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  1. Interesting. It seems like HG Wells would be a great source of inspiration.
  2. The type of propellant used is essentially meaningless. The same bullet propelled at the same velocity is going to have the same performance regardless as to whether it's black powder or modern smokeless. The only difference is going to be the cloud of smoke produced. I am not sure why one would list cordite as a "modern" powder as it hasn't been used for decades. Modern propellants are typically single, double or triple base composed of (respectively) nitrocellulose, nitrocellulose and nitroglycerine, and nitrocellulose, nitroglycerine and nitroguanidine. In actual performance, similar car
  3. I too an interested in what happened. I am currently working on a "A Dark Enlightenment", a CoC setting in the 18th century. The background material is all done and now I just need write the adventure portions. Much of the Material is also applicable to BRP, but it is all basically historical background without and fantastical add ons.
  4. Thanks all. I have been reviewing gadgets in basic rules, and also picked up Atomik Cybernetics for some ideas. Look pretty straight forward.
  5. Can anyone point me to some cyberware rules for use in BRP? I want to add cybernetics to my future dystopian world campaign (Amerika 3000)
  6. I'm another looking forward to this book. We've been running a BRP game set in the midguard of Norse tradition. The eddas are useful, and plenty of ammo for god/hero adventures as well as the more mundane kind.
  7. Hit Locations has been updated!
  8. Downloads: A new file has been added by corejob: Hot Locations Here's an alternate hit location table using d100 and various dX for specific location if aiming is allowed.
  9. What would you like to see in the screens? I've done some layouts with tables grabbed out of the BRP PDF and pasted into photoshop. Should be trivial to do a PDF version.
  10. Flashing Blades and supplements are available in PDF from Drive Thru RPG. I am currently playtesting the CoC pirate module, tentatively called "Dark Seas". It is being written along the lines of the 1920's adventurer's companion, and includes a history of the Golden age of Piracy, Notable characters, character archetypes, rules and an adventure module. I will start posting sections as they are completed.
  11. 448 downloads

    Updated PDF with check boxes
  12. I have posted the Golden Age of Piracy CoC character sheet in the CoC section of downloads. I will be posting more of the module as I get it completed. Tod
  13. 275 downloads

    Page 2 sheet for the golden age of piracy Cthuhu.
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