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House Rules for HeroQuesting in RQ2 1.0.0

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With Chaosium releasing the new Runequest soon, I decided to post my house rules for Heroquesting for RQ 2. 

This is just a reference document for possible ideas to others and originally started long ago during a game after running Bunan Flea and Barran the Monster Killer. Opinions are not needed as YGWV, and should but will not impact mine. Lol, enjoy.

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Wow, how did I overlook this? Excellent production for a fan doc, and some really great stuff here. Enjoyed the Haggard The Duck examples ( you are showing your age in reference to a certain mid 1980s gonzo character here lol). In regards to the rules themselves, it looks like a really good take on porting the concept over into RQ. If it's not covered in the next edition of RQ, then this document will certainly fill the gap!

Thanks for posting mate, its greatly appreciated :D

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Definitely appreciate the post and I think it was the location I posted in that made it less prominent to locate. I'm also laughing at the tell-tale on the age as I hadn't realized how it gives it away.

Hope it stands up when the new RQ edition is out or I find something in the new edition for a take away to add onto it for our house rules.

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