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Pendragon 3rd edition help


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I don't have my physical third edition any more need a bit of help...

In the physical book there are two colour maps

Color Map of Logres between pages 16 & 17

Color Map of Salisbury between pages 144 & 145

is any one able to confirm that this are the same maps that are in the 4th edition (physical copy)?

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Sorry, but they are not the same maps.. The Salisbury map looks similar, but has different lettering and the features, such as hills, are drawn in a different style. The Logres Map doesn't appear to be in KAP4. Now I'm going from my PDF copy of KAP4, and will try to verify that with my hardcopy, when I can find it. KAP4 does have a lot of maps that aren't in KAP3, and some cover the same area, including a smaller black and white travel map which seems to fill the same function as the Color Map of Logres in KAP3. 

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