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Modern Mythras - Modern Encounters Part 1 (Mythras Encounter Generator)

Alex Greene


Very brief blog post here. I've started creating templates for average people encounters in Modern Mythras.

The tool I'm using is the Mythras Encounter Generator. This can be used to generate a bunch of average people all at once.

This is the first template - New Recruit.


The above is for a new recruit / average commuter / bystander. Your everyday business people rushing around peering at their mobile phone in one hand, a latte in the other, or sitting on the bus with their earbuds in. Drop them into libraries, offices, on the street, in hospitals. They're your newlywed neighbours who just moved in, the guy who cut in front of you in traffic, the goofballs hanging around the barbecue in next door's garden party.

Watch for further templates in future blogs.

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