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    My player name me "The Sadic Master" because I want them to not fear death... but to fear being alive
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    But as long as he wish to accomplish his destiny, he will never and ever be able to die
    Only the greatest Heroes will be rewarded with the gift of Eternal Peace

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  1. As Harst you may have to go on a Quest like Harst when he try to get the hand of Yudam-aryam's daughter, The core of the quest should be a successive exchange of good/powers with friends to provide something for the Clan of the father-in-law. A good Adventure seed to create some relation and families ties. As Garzeen, you might follow the Genert Quest as Garzeen hae the duty to Re-assemble all missing piece of the old god because Garzeen try to seduce Fenela, Daughter of Froalar; She is now out of the god reach but as he promised to fullfill her request to reassemble the body of the Genert, Garzeen's follower must do this quest. A good Adventure seed to go suicide your Pc in the desert ! (Cult of prax had a funny little story about this : An excellent scenario intro where a priest try to escape the quest). As the Cult of Issaries was changed during the second Age by God Learner, another suitable Quest should to restore the god ancient tradition which may be a good adevnture seed for Goldentongue but sadly I don't remember where I read about this... someone else might help (Hilfe @Jeff ^^) Reference : Cult of Prax p59 or Le maître des Runes (French version trad)
  2. MJ Sadique


    The Thanatari It remind me of Warhammer 40K mechanical religion ... 🤣 Thanks to magic, most Gloranthan quest doesn't need aeons of research. There is a lot way to reconstruct such mechanism, the most classic way will be to ask a Lankhor's priest to "read" the history of the objet or convince him to decipher ancient grimoire with his gods disks. There is a lot lankhor of simple magic which could kill any investigation-plot or solve your "how do we use this ?" magical items/potions ! Another way, my favourite is to find an "old engineer" like "Leonardo the Scientist" who is know to be a Pre-eminent magician of God Forgot and as he can often be seen paddling his way across the sky in his Pedalcopter, you'll need a cooperative. I had use sometimes Leonardo as a "guest star" in my scenario 'cause he is fun and sometimes give players some of his "mechanical toys" to thanks the players for their hospitality or release him from his boredoom by letting play with their puzzle box (an sparring them a full season/year of headache). Usually, his toys are mainly a rubik's cube (which is a deciphering machine but no players understand it XD), a mercury dwarf pills organizer he get from a hero hundred of years ago (which can generate sevens sort of pills when empty) and so on... Another life saving encounter is the Dwarf of the Pass, friendly to human (Flintnail Hardeye or Isidilian the Wise, depending if they the same dwarf of not)... Yeah, one of my main problem 🙄
  3. MJ Sadique


    Has zistorite are a Gods-Learners creation, all their artefact and cult was destroy with the fall of Jrustela and every peoples linked to Zistor or any god learner creation meet the inquisition. Which usually mean if there is anything, it's well hidden, forgotten or very dangerous. Some Orlanthi who had plunder Zistor itself may have some creations as part of their regalia (like Lankhor MHY runes disks used for decipher grimoires) I will take the exemple of the "The Antikythera mechanism" : It's remnant was discover around 2 thousand year after the boat among wreckage retrieved from a shipwreck off the coast of the Greek island. You may found some Zistori equivalents and like the "Great Sage Equal to Heaven" said the mechanism "would have been worn out over the centuries" but the Antikythera mechanism was not unique, there was at least 2 others ones. You may not be able to repair it but a (hero)quest to found the missing pieces to have a complete mechanism is good adventure seed (You could travel from Pavis to God forgotten then finish in Manira... ).
  4. Others Alternatives could be the Old "Borderlands" / "Shadows on the borderland" and the old Sand Box area "Griffin Mountain"... low fantasy, small area oriented scenario/campaign. If you're not afraid of PDF version, you got them on chaosium https://www.chaosium.com/runequest-classic-pdfs/.
  5. Great found Crel, I can envision how Ernalda, the courtesan, seduce Orlanth the dumb !!! Spell may be costly but I can clearly see a Game-of-Throne plot start : -Samastina, Ernalda Courtesan : Oh my lord, would you promise to love me faithfully for this year -RuneLord Garrath (not so in love) : Yes I promise !!! -Samastina, Ernalda Courtesan : One the name of Ernalda... -RuneLord Garrath (not so in love) : Yes, for the love of Ernalda (And your wealth) -Samastina, Ernalda Courtesan cast Arouse passion 5 (Love (Samastina) +100%) + Extension 5 (Duration 1 year) -RuneLord Garrath / If he resist she know he is not faithfull and bye-bye the money... So he don't resist the "little benediction from the goddess" -Samastina, Ernalda Courtesan add "Runelord Garrath" as a new Pet (he is worth 10RP) MUNCHKIN APPROVED ! Nope, First if you are in the area you'll be affect (unless runelord or spell to resist a 6pts magic spell) and second, as per Rune Fixes 2 about extension, the spell will stop even during it's effect if the purpose of the spell is violated or invalid*. But a peace with duration could be a great detection spell (within 1km, if someone try to exploit the magic effect, the spell stop and everyone can fight...) * : "If they no longer are acting according to the spell’s function, then the gamemaster should announce that the spell’s effect ends."
