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Unit Sizes and So Forth


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I'm staging a battle at Wintertop in the RQG default timeline for my group. I see a lot of mention of regiments and various units and very rarely the actual figures to base any assumptions off of. Now by the definitions I'm aware an infantry regiment may roughly be up to one thousand fighters. It could also be a force drawn from a focused geographical area if we follow a more medieval approach, which the term describes whomever a feudal lord can bring to bear. This would likely not be the same for cavalry units. How many soldiers would be in units such as the Bagnot Foot, or any of the Furthest units belong. 

As for more niche or focused units like bodyguards, or other such as the Full Moon Corps/University Guards, what would be a safe number to assume. A modern company of fighters? Less?

For Sartarite forces it's simpler for me, as most clans have a given amount of population. They also likely have a given quantity of standing weaponthanes, and the amount of auxiliaries or conscripts can be determined simply. For a tribe I'd figure out the amount of clans and work from there.

I apologize if this is readily available information in the Guide, I haven't had access to any sort of copy in some time.

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Eleven Lights p168-169 has a paper strength of the various forces that will fight at the Battle of Dangerford.  It describes a strength of 1000 for foot regiments and 500 for cavalry regiments.  (There's also 250 for the ducks who which probably means that three quarters deserted before battle)

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As Metcalph has said, infantry regiments have roughly a paper strength of a thousand, cavalry five hundred. However, not all elements will be in the field, or at the same place, and Lunar regiments often have elements seconded to vexillae.

The Lunar regiments at Whitewall included Standfast (heavy mounted infantry), the Doblian Dogeaters (light infantry; half the regiment seems to have been stationed at Jonstown during the siege, so no more than half strength at Whitewall), Drenthi Grims (light infantry), elements of the Full Moon Corps, and the magical regiment the Seven of Vistur (who were later eaten in the Dragonrise). The seven had special magic to raise siege ramps. Other regiments were also present, but I have no details of which ones.

The organization of Lunar (and pre-Lunar) regiments probably varies enormously. Regiments, whether imperial or provincial have a definite organization, with standards at both regiment and company levels. None are merely militia.

For the 1619 invasion of Heortland, the empire mustered:

·         3,000 Heartland infantry

·         9,500 Provincial Infantry

·         5,000 Heartland Cavalry

·         2,400 Provincial Cavalry

·         800 Siege and Supply specialists

·         1,300 Provincial priests and guards

·         3,500 magicians and guards from the Lunar College of Magic.

Not all of these would have remained after the conquest, and not all of the remainder would have been used to besiege Whitewall, but it may provide an idea of the proportion of forces.

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