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Danger Sense?

The Venomous Pao

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Hey folks. I was just reading over the Danger Sense psychic power (BRP p. 115) and I had a question. The power itself appears to be dependent on a difficult luck roll, but since it's a psychic power it's also based on the skill level of the power itself. So...

Does a player have to succeed at a Danger Sense roll and then have to pass the luck roll as well? Or do folks interpret this power differently than other psychic powers?



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By my reading, Danger sense doesn't have a skill associated with it. I am using the zero edition, so this may have been changed for publication.

It looks like there are two different ways to use the power; one which is passive, where the GM rolls a Difficult Luck roll to see if the power works, and one where the player spends a Power Point and the GM makes a normal Luck roll to see if it works.

I've never had a player take this in any of my groups. If I were a player, and I got ambushed despite having this power, I'd feel cheated. At a POW of 18, a difficult Luck roll is 45%, which means less than half the time it comes up, the power is useless.

I'd either just let the player handle the roll, and make it a skill like any other Psychic Ability, or make the roll as a GM at normal Luck, and tell the player whether or not they sense something. Hell, I might even say that it always works, but if the player shouts out a warning to the others, they loose the ability to defend themselves for that round.

As it read, the power is wonky, but then again I tend to tweak rules without actually seeing them in play.

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As written the power use is based on a Luck roll (modified for difficulty), with no reference to power skill use.

For my own games I feel it more appropriate to house rule that since it is a psychic power, it should function more like one, and so substitute Danger Sense skill rating for Luck in the description, usually offering more likelihood of success.

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