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Big D20s

Ian Cooper

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So following a tips thread, and experience of @David Scott using them at the Birmingham Glorantha Games Con. I brought 50mm D20s to a table of newbies tonight.

I have to vouch for it. Because you quite often have to walk through the comparing results and applying masteries ritual, having the numbers visible to everyone really helps.

Big dice and poker chips sing together too.

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We've got some in our RQ game and we used them for HQ and they make a surprising difference.

Way back when, in our RQ2 days, we went on a HeroQuest, the rewards of which were a "Bigger Damage Bonus". It was a meat-grinder, mincer of a HeroQuest, but we all made it through to the end. With a huge grin on his face, the GM pulled out D6s which were about the same size as the D20s mentioned above, and gave them out, saying "If you roll your Damage Bonus with these, you can reroll 1s. How we didn't choke him to death by sticking them down his throat, I don't know.

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