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  1. As mvincent said Masks of Nyarlathotep is very adapted because it's world wide 1920's campaign all over the word (USA / London / Paris / Africa / China+Japan / Australia ). It's adapted to multiple table play because each table could send "telegram" to another team; The telegram could be some informations to share between each tables. The Dreamlands (https://www.chaosium.com/h-p-lovecrafts-dreamlands-pdf/) also offert great liberties in play for various type of plays n' settings. I've got a peculiar luck to have all dreamlands get re-edited in french deluxe box set (the images after). The very good thing is that dreamlands are not only another world but you can also use the door of dreams to travel through time and space. I had an excellent convention scenario in Scotland's V century but my players team was in 1920; with the help of the door to dreamlands, i was able to send them there... And after the recent Pacific RIM 2, I think I'll adapt a Cthulhutech quickstart scenario to send them in far future fighting Migos in giant mecha. With this you can fight Nyarlatothep in any location and time. You could also do Jumanji theme scenario or Doctor Who fighting The Great Intelligence (an avatar or Yog-Sothoth as state in http://tardis.wikia.com/wiki/Great_Intelligence). French Dreamlands Deluxe Box http://www.sans-detour.com/shop/sans-detour/jeux-de-role/l-appel-de-cthulhu-7e-edition/256-les-contrees-du-reve.html
  2. Oh oh, It's becoming more and more appealing There are a lot of books I prefer before GoG but the books I tend to use the most are the book of Magic, Gods of Glorantha and Elders Secrets (Mostali and Aldryami). Unlike some grognards, I really think that GoG is the very best book after RQG because the new Runes points rules make Divine Magic and Runes more important, more useful and easiest to recover. All of this make me perfectly agree with Gods of Glorantha being the next book out; I just hope there will be western and orientals cults Chaos cults are not essential to play but -if you want to make a party of rivals or even opposed cults, YOU NEED Chaos ! -if you want to create an Arkati, an Uroxi, or a Zorani player, YOU NEED Chaos ! -if you want deep play in glamour / pavis / prax YOU NEED Chaos ! Chaos can be everywhere, need for everything and be the opposing force of Everyone... if Greg Hate Mostali for them to be too much "themselves !", I Hate Chaos for the same reasons... too easy to play, it just change of masks but it's always the same at the core. In term of horrors, I prefer Cthulhu strangeness; in term of Glorantha third age ... Kingdom of Wars Violence, Dragon(ewt)s Strangeness or even Zorak Zoran Madness.
  3. Little question to Jeff In Chaosium blog you said that "these are not final pages, just works-in-progress to show you the visual style of the book" and the choice of the border bother me a little ! It's not because I don't like it (the more I see it the greater I think it is) but having different border colour for each chapter will really be cool and visually ... helpful. I asking that because the french RQ3 was presented a bit like "King of Sartar" ... each chapter was a treated like book (Player / Master / Magic / Glorantha) with its own first cover... I understand how hellish will it be to create and make different layout for each chapter but when you said " this is a full color book with a lot of art. And I mean a LOT of art " How much FULL COLOR are you intend to pour into this ???
  4. Elders races and West are my favorites ... I've seen enough about orlanthi, lunars and Kethaela; Even if sometimes I really rediscover that central Genertela is way more vast than what I think (like the Celestine arena funeral by Pecadordelapradera : https://pecadordelapradera.deviantart.com/art/Celestine-arena-funeral-614306997 Even if it was out-of-canon, I really like the illustration from the Book of Glorious Joy and in particular the "Doctor Strange" look of Gaiseron the Mystic... XD. Sometime, I dream to see one day an illustration of Faulani, the Blue Fur Minotaur's Magical Gardian of Loskalm. They are still some illustrations of west and elders races but I think a lot cool even if not really in the canon -Merlkir style for Glorantha are one of my favorites... ( https://merlkir.deviantart.com/art/GtG-11-Elves-447047123 ) -Speaking of West, I also really like Akeiron's illustration for RQ italian edition ( https://akeiron.deviantart.com/art/Common-Magic-184892676 ) -The Arthurian/Medieval Knight of Jonhodgson https://jonhodgson.deviantart.com/art/The-Book-of-Glorious-Joy-186584600
  5. (1) No it slow down (Air rune Don't like Earth elements in it's domain) (2) Shooting at short range or from above (In their back between shoulders blades or On a castle wall in their head). This one was easy. (3) All wrong, Gravity is a force which create acceleration of the arrow... (Earth Rune create Force Rune Which Make Movement rune - from gata by umath to larnste) (4) Yep (5) Man ! it's COWS every praxian know this : Cows to measure your wealth, Cow to measure your sacrifice to the gods, cows to measure your greatness (aka weregeld), cows to measure length (elf bow's range are a hundred cows length, human's one only 80 cows length and Durulz are 10 cows only -yes I don't like them unless with some mustard and honey-)
  6. Yep, but you need an A0 size book to print exact scaled illustration (as the archer seem to be is 20m tall) and I don't have enough place in my shelf Joke apart, the border is really beautiful, the text is clear (why the text in p235, column 2 is not justified ?) and the background with runes great ! (only the colours -yellow and green- still feel strange to me). Excellent Job Guys (thumbs up !)
  7. RQ2 Quality of Life Improvements