  6. The Guide to Glorantha is the Encyclopedia of Glorantha you'll have all Glorantha infos on it but it is a massive one : 5.7 Kg (just measure it with the case). Good for a GM at home to prepare a scenario or do some bodybuilding, not for a scenario at your friend house !!! The sourcebook is light in comparison : 900g with two hundreds pages about a lot of thing and a good theogony with a lot of Illustrations : Ideal for quick look and a play session. You may even let it in the hands of players using the bookmarklet to tell them where to look. Unlike the RQG books, there is no rules so no real-game-spoilers.
  7. At first, it why I think but Combat mean attack (Death & Luck), parry (Fertility -opposed to death-) and dodge (movement); Also hand to hand or natural weapon does not use a weapon (death). So combat cannot be Death alone 'cause you cannot use death rune to dodge (flee from) an attack... In the end, it cover more the generalities of combat like the Rune of Magic is a global rune for rune of sorcery, the theism rune, the animism rune... Moreover the triplet Mastery-Magic-Infini are the core conditions Runes; To describe combat Magic and special heroic abilities, Death+Magic+mastery or Death+Magic+Infini are not a great triplet. The choice I made is a Design choice to get a good Glorantha Vision/Feeling. As Mastery ("The all-purpose Rune" ) mean "Master of..." which mean command / control so appropriate for skills or anything; As Master of Men, it describes a hero and The Infini is the mark of heroes ans gods also appropriate for heroic abilities. In term of runes, conditions runes cannot be used alone for heroic abilities or others things (At the player scale), the choice of Jeff is indeed the best of but not the only one ... as you need another rune after the Mastery one !!!
  8. 👍👍👍 It's Sooo TRUE ! 🤣🤣🤣 RQ always hold the palms in hosting rules mongers and House-rulers. (I'm part of the mass too). Glorion ... today you see a green T-shirt and the color does not please you. I can assure you one thing ... when the time come, you will also see that this T-shirt is not green it's a magnificent Blue-Face Shamanic color. (I surely merit a big stick on my head for this ...). But I can understand your actual you and I found a loopholes (hum.. humm) in the rules to satisfy the "I-don't-want-a-rune-spell-to-discorporate" groups : CHA4029/Spirit Combat Fumble 96-98 : No-a-shaman-guy, the spirit combatant’s body and spirit separate (combatant discorporate). Now you have your green T-shirt rules ! you want to discorporate without being a shaman nor use rune spell !!! Problem-solved 😇
  9. Return to nothingness... ah these uz... !😅 MODE "Aldryami trooling a uz" ON ! 😁 Only for you, uncivilized trolls, We Vronkal are proud child of Gata, If you want to return to nothingness, Ours Bows will promptly help you, Just say "AHHH" and swallow ours arrows ! 🤣
  10. Like 7Tigers said, Most Gloranthan Scholars use the theory of four elements. Earth element is attracted by other earth elements, which is the gravity theory in itself; Glorantha is not sphere as Earth is a square or a cube in three dimensional view... Mathematically or should I say : by the sorcery laws, it's all the same calculus (equations) with a different point-of-view. The greek classical element theory will provide you explanation (mainly Aristotle theories). Don't forget that there is other spherical "earth" element like the body of the redmoon, The Red Planet of the God of war (Tolat) is also a sphere... To some extend you can also understand that -The Light follow a curve to get back in the sky, explaining earth curve-like horizon and why you see a boat higher part from far... -The Fire is upper the air so a hot ballon will rise a top the sky until attaining the sun -The Air : If you possess a lot of the air element in you, you "Float" in the sky as a fish float in the water. So Flying spell grant you good air affinities and to move, you need wings or winds. -The Darkness is the lowest element and the heaviest part (look at lead)... So you will need a sorcery spell to get you an air affinities to float and some wings or a Worli elemental (Sorcery air elemental name). Flying in the sky is not a sorcery thing, dissipate air-based-magic with high range is a sorcery thing... Sorcerer are mean !!! 🤣
  11. You're in the only topic where being dumdumb is the objective !!! having Dum & Dumber theory is be the norm around here ! My Unicorn broo theory : he was just a horse-broo when he met Danold the Duck who had a unicorn magical spear (regular whale bone sculpted and sold as scam in sartar); Seeing the broo, Danold, like usual, fumble his spear-throwing and the tip get stuck right in the middle of the broo head, knocking him out. After waking up the broo could not get the spear out his head and just get his unicorn nickname, stealing the real Ralzakark fame and throne because Unicorn-broo is way cooler than having a scorpio arms.
