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BGG Spring?


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HeroQuest is a really fun game and is great at Cons. The rules take no time to explain and are easy to run with.

I have run SuperHeroQuest, with a 5 minute Chargen.

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I would try to run a table at this con, but I've never run any game at a con. And I've never run or played HQ yet accounting for a lack of willing players. I'm sure I'll find people at the con, but I would prefer to run a few sessions to avoid a train wreck.

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I was able to somehow convince 4 players to play last night and it went quite well.

The only hang up was that 3 of 4 had a very hard time understanding mastery and the numbers reset and success level bumps.

If anyone is going to be at BGG Spring I’ll be running a game of aeronauts who “salvage”.

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