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HQG Orlmarth Campaign turns 5


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Yes, apparently my HQG Orlmarth campaign has now reached 5 years in duration! (All play-by-post)

I can't say that when I started I had any sense that it would have run so long, but very pleased that we've reached this mark.  The players have changed over the course of this period, but all have joined have kept the story alive and moving forward, and the journey has now passed Death's Door and reached the Underworld where they hope to recover and restore the goddess Orane. Of course, they must find their way to the Caves of Silence first, and we wait to see whether or not they succeed... 

But since it's reached this long, I figured I'd share a few pics that I assembled for the players over the years that represented some of my interpretations of Gloranthan scenes.


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The Harvest Games were an early part of the campaign (somewhat borrowed and modified from the Harvest Bride from Sun County). The culmination of that was the gathering of the Barley Men and the Marriage of the Barley King to the Harvest Queen.




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After an attack by fire demons during the Marriage Rites (the event that drove Orane from the clan), the heroes joined the duck shaman, Joseph Greenbeak, in entering the Spirit Plane to stop the rising of a vough within the Orlmarth clan lands. They met the spirit TaWaKak, a giant rabbit spirit, who patrols the Silver Wood gathering lost and forgotten memories in his Rabbit's Den.




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A venture to Jonstown to gain clues on how to free Orane led them past Hell Hounds during heavy rains in the Thunder Hills, and to escape the Lunars at Redbird Village they crossed into the Other Side (through a Trickster's gut) at the Boneyard. They got separated on the Other Side: some found their way to the Crossroads and the Riddling Raven, one found himself at the Giant's Stead.





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1 hour ago, Sean_RDP said:

I imagine HQG handles play by post fairly well. Five years is an excellent run. 

Yes, it does!

Though I will note that my RQG campaign has now passed two years via PbP as well, so perhaps it is Glorantha that plays well in this manner?

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