  12. I did think about it because the category of skills greatly correspond to the Power Runes. Replacing all categories with Runes Skills and use the skills as we do with HQ specialisations. Agility -> Movement Manipulation -> Stasis Communication -> Harmony Discretion -> Disorder Perception -> Illusion Knowledge -> Truth Fight -> Mastery Magic -> Magic Heroic abilities -> Infini This could do the trick for a oneshot or a quest playing as another characters/gods. I usually do it with Herowars rules because it's the simplest Glorantha system
  13. Whizbang theory My favorite of all ! About my personal dumbest theory started aeons ago just after playing Hawkmoon and my first RuneQuest master explain my what runequest was (rq3) after a long explain, -I just said : I understand everything, it's not a complicated world. (Goddamn, I regret saying this this today) -My first GM : And what do you think ? -Pretty simple, First the actual world is born after a big disaster, probably a moon or a big asteroid crashing upon the world and destroying the ancients continents. So the world axe flip an the real fire sun now only light the southern part creating the pamalt land of fire, and the nothern part without the big sun is now an eternal ice kingdom. And what people think about the "Spike", the magical castle of the gods, is probably an Orbital Base link to an giant orbital lifter and I think that the giant mountain Kerofinela is surely the base of the orbital Lifter, a great place of power where we could get some cool "magical items". -GM : And the actual sun of glorantha who go from east to west ? -Easy, when planet axe flip, the orbital lift was broken and the top star base got broken in piece, the Gravity Ring which hold habitation became the Juggernaut, the giant wheel, another part probably the central crystal computer was use the destroy wakboth creating the Block of prax and the Core of the base with the reactor is still burning and orbiting in the space creating the actual sun "yelmalio" the little sun... -GM : And What about the God's magic ? -I think when chaos invade this world, the most powerful at this time could not beat it so someone invented a complex ritual to flew away in a higher dimension, so the great compromise is just most powerfull one ascending/Cowardly-escaping to another plane. The only powerful one which choose to stay protecting the human is probably Zzabur who use is magic to crash a little moon on the surface, ending the war only with the help of surviving humans. -GM : So you think that Zzabur is the saviour of mankind ! Interesting and why ? -Because almost e-v-e-r-y-b-o-d-y hate him, the Gods, the chamans and even most of western fear him as a God of sorcery or the evil sorcerer. If so much people hate him and only a tiny group of immortal follow him, he is certainly the only good-guy out there ! Like Hades, the most fearsome and terrifying one is surely the only human friendly one and good guy among the immortals ! -GM : So you what character do you want to play ? An orlanthi, a lunar opposing the gods ... -Nope, I will no pray the cowards gods and surely not chaos; Orlanth vs Redmoon is like the Bad vs Evil and only the worst of them will win. I will always play a malkioni, with a preference to the ones who follow Zzabur laws. Few years after I started mastering RQ because the "secrets of Glorantha" was so appealing ... I did not think this "not so complicated" was so vast and complex. Today I call it the Hawkmoon-Orbital + Stargate-Escaping-Gods theory... And I recall it whenever I heard about the Outer Atomic Explorer !
  14. Crushing or not crushing, here is the question ! First I found RQG specials effects lacking a bit but the idea of Crushing raising Bonus Damage is good but I also found them "underwhelming". To fill the hole, I search and found some solutions, I will share you the different concepts : RQG Crushing + RQIII Flexible armor rule -RQIII original rules : Flexible Armor pts are halves against crushing (6PA mail count as 3PA only). Knockback on special effet was good but too much complex to be usable. -RQG : On Special effect crushing is simple by adding the BD.max to the usual damage. (but no rule about flexible armor as far as I remember...) Crushing variants -First / Raising the bonus damage by one rank : -1D6 / 0 / 1D4 / 1D6 / 2D6 ... (most fair for low str) -Second / Stun effect : Each Damage bypassing the armor stun the localisation for 3RA. Leg : you fall, arms : you drop your weapon, torso : out of breath, cannot attack, head : stun or KO -Third / Double the STR when calculation the BD (you need an extra BD.bis (For x2+Siz) ) I prefer the third because its' simpler for player and I already had create a BD.bis on their sheets (For centaur first and found others use after that). About Subduing, In case of successfull-attack+failed-defense, I will just oppose Damage vs Armor pts + Localisation.HP ; It's Faster which live place for more fun (less calculations and the defender only give one global value for the roll). About Crushing weapons generality (Maul, Hammer and Shield) : The true power of a crushing weapon is not well play in most RPG because first a maul/hammer are a lot cheaper than a sword, more sturdier and easier to repair. Second fact, They also don't rust nor loose their edge after a hard treatment : On a battle field a bronze sword loose their cutting power after a dozen hard hits, iron one are sturdier but a lot harder to repair. Third fact, the forgotten parameter are blood and grease : a sword lose almost all cutting power after 4-5 cuts on a human body (Japanese saber crashing test on living body attest it) but a crushing weapon covered in blood won't loose their impact. As all these factor not taken in account, most crushing weapons always fell under rated and not as useful as they are in reality. Most house rules consist of making them with more AP or Damage but it's not the best way to equalize a system. House role or roleplay is up to you (enforce Sword Cleaning after 2-3 successfuls cuts)
  15. Clearly not... there are more Secrets protectors of the Hero Plane (mainly why you don't see them in the middle world). And I've just re-read an article in the Four Scrolls of revelation "The Arkati" by a certain ...hum hum... Peter Metcalph; He does not describe them like that ! an I think he know his stuff 😉
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