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First time with Revolution, and was great


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I'll try to be short, but I usually fail.

I backed Revolution D100 back in the day, but actually never played it. No time to read the rules, didn't even want to do it since I know OpenQuest and Mythras quite well.

But since I've read The Conspiracy Theory (always good to have a quickstart when you're always out of time) I wanted to try Revolution D100. The fact that I met [again] the mighty Paolo at Lucca Comics last month and had time to talk about Revolution gave me the advantage I needed to finally pass my motivation skillcheck "I'm kinda sick of D&D and I want to roll some d100".

Last saturday I've made a short Cyberpunk scenario for my players, gave them characters made by me vaguely resembling their d&d characters (a high CHA bounty hunter for the valor bard, a netrunner for the crazy wizard and a cybernetically enhanced assassin with a badass bow for the ranger). And it was a blast.

Hacking / netrunning was my main concern, but Conflict rules worked like a charm. Though we had a little problems with SR count keeping, we greatly enjoyed the game. I will study better the rules though, because I haven't fully grasped how wounds work (not so important when your players roll 2d6+1d8+2d2 and score 23 damages).

I would like to ask lots of questions here but I'm gonna read the rules again first.

Were I a better creator of games, I would already be working on a Cyberpunk package. Can't say I will not in the future.

And I definitely look forward for the italian edition!

TL;DR = Revolution D100 is great. Wish I read the rules before, glad I did it now and looking forward for the next session!

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13 hours ago, Whisker89 said:

Hacking / netrunning was my main concern, but Conflict rules worked like a charm. 

And in fact, if you read the news in the crowdfunding campaign, hacking conflicts were the thing that really made me think "a generic conflict system is needed" in the first place. 

Proud member of the Evil CompetitionTM

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