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  1. Aldryami passions

    Passions ( Love / Hate, Honor / Loyalty / Devotion ) for Pamaltela -An Aldryami Scout : Playing tricks on dwarfs / Death Bringers, Never harm children, Always keep a promise / Friend of Pygmies / Shannasse, friend of Eurmal -An Aldryami Gardener : Growing plants, Flying from a battle / Fights, Quests or any tiring activity, What is Honor for ? / Errinoru Tree of Ytarian / Flamal -An Aldryami Woodlord-wannabe : Burning Enemies, Huge Explosions / Himself for being powerless, Babeester-Gor / Fireberg-Forests / Aldrya-of-the-Fireberg-Forests -An Aldryami runner : Playing with Children, looking for trouble / Insects bigger than himself , To not fight unless ordered to / Always obey Dryads / Voria, Protectress of all the Little Ones -An Aldryami Pixies : Playing tricks, Hide others possessions / Doing something usefull, telling the true, Never follow any Rules / The Pixies Queen(Herself) / Shannasse only
  2. Everyone don't see fanaticism effect the same way, Mine is probably more like Jusmak. As an Image is greater than a thousand word : Poster 52 by redhavic on deviantart, Image from berserk by Kentarō Miura I don't want this debate but it will be less boring than the fanaticism's one. XD
  3. Weapon Damages

    First of all, Why people always think to dodge or parry an arrow is the best or only choice ?? When you are target by an shooter, the first thing real people think about is hiding behind a solid wall or jumping down under some cover. -Hide skill can help you stay out of reach before the arrow is shot, I like the original rule but prefer a house rules with a skill' test (with a chosen risk/malus by the defender giving the shooter an equal handicap up to the double on critical success). -Original RQ3 state that you can dodge a projectile but it cost you a full round (without stating why and how ), I prefer a Jump skill test which justify the full round handicap (a full 10/12RA lost because you need to get up before coming bak in the battle). (1) true if limit your game to dragon pass but false elsewhere; Example : Vormaini can dodge arrows ! how ? see LAND of NINJA/Yadomejutsu, and I don't even speak about using Ki... (2) false, if you cannot see, the malus is a -75%, you can still hear the arrow. Plus, Uz and some Hikimi (bats) don't see their enemies, they hear them. (3) strongly disagree, unless you want to charge the target XD why ? read my opinion above about hide and jump ! 1- Defence against projectile (arrows or axes) is not a simple task and as a peculiar move, it need a peculiar set of rules. The best rules are still based on RQ existing one Parry a projectile : Protect an extra localisation in advance, a better success protect more localisation; Dodge a projectile : Dodging by doing a greater success than the shooter Attacking a projectile : Oriental don't parry an arrow, they attack them to cut or deflect them (no problem with multiples arrows, visible or not ! ). 2- Handicapping archers because melee fighters are not the greatest around IS wrong. The C.I.A rules must be respected : Infantry get bashed by artillery ! 3- Me neither, no brain cells nor time free
  4. [RQ3] How does a Shaman travel in the mundane world?

