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Allegiance vs. Passion


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I assume you're talking about  an Allegiance to Law, from  Elric/SB,  in which case I suppose the answer is no, it doesn't appear to be mechanically different from how   Passion would  be used to augment a skill in RQ6/Mythras/RQG .

Of course a bonus from an Allegiance would be a supernatural boon,  and  might have  the attendant trappings of a mystic manisfestation; a halo,  fiery eyes,  the rune or cult sigil appears on the character's brow, or the like.

In certain conditions it might be impossible or more difficult to  draw upon an allegiance: a champion of law in one of the chaotic hells,  might only be get a partial bonus from his allegiance.

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If you want something functionally different for Allegiance to Law, try  Ki Skills form RQ3's Land of the Ninja. The way Ki skills work is that once a character masters a skill (90%+), the critical chance is treated like a skill (ki) and can be improved, which greatly increase the chance of getting a critical. IMO it would not only fit for Agents of Law, but mechanically it is one of the few things that could really offset the advantages the magic gives to followers of Chaos. 

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Chaos stalks my world, but she's a big girl and can take of herself.

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