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This is actually what I was thinking of running for BRP. Iv got a print out of the PDF and just picked up the dead tree also. I own the true20 companion and savage worlds companion to Freeport. Having a BRP one would be a great addition. I added a forum post over at GR asking about it. http://www.greenronin.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=7539

and was already thrown in here under the RQ companion request. http://www.greenronin.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=7225

Me and my brother starting musing on some options for the setting. One thing that struck him was armor values. He was talking about how he like the random roll and how we could use that in game. In armor is found or used we'll roll randomly. If the armor is of average craftsmanship well use the average or roll. If the armor is of "better" quality well roll with some kind of bonus (which cant go over the max for the roll). And for "High" quality well add more.

maybe +1 for better, and

maybe +2 for High.

Ill play with it a bit and see.

One thing we kicked around was the Idea that if a player is struck with a special or critical in an armored area the armor is damaged and will need repaired (loosing a point of armor). This gives crafting a bigger importance. Giving armorcraft the ability to repair and reinforce armor. since we plan on using hit location this could be fun. Same could be said too for weapons. If a weapon takes damage its damage out put could be reduced till it is repaired.

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