    [RQ3] How does a Shaman travel in the mundane world ? My most stupid answer should be "by foot ?" XD... As a master, I probably made all existing mistakes with my first half-apprentice shaman player ! So this question is a very good one and both a simple and difficult to answer. First, not doing what I permit my PC to do : Learn discorporation before second sight, believing having 18POW instead of 12 make you strong, wandering in a forest without fetch nor protection and finally insist to fight any spirit he may encounter to develop his power. After 3-4 fumble : finding the worst place of a forest and being beaten, he got back almost safely Such shaman, as a PC, must walk on tip-toes, staying away from dangerous entities (spirit or not) and runaway as soon as he fumble. You, as a master, must remember a few things : Like a hunter in a forest who won't find a bear behind each tree, a wandering (apprentice) shaman should not encounter a lot of dangerous spirits; he may not attract a lot of them either, unless they have a great rune affinity with him or are really hungry ... XD As David Scott, say (1) A shaman, even dumb, can count on his pikachu (fetch) to identify a foe or a friend. On unexpected situations, a master must cool down and change is perspective (seeing pc as pokemon hunter is a good idea). The first time someone made an analogy between spirits magic with pokemons, I found it hilarious but it's probably one of the clever idea. A master should also remember a few things : a PC may be a reckless but finding hellions or a demon lair is not easy nor a daily shaman activity (2) and stronger spirits don't usually lost their time on catching a tiny prey (3) they may play with you like cats do with mouses but if the shaman is not a threat, he cannot become a prey (he is not worth the pain).
  5. I think, Fanaticism is not combinable with arrow trance because when two spells have a common effect on the same target, only the stronger apply. Arrow trance is strictly like berserk, friend/foe distinction aside and berserker exclude fanaticism. Rules say that when Arrow trance is used first, the user cannot cast spell others than bow related (fanaticism is exclude because it boost the user not the bow). If you use fanaticism first, you can only cast attacks spells (which I think, exclude arrow trance, because it doesn't deal any kid of damage, so it's not offensive one). In RQ3, the difference between the 2 spells is not too extreme : -An archer with 60% skills and +20% modifier have usually 80% chance of hit, By using fanaticism will have 120% chance of hit (as Fanaticism boost the chance to hit) -An archer with 60% skills and +20% modifier have usually 80% chance of hit, By using Arrow trance will have 140% chance of hit (as Arrow Trance only boost the skill) But 24% or 28% chance to impale compared to 16% without any spells is still monstrous ... you know why elfs vs trolls is not in favor of big uz. To me, The best combination is using fanaticism with three Multi-missile 3 used on arrows. If you shoot three times per round, 3 normal arrows and 9 magical arrows will fly with almost 12 sure hits in one round. (for 10 MP, no Runic magic used).
  6. Oh man, I just hate quoting myself XD... And please copy paste two line of synonym and said it's a definition...it's boring. Historical and modern french standard definitions of fanaticism are : A- Behavior, state of mind of one who believes himself inspired by Divinity B- Behavior, state of mind of a person or group of people demonstrating for a doctrine or cause a passionate attachment and an excessive zeal leading to intolerance and often to violence A lotof people associate fanaticism with the semantic field of "fierce, madness, fury, hate, violence" instead of "self-denial, self-sacrifice, dedication, generosity, heroism, sacrifice". The two choices are true and all-right but at the exact opposite. Like people in this thread... (me include)
  7. 1/ Fanaticism as a spirit magic spell have a name and a description. -The Spirit magic name imply that the spell put you in a violent state of mind which is incompatible with a greater performance of a ranged weapon. A better shooter need to be calm, concentrated to adjust his shoot. (Main argument against the boost) -The Spell description imply an attack oriented spell and don't forbade nor authorized the use of a melee weapon. (Main argument in favor of the boost). The Rules mechanic about melee and ranged weapon as well as spells list differ also : -In term of rules and spells list, All melee spells and ranged spells are different and separate (fireblade/firearrow, bladeshart/speedart, Berserk/Arrow trance); why fanaticism should be able to boost melee and ranged fighters ? (Main argument against the boost) -Every melee spells have an equivalent one in ranged spells (fireblade/firearrow ... etc) but as Fanaticism is the counter part of Demoralize, you cannot find a ranged spell that do the same thing. (Best argument in favor of the boost). 2/ As I Already said, you usually found 2 rules against and in favor : Everything not authorized is forbidden OR Everything not forbidden is authorized ! .............YGMV... ! If you strictly follow the rules, no need for a second spell, you can just stick to the original definition of fanaticism "divinely Inspired" and the rules despite some illogic part of the system. If you follow the spirit of the rules and some logic, you have to create/modify a spell having fanaticism + berserk for melee fighter and another_spell + arrow trance for ranged fighter. I personally choose the later and change farsee spell form "+5% to search by" in "+10% to search and +5% to ranged weapon" for each MP and limit fanaticism to melee boost but halving defence skills (parry or dodge alike).
  8. 1/ Finding some rpg write before 90s as open, efficient and simple than RuneQuest is almost impossible. ... Forums wars are just a way to sharpen yourself and your games. A clear language is Lhankor Mhy quest and one of Eurmal Nightmare... (I'm a pro-Eurmal) 2/ Everything is said. Like boardgames 2 extreme rules usually apply : Everything not authorized is forbidden OR Everything not forbidden is authorized ! I prefer the first for board game but never choose any for rpg 3/ Your playing in Glorantha man ... GLORANTHA, have you ever heard of a guy named Greg Stafford ? Ask some grognards about his T-shirt and habits. Being vague is an euphemism if you speak about Glorantha, About the system Like JEFF said : YGMV ie Your Gaming May Vary... (work well with Glorantha, GM also with grognard, gorp, gag ...)
  9. Aldryami vs uz

