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Greetings and help requested


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While I have been GM for almost 30 years (mostly Traveller), I was only recently introduced to BRP via Call of Cthulhu. I've been home brewing various systems for years, but finally found in BRP a system that's perfect for my needs without reinventing the wheel.

I am currently working on a CoC setting in the golden age of piracy (1690-1730). Is there a CoC character template out there that I can modify for my game?

Thanks - Tod

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I am not aware of any Call of Cthulhu setting in the age of piracy, with the

sole exception of an adventure about the Salem witch hunt (but no pirates

there), but there is a Runequest supplement for the age of piracy that might

be interesting for you:

DriveThruRPG.com - Mongoose - RuneQuest Pirates

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This sounds like fun. There was a an expansion module for FGUs Flashing Blades RPG called High Seas that dealt with pirates and ships in the West Indies in the 17th century.

If you can find a copy of Ebay, it would probably be a nice resource. All the Flashing Blades modules were quite good.

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Flashing Blades and supplements are available in PDF from Drive Thru RPG.

I am currently playtesting the CoC pirate module, tentatively called "Dark Seas". It is being written along the lines of the 1920's adventurer's companion, and includes a history of the Golden age of Piracy, Notable characters, character archetypes, rules and an adventure module.

I will start posting sections as they are completed.

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I believe Rust has already mentioned this but here is a link to the BRC Review of MGRQ Pirates Pirates - D100 Reviews

It's very good stuff, with some great flavor adds, though some may be a bit too much for a really serious game. The chapter on Combat on the High Seas covers duels, crew combat, morale, and ship-to-ship combat (and more), which I have found are very useful even outside the pirate setting. The MGRQ rules are also pretty similar to the current BRP, having the same system roots in the older versions of the BRP.


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