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Combat Survival Guide


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Following a discussion on pitfalls in BRP and how to avoid them http://basicroleplaying.com/forum/basic-roleplaying/1083-things-watch-out-2.html Harshax asked whether we could work on a BRP translation of the Savage Worlds Survival Guide.

The original guide may be found here

Pinnacle Entertainment Group Downloads

Essentially it is a very clear, explicit description of the different options which players have in combat. (This even more important in Savage Worlds than you think as vanilla SW combat makes the association of drying paint watchers look like dangerous, exciting mavericks)

I have uploaded BRP Central - Downloads - COMBAT Survival Guide a PenDragon style version of these as some sort of starting point.

I now declare this mini-project open.

Although I have no power to enforce this nor right to insist I would suggest that we stick as closely as possible to RAW and if necessary extrapolations of the RAW using the same BRP principle sin order to maximise utility for maximum number of players.


Rule Zero: Don't be on fire

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Hmm... Kinda cool! I like the idea. Stunt! :)


I'd love to claim credit but I nicked it from David Dunham's PenDragon Pass rules. I THINK that he originally called them stunts and then changed to Feats after D&D3 was released. But I maybe rationalising my anti-D20tm bias!

I think that it's great as its a simple umbrella rule which allows for lots of different narrated effects.


Rule Zero: Don't be on fire

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Two quick comments before I pack up and head to work:

1. Taunt should be an Int vs. Int (or POW) roll, as you are specifically trying to to think of the most damaging thing to say to someone.

2. I think the results of a successful taunt, intimidate are too mild. I would make an opponent's Parry or Dodge a Difficult skill roll against the combatant who makes a successful taunt or intimidate. If the combatant scores a critical success, then the opponent's Parry or Dodge is a Difficult skill roll against all attackers.

- Just throwing ideas out there.

And don't forget Realism Rule # 1 "If you can do it in real life you should be able to do it in BRP". - Simon Phipp

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Making the effect of a successful Taunt or Intimidate a Hard Parry or Dodge by victim seems a good combination of BRP RAW and Savage intent. (If your comment about effect being too mild was directed at the Survival Guide I posted remember that is for Pendragon which uses a d20 not d100 so +-5 or +-10 is severe there, but would of course be trivial in BRP)

A point to remember

Savage Worlds has two levels of success



BRP has three (as written)




So 'we' would need to take that into account.

i.e. Taunt

Success victim's Parries and Dodges next round/turn to act are all HARD

Special as above and they lose their Attacks next round/turn to act

Critical victim loses next chance to Attack, Parry or Dodge


I'd prefer something like matching Orate vs. Pow x5 for a Taunt/Intimidate


Rule Zero: Don't be on fire

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