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Random Wife Table

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Hey all-

I was dissatisfied with the level of detail in Book of the Entourage for generating wives, so I wrote this up, to give the wives more personality and uniqueness.  I'm pretty happy with how it came out, though it might use some tweaking.

Random Wife Table

Here's two Wives I rolled up to give it a test:

Lady A

Heiress of Vassal Knight
Dowry L13 plus 1 Manor.
Glory 100
British Christian

Age 17

Chirurgery 12
Dancing 13
Intrigue 15

Chaste, Modest, Temperate

Unusual Size!

Meddlesome Relatives

APP    11
CON    14
DEX    12
STR    16
SIZ    17

Love: Family: 9
Love: Husband: 13

Lady B

Daughter of Esquire
Dowry L3
Glory 10
2nd Daughter, 5 Brothers
Roman Christian

Age 19

Chirurgery 13*
Courtesy 13*
Intrigue 17*
(*+2 from Talented)

Cowardly*, Modest, Temperate, Vengeful
(*From Timid)


APP    12
CON    19
DEX    9
STR    16
SIZ    17

Love: Family: 14
Love: Husband: 14


Lady A seems like quite the catch!  Shame about those in-laws.

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Nice Boon and Bane tables, and on a glance, the personality traits ought to work, too, although I would simply reverse the Pagan traits that are in conflict with the traditional Christian ones. I.e. if you roll Chaste for a Pagan, treat it as Lustful and vice versa. Otherwise, you will actually give Pagans 'religious vices' 33% of the time when you do the 1d6 roll, instead of virtues.

As for the lack of personality in Entourage wives, I feel compelled to point out that they were follower wives, not intended to be full characters by any stretch of imagination. So, you know, hands tied by the design intent.

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