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What cults are available to PCs in 13AG


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13G focuses on combative Sartarites and on trolls. As you say, the classes mostly correspond to cults, though someone knowledgable could rework their flavor a bit. And some are more specific than others.

As written, Orlanth gets several classes. There's a class just for Humakti. Storm Bull berserkers and Zorak Zorani share a class with some cult-specific traits for each, and there's a Trickster class. There's an Earth Priestess class for Ernalda worshippers, and a Hell Mother class for priestesses of Kygor Litor. Also a generic troll warrior class that could work for a follower of any of the troll gods, and the generic Orlanthi warrior class could be fine for (eg) an Elmal follower. There's nothing non-generic for the more peaceful Lightbringers - no Lhankor Mhy, Issaries, or Chalana Arroy support - and nothing for other cultures.

There are also some conversion notes for using existing 13th Age classes in Glorantha, like adapting the existing Cleric or Paladin classes for the Dara Happan gods.

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13AiG could use expansions for Lhankor Mhy and Issaries, for starters. I used Wizard and Bard from 13A as analogs. We've left the Bard out for now because it's too complex and are still getting used to the Wizard.

But it's a big ruleset with >400 pages and tons of fun. The ZZ class has some great abilities (Eat Chaos, Embarrass Sun) but ZZs are so obnoxious it's about as bad as having a trickster in your party.

I'd love to try out the Earth Priestess and Hell Mother, but again, complexity ... Much more manageable if you have 3-4 players.

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22 hours ago, KingofElfland said:

I suppose the generic Orlanthi warrior could work for a Heler or Barntar initiate. It’s interesting they didn’t include Barbister Gor or other female warrior cults. 

I believe that at some point in the playtest, Babeester Gor was another sub-class under the Berserker, but it was cut. 

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Y actually it wouldn't be too difficult to make up your own Babeester Gor class, using Urox and ZZ as a base. You could also source some things from the Earth Priestess. 13AiG has so many examples of how to adopt Gloranthan mythic concepts to game mechanics that you would have a lot to draw on. You'd want to have some feats specific to BG, like Blood Beer, Trace Guilt, Terrifying Trophy, Earth Avenger, and of course Axe Trance. If a player was really into playing a Babeesti, they could do a lot of the work for you.

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