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Drivethru Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale!


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3 items released since Lonely Lighthouse are marked on sale:




I just find it strange as it seems all the other Mythras/Classic Fantasy adventures are on sale. And it's hard for me to believe that publishers would have apparently no control over what gets marked for sale in these type of multiple-publisher sales. It's just frustrating as a fan and repeat potential purchaser...

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I appreciate your frustration.

I'll double check the criteria for Lonely Lighthouse, but usually we're happy for DTRPG's algorithms to handle our participation in site-wide sales such as their Black Friday sale. They usually refrain from including relatively recent products, or products that have been discounted in a recent promotion. We don't go through and check the eligibility of each title simply because we're a small company with only so much time available; but I'll investigate. It's possible it's been auto-excluded for an innocuous reason.

The Design Mechanism: Publishers of Mythras

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And I do appreciate the continued response! And it's not like I won't eventually get Lonely Lighthouse (and the few other adventures I don't already have) anyways, whether it's a buck or 2 off in a sale. Perhaps closer to Christmas y'all could have a sale on the TDM Store website, where y'all get a "bigger cut"?

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