is set at $24.95 to start, you also get all the bonus titles. When a title is added after launch, all customers who previously purchased the bundle automatically receive the newly added title, regardlessof whether or not they paid higher than average. This is their reward for buying early.

So if you’ve never tried Mythras before, or only tried some of the books, there’s never been a better time to start. Not only do you get at least 7 terrific PDFs at an unbeatable price, for just $10, you can expand your collection to include the acclaimed Mythic Britain and Mythic Rome titles, and three excellent Classic Fantasy adventures! Plus, you’re contributing to a very worthwhile cause at the same time. And do check out our Spark page, which gives a little more insight into our Bundle and connects with some Mythras reviews. https://spark.adobe.com/page/IUUCc2K2BXJ5O/

So don’t delay - Time is Running Out!

The Design Mechanism: Publishers of Mythras

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