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First introductory adventure

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Hi, I'll be be running my first Rd100 game soon, and I wonder which scenario is best, The Quest for El Dorado or The Conspiracy Theory?

It will be a session of about 4 hours. If you have run either of those, is there anything I should be careful about while running them?

Any advice is really welcome! ;)

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It depends on what your players prefer: for a classic adventure, go for El Dorado. I have run that adventure really a lot of times over the years, with different flavours of BRP, and it usually works well, containing a good mixture of gritty, realistic elements and fantastic threats. The Conspiracy Theory focuses a lot on the weird aspects of pre-gen characters, and is more suited for players who prefer non-canonical settings. It is up to you to determine if your group would appreciate the quasi-superhero tone of that adventure.

The Conspiracy Theory also allows you to introduce the complexities of Advanced Combat one bit at a time. However, given that your characters are already used to Mythras, this should not be a big problem for you. What is important if you choose the Conspiracy Theory is that the adventure starts with a gunfight in a cramped space full of hiding place, so it will run *very* different from anything you are used to when playing effect-based combat in an environment without automatic weapons. This does not happen in El Dorado, where muskets are important but have a totally different use from the 9mm and uzi of The Conspiracy Theory. Most shots in TCT are aimed at keeping your enemy in cover while someone else outflanks him, whereas in El Dorado you really want to hit with *all* bullets you fire: your enemy will not give you the time to reload.

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In the end I ran The Quest for El Dorado. You are right, it's more challeging for a newbie Revolutiond100 GM, but I wanted to showcase the different ways to resolve conflicts and combats. We had a blast. 😋

I didn't have the time to get to the end though, so I had to rush over some encounters to get to the final goal.

The players seemd to enjoy the adventure a lot. However, I found having the soldier NPCs to control caused a bit of confusion. I learnt a lot about the rules by playing them and next time it will all run way smoothier.

Here's a chronicle of the event where I ran the scenario, the part about Revd100 is at the end: 

(it's in Spanish, but you can use the translation gadget on the right, as always!)


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Thank you for this report, it is very detailed and useful feedback indeed. As you know, I can read Spanish so I could skip the Summon Google ritual.

I have in fact run the adventure in three hours for FG Con, but its usual duration is a couple of evenings. It depends on the number of opportunities for chitchat (fewer online) and familiarity with the rules, which you lacked, although Néstor certainly had tried various elements of it already.

Reading that the game made one player want to try his hand at GMing, on the other hand, is one of the things that can make an author proud :)

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