    They are not enemies... but fight very often. -Aldryami hates Uz because they are destroyers and death bringers BUT Uz loves Aldryami because they are tasty. -Good armor : Not enough to stop an Arrow, Stealth : as long as their take a shower every day (their odor are not as bad as broo but ...) and lose some weight... Uz are mostly hunters and predators, they don't want to exterminate Aldryami and will protect them if they are near extinction. Only Zorak Zorani exterminate their enemies but as they are a minority, This is one of the main reason why Aldryami could win. They don't fight with the same objectives, Uz are to capture or kill a few but elves are to kill them all. Aldryami have multiples way to win, the simplest way to define you have to follow Sun Tzu Strategy : -Morality : Aldryami want to live, Most Uz want just a good diner. -Climatic : Attack in fire season and by day (uz hate heat and light) -Geographic : Fight them in forest or narrow places as UZ are massive -Commander : Communications by elf sense, being assisted by the knowledge of a millennia old tree... -Organisation : The Aldraymi fight as skirmishers. Unlike Uz, Aldryami don't hates themselves nor try to kill their own commander to gain power... Speaking of what aldryami can use as troops: C as Cavalery : Trolls have a lot of giants insects but Aldryami like Tarzan in the jungle don't need them... But as beats men are mostly friend to them, why not a Vronkal + Grizzli pair ? I as Infanterie : Warrior of Wood (Aldryami war trees) in RQ2 are describe to have same carac as trolls, A nearly million of Bears in North Genertela and Some Minotaurs as reinforcement A as Artillery : Apart from their excellent skills with bows, their have their mobile ballista : the Grotaron (Also known as Maidstone Archers)
  10. RuneQuest 3 Heal Wound divine spell

    All wrong... In Introduction to Magic / Common Magical Procedures and Concepts / Spells you have the answer to the question. And it's not in the Divine Magic chapter so most of people forgot or miss it ! The paragraph is just before spirit magic and is resume in Spell Strike Rank Table. RQ3 Deluxe or french Chapter "Spell Casting During Melee" states : An adventurer casting spells during a melee round uses the standard strike rank procedure ... To determine the strike rank in which a spell takes effect add the spell cost in magic points plus the readiness of the spell caster plus the strike rank of the caster. The result is the number of strike ranks that it will take the caster to loose the spell. This is summarized on the Spell Strike Rank Table, below. Divine spells add no spell cost unless magic points are included in the casting. To resume IN RQ3, Spell SR = DEX.MRA + MP + 3 (if surprised) PS : This rules is the Same in Avalon Hill 1984' english edition or Oriflam French Edition (the one I use)
  11. Critical Hits and impaling

    In RQ3, the way it is explain is : -Critical success give weapon max damage and ignore the armor -Special success effect depend on the type of damage, Empaling weapon : twice weapon damage (2 rolls) Even if it's not written, Critical success also give special effects but as some weapons state : if a weapon can be use in cutting or impaling, you must declare the mode before use or you don't benefit from special effect but only the critical ones. Example : Gladius can empale, if you don't declare the attack mode and made a special success ... you don't benefit of the empaling effect. Otherwise, Critical include special effects if they exist ... The opposite case should be strange, imagine a special spear attack is 2D10+2 but critical is 1D10+1 maxed which equal 11pts; Special impaling doing more damage than critical would be stupid. About house-ruling, My first master (and so myself) choose to slightly change special / critical to spare us checking the table : -If Rolled Dice score x5 is still a success then it's a special success -If Rolled Dice score x20 is still a success then it's a critical success One of the best and simplest house-rules as you don't have to have a table or ask yourself to round-up or down the percentiles. Less calculation is always better.
  12. Weapon Penetration Ratings