    To me, This often depend on your player experience in rpg... new role-players can start with defaults settings. PS : I ask for the Dragon Lord Gygax forgiveness in advance but Consider D&D players as newbies, whatever the numbers of years of experience they have ^^
  8. RQ2 Quality of Life Improvements

    I never used RQ2 rules but read them for improving RQ3 or understand the original rules... As we don't speak about Change of rules, My best to "simplify your life" advices For fight, don't Go in Melee straight. -First, Armed enemies don't appear from nowhere and describe them well in term of gloranthan lore : "Broo are vicious, they use ambush and contaminated weapons...." -Second, Let your adventurer the choice to fight or fly... and assume the consequence of their choice : "Broo try sometimes to NOT kill their enemies, they capture them for ..." -Third, If they see enemies from far, magicians and archers will progress more wisely. RQ2 is deadly but unlike a a lot of game, a wise plan can save you... skills are secondary For the Magic Part -Don't Mind POW economy in the 1-5 first scenario but give everyone an equitable chance to evolve POW or any other carac. at the end of a scenario. -Healing magic make Glorantha a bit more safer world and most creatures prefer ask for a wergeld and become richer than just killing (were- : man and -geld : gold). Don't kill you PC, make them poor or crippled ! (you won't have to remake their sheet and believe me .... after losing 2-3 pts of CON they will start to use their brain) -Don't mind the fact that they HP go down to zero or below, just tell them they aren't dead ... just dying (A lot of people can be reanimated after an heart arrest of 2min). You don't have to use resurrection magic for a less than 10min dead man. Make them panic, call for a healer/chaman/priest and spend their money like there is no tomorrow. Death is a gift for honourables heroes (As long as you need a PC, don't mind the rules... In Glorantha sometimes stranges things like "all people who died today, come back to life" happens)
  9. RQ3 Close Combat

    You just gave the perfect counter-example of your theory AND the very reasons why all your example just cannot happens ! And I will explain you why : In RQ3 rules, IT IS WRITTEN : "Gamemasters generally allow experience checks whenever skills are successfully used in stressful situations. An attack against a helpless target is not a stressful situation and does not deserve an experience check." So, your example of a 100% attack skills is just not possible, YOU CANNOT progress to mastery levels being a coward without proper enemies parries or trying to kill you ! A thug get at least +25-35% to skill attack facing defenceless prey... I personally think he should never progress upper than 50%. Secondly, There did exist in history some martial arts which only focus in attacking and completely ignoring any aspect of defence, parrying or dodging. But it's more a philosophy choice from them; To be able to know how to attack without fail, you need to know how people can defend themselves. A lot of GM, as myself, choose to create a rule to reflect this logic ! but it's not in the rules...like a lot of thing Thirdly, in rq the main problem about skills percentiles is they don't mean anything... In later brp, chaosium did give a scaling of skills (like in Cthulhu v7 ). I personally really like Land of Ninja which clearly state that having 90% in a skill mean you are a True Master like Miyamoto Musashi, Sun Tzu, Guillaume Tell or Bruce Lee BUT In a RPG, most Big Bill fighting with full plates+mail and divine armor 5 will check their attacks skills against unarmored durulz with daggers... and they shouldn't progress against defenceless enemies.
  10. RQ3 Close Combat

    XD MuaaaAAAAAAAAAHHHH !!!!!! I really like your way of thinking but It's Impossible because : -FIRST, I abort "Perfection" ... because being perfect means you cannot make something better which is not fun, nor possible. -SECOND, My concept of perfection will not be for everyone. For example : RosenMcStern have create his own D100, even if it could be perfect for him it will never be for me. ;p -THIRD, You are in Runequest/Glorantha Forum.... We have all been raised by a Chaosium-ic Rule ! Your Game May Vary which mean everyone in this forum will never be perfectly agree on anything. AND As the Devil's Advocate, I will never admit Perfection !
  11. RQ3 SR vs Time

