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Name change: SR becomes Strike Readiness

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In order to make things clearer for players, and considering the fact that Chaosium is making the old "ascending order" Strike Rank model central to the new RuneQuest, we will adopt an official name change for this Advanced Combat variable. SR is now the acronym of Strike Readiness, or simply Readiness for the sake of brevity. So:

  • a character Readiness in Melee is the average of STR and DEX (plus weapon reach if you have a weapon)
  • a character Readiness to fire a ranged¬†weapon is DEX + 20
  • whoever has the highest Readiness is the next one to act (you don't say!)
  • if you have zero Readiness, you cannot act, and react at a Penalty
  • you lose Readiness whenever you actually perform an action, or whenever the enemy¬†

Sounds more intuitive, doesn't it?

I should have thought of this before finalizing the hardcover edition of the rules, but... better late than ever.

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SR looks actually like an action potential within the round. It is at the same time when you act and how much you can act.

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