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Mythras GM Screen Now Available

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Designed to be used with the 'World's Greatest Screen' (landscape format), the Mythras GM Screen contains 16 11x8.5" cards featuring artwork and essential tables from the Mythras core rules. Seven of the cards feature cover artwork from Mythras titles and are player-facing, while the remainder contain the tables and charts that GMs can insert on their side of the screen according to play needs. Don't need the Theism charts this session, but you do need travel tables? Simply insert the Travel & Environment card along with three others that will be needed for play. The set even includes a duplicate, player-facing copy of the Special Effects list.

This is an essential addition for any Mythras Games Master, and the 'World's Greatest Screen' offers excellent durability and flexibility. We'd encourage you to buy the print option, which gives you the insert cards on high quality, durable stock, but you can of course, download the PDF to print your own if you wish. You can also add-in 'The World's Greatest Screen' if you don't have one - and we encourage that too.


7 x Player-Facing Art Inserts

9 x GM-Facing Inserts (Skills & Game Reference, Fatigue, Armour & Protection, Environment & Travel, Melee/Range Weapons, Natural Weapons, Combat Charts, Special Effects, Spirit Magic & Sorcery, Theism) 


Card inserts only: $15.99

Add 'The World's Greatest Screen': +$12.00

PDF inserts download: $5.00 (free when ordering the card inserts and/or screen)







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