    1/ You didn't understand that in RQ3 SR is a Time value (of 1,2s). In these forum, I already explain why 1,2s instead of a simple second count : -First by having a 1SR equalling 1,2s permit to simply link Movement in combat to movement on a map as 1Pt of Movement = 1m per SR = 1 Km/h. All others systems need a table of conversion because converting from m/s to km/h give non-natural numbers. -Secondly, RQ3 is a more figurine based fighting systems. When you play in Monster Coliseum's Arena or with figurine, you can understand that the system is more fluid because there is a lot more movement and SR spend to displace your character from an enemy to another... In contradiction of most game where you can strike or be attacked by anyone in a melee despite their numbers or any logic regarding their respective positions. 2/ You second Idea of a "continuous fight" is really easy to implement without changing the whole system (I already model and tested it) : -First, you change from a linear 10SR round to a Circle of 50 SR (or less, but 30 at minimum); This way, you create a natural and easy to track table of actions for everyone fighter or magician with one marker by player. Everyone can see when the others will act and the master just play the clock. -Second, you need to change the declaration of action phase : Each player will have to choose his action as soon as he ended his own; And each player making a dodge or parry before his turn of action will have to shift his next action by one SR. -Third, you may need to add an "Resting and catching you breath" action of 3SR to be a bit more realist OR Use the Fatigue point rules by spending 1FP per actions, attack parry or dodge. After testing it, it can be pretty good but new problems appears: Fights are not faster, Players easily lose track of what is happening when multiples fights occurs, High-DEX-and-SIZ characters attacking every 3SR will break the game, ...
  12. RQ3 Close Combat

    They are indeed very few reasons, mainly : -You cannot spend 1SR ! If your based SR is 10, whatever the reasons, you cannot attack the next turn -You just cannot move away from him ie you can only keep the distance as long as you can move but if your feet are stuck or you turn your back to a wall, a hole or a bigger danger... -You fight someone with a weapon as long as yours; So if you don't want him to be able to parry or dodge, you let him get close... 1 action for the two sides but he strike 1SR latter. Another a-bit-abuse-of-the-rule could be : You have a 2H spear (SR+1) and get attack by a two 1Handed-sword (SR+2) and let him come close... -In the new round, You declare your action after the other guys : I throw away my spear at the cost of 0SR and fight with my hands (SR+3) -The situation is reversed : You have the shorter weapon with 2 actions plus you strike first AND the others guys have only one action at SR+1 -Even if he do the same thing with his weapons, He still get a surprised modifier (SR+3); You and him have 1 action only but he have a SR+4 modifier (closing+surprised !)
  13. RQ3 Close Combat

    Almost All Good ! In RQ3, When you are in a melee fight If you want to engage/disengage in close combat for the next round, you have to state in this round and spend 1SR in the next round ! 1/ The Rules state a longer weapon ! Which mean two-handed spear vs one-hand spear or One-hand spear vs Dagger... (only different SR weapons is needed) -The longer weapon lose one action (and SR advantage...read next line) -The shorter weapon will ALWAYS strike first whatever the SR is !!! If they both have equal length weapon, They both have only action a usual SR (with the 1SR for the player making the closing) 1-So Correct ! 2/ No. In one C.T, a 1-handed weapon can be used for attack or parry, 2-handed weapon for attack and parry... and TWO 1-Handed weapons for 2 attacks or 2 parries or one-of-each... 2-Not Correct 3/ No... They only have to disengage from close combat to melee combat but it's not explained, probably because : -Closing is a special tactic linked to an attack, which mean you have to do it each round (like a short distance charge ....) -You just have to spend at least 1SR to move from close combat to a melee distance (RQ3 is much like a figurine boardgames system) May be Correct
  14. Personally, I really prefer the recent rocking Logo (up there)... The design is more modern, a better use of lightning and relief but there is still a "old school" feeling. In comparison, the new choosen one feel dull mainly because the blend of yellow-white to yellow combined with another yellow border is poor in term of contrast. The font use is too smooth for such colors choice which could be more effective with the font use for the sub-title... But if you tweak the colors, you found out that the problem is not necessarily the Fonts (Which I don't like) nor the simplicity of the design (I don't like it either). Not so bad with a Simple Color inverted wich create a darker borderline and a sunset type colour blend ! ... And With any other Colors... it's still OK...(I could even say it's great :p)
  15. Dorastor: Land of Doom

    Top Recommendation : Monster Coliseum (fight) and Gods of Glorantha (magic) For most of books, it will vary from your game play : -Elder races : Lord of terror, haunted ruins, trolls gods and Elders secrets -Oriental and exotic places : Land of ninja & Griffin Island -Dragon pass Classic : River of Cradles, Borderlands -High level or Bashing games : Plunder and RuneMasters