    Oh... you were speaking RQ2 basic Rules. They are simple but a bit hard to figure sometimes, I understand you surprise and deception about it. I personally prefer RQ3 by far but you just had a munchkin in your game : -1D6 bonus Damage mean average STR and SIZ is at least at 17 pts... Such person is at the very upper scale of mankind. -A battle axe is not a Double side axe, it's just a lumberjack axe used for war... not a so great weapon Battle axe in human hand (1D8+1) (1D3 + 1D6) Powerfull punch from CONAN VS You just have seen a man as massive and strong as CONAN the barbarian (Schwarzzie scale, 120-14kg of Muscle at least) fighting bare hand ... in comparison a battle axe in the hand of a "normal human" (a 70kg man). The system may be a bit generous or heroic but broken, no ! Personally, I prefer fight the guy with the battle axe than a barehand CONAN....
  13. Weapon Penetration Ratings

    Little BIG error of calculation olskool ( 1 Extra Damage per 2 Free_Strenght (STR - Weapon_Dice_Max_Score) ) Punch + STR 9 = 1D3 + (9-3)/2 ==> 1D3 +3 B.D : 4 to 6 Pts of damage Gladius + STR 9 = 1D6+1 (9-6)/2 ==> 1D6+1 +1 B.D : 3 to 8 Pts of damage Battle Axe + STR 9 = 1D8+2 + (9-8)/2 ==> 1D8+2 +0 BD : 3 to 10 Pts of damage Great Axe + STR 9 = 2D6+2 (9-12)/2 ==> 2D6+2 -3 B.D : 1 to 11 Pts of damage ... little man with big axe is NO GOOD ! No problem here... Nope, the system was not broken... a bit too much lethal but broken, not really. And it's not the thread subject !
  14. Hit location armor

    1/ Basically, Incapacitate and healing test are opposing Damage and Fatigue Pts /2 + CON/10. And Healing is scaled by CON instead of flat recuperation. 2/ You don't write Hits by location but still need to have them... you spare too count the hp lost two time but if three location are hits, you need three different healing spells or treatment... Without tracking hit point location how do you do this ? 3/ Globally, a good idea but a bit clumsy and complex : Light (PV > 3/4) : SR-1, Sprint Moderate (PV > 2/4) : SR-1, CAR-1, Skill -1/4, Run Serious (PV > 1/4) : SR-2, CAR-1, Skill -1/2, Trot Critical (PV > 0/4) : SR-4, CAR x1/2, Skill -3/4, Walk To sum up my point of view : SR decrease is fine, Characteristics ones is bad, skills malus are punishing and the movements limitations are fine to me. 4/ You have 4 skills levels x Critical and special levels = 8 scores for one skills ... I may have not understand well but it's a bit hellish and if I write it down ... -Standard Healing 37% -Olskool Healing 37% (7%, 2%) / 27% (5%, 1%) / 18% (4%, 1%) / 9% (2%, 1%) ... it is really hell ! I will personally advise you to use to create a flat modifier or at least a Ouroboros (Rêve de dragon) like table of modifier, you will gain a lot of times. In Ouroboros each -1 equal -5% of the skills but you ca easily create one for you game. You will only need to write the skill once an use this table (you can had special and critical columns to spare having 2 tables).
  15. Hit location armor

    As RQ3 Master too, I mainly houserule by type of damage and HP lost in the strike (not total HP lost). -(Type) : equal or more than 3HP / Equal or more than 6HP -Slash type : no FP loss / limb severed & hemorrhaging cut at -1PV per round (lost in adjacent localisation -abdomen or torso- and in general) -Impale type : Half FP loss / limb greatly damaged, regeneration of 1D20% of the limb needed if not heal in 10 rd -Blunt type : All FP loss / limb damaged, regeneration needed if not heal by magic And the total HP lost indicate if the arm is disable : -at 0HP, the limb is disable but alive; -at -3HP or less, limb is disable and you've got 10rd to heal it Or the limb will stay disable for life (full amputation). I also start with D100 % lost and after that use 3D6 x 10%. Further damage was ignored but usually rise the % of member lost by 10%.