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  1. Elder Races as PC's?

    Elder race can easily work together ... against humans most of time. Don't forget the Grand Council where all elder races meets from the First Age, in the Second Age a still now in the third. Don't Forget "The Five-Rune Ring" (a hero band from Master of Luck And Death : a Tarshite women, an elven warrior, A dark troll, a ludoch, a durulz shaman, a Dwarf). As g33k said , Elder Races may unite when facing chaos or common foes but it's the case of all who participate in the I fought we won battle...so everyone except chaotics. Whenever humans drop their guards after a part of world domination, the elder race reunite to beat some humans. Don't forget the End of Jrustela, Empire of Wyrms... it wasn't destroy by the hand of human hands only. My own player ask me at some time to create a guild or someting similar to create a true Team Spirit because their were too much different. (An Oriental Dragon, an Arkati Sorceress, a Issaries Merchant, a kingdom-of-war Loskalmi-wanabee warrior and an Rinliddi Scribe). I choose to look out some elder races types communities/hero band and their were numerous ... -a Harshax oriented heroband (can accept any race which live in Ketheala)...Glory to the Harshax ! -a Pavis heroband (a half-Elve from the Draconic Empire friend with a true Dwarf as best friend...) -a Dragon friendly heroband (Inspired by Elder secret dragonewt scenarii) The hardest part is not to create such team nor to found a campaign ... to me it's "what I can do, for them not to kill each others due to cultural difference".
  2. Artesia

    The character sheet for Artesia remind me a bit of "Rêve: the Dream Ouroboros" (Rêve de Dragon). And this mean a lot of problem and and very complex magic (it was awfully complex in Rêve), Artesia seems to be the same D10 system used for Cyberpunk... with a Tarot base Evolution system and lot of diffrent magic (Sorcery, Folk's magic, Divine one as well as alchemy and herbalism....). -Gurps a bit like Rolemaster, you need to create the system before playing it (a lot of experience/time is needed/consumed). Another generic system like Fantasy Craft could be use but same problem of adaptation and time. In these cases better use the original system, you'll need a lot of time but without any adjustment to do. If you want a simpler RPG system : -RuneQuest is ideal with less characteristics, simple magic rules (spirit magic is a quick - battle base magic; Divine is more grinning but powerfull one) -Call of Cthulhu V7 system could match as Cthulhu and Conan worlds are similar (Artesia world look more an advanced Hyboria -from Conan the Barbarian-). A great compromise between simplicity and possibilities -BasiC is RuneQuest twin brother with more magic extensions and adaptability. Legend or Mythras systems are also eligible. -Heroquest could be the Simpliest way to do anything without any adaptation. (The system don't care how magic work but just how much it can do)
  3. Artesia

    Yes, this is how "Basic" was created ! RQ3 had also special setting for Antique era (main book), another to play a Viking (a book called Vikings),and eve one for Medieval Japan (Land of Ninja) etc...
  4. Oh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. One of my very favorites ones...
  5. Skills over 100% and Strike Ranks

    Original RQ3 rules implies : You can split an action of attack in two attacks for two different targets at SR (base) and SR (base) +3. Pole Axe SR 3 = 1 + 1 + 1 (Dex, TAI, Weapon) splitting each 2 actions in two attacks means : Action 1, Attack 1, Target A : SR 3 at 150% Action 1, Attack 1, Target B : SR 6 at 150% Action 2, Attack 1, Target A : SR 9 at 150% 300% Action 2, Attack 2, Target B : SR 10+2 at 150%, no action can be carry to another round ...no more than 3 attacks To resume 4 attacks max, on 2 targets A/B : SR 3, 6 et 150% and SR 9 at 300% Mounted_Lance SR 1 = 1 + 0 + 0 (Dex, TAI, Weapon) splitting each 2 actions in two attacks means : Action 1, Attack 1, Target A : SR 1 at 150% Action 1, Attack 1, Target B : SR 4 at 150% Action 2, Attack 1, Target A : SR 7 at 150% Action 2, Attack 2, Target B : SR 10 at 150% To resume 4 attacks max, on 2 targets A/B : SR 1, 4, 7, 10 or SR 1, 4, 7, 10 Bladesharp 4 : +20%, Dam +4 to any attack done with the weapon boosted (modifiers are always added after splitting skills) --- Personal rules --- My personal rule use an old RQ2 optional rules stating if you have a malus splitting you skills, the malus cannot exceed 50%. With RQ3 rules you can simplify multiples actions : -50% malus for each extra attacks on different successive target (with a 50% minimum skills). -100% malus for each extra attacks on same target (with a 50% minimum skills). With house rules at 300%, you can get 5 extra attacks on different targets with a -250%: Meaning 6 attacks at 50% at SR (base) +3SR/ each extra attacks. With house rules at 300%, you can get 2 extra attacks on same targets with a -200%: Meaning 3 attacks at 100% at SR (base) +3SR/ each extra attacks. But you will need a way to minimize SR because RQ3 is limited to 10 SR. Usually by magic or creating a new rules. You can't do 6 attacks with basic rules !!!
  6. New RuneQuest Design Note (15)

    RQ2 is simple and beautiful in many aspect and even as a RQ3 Lover, I really like how modifiers are in this version. The system may have some flaws but it's a tiny price to pay. As a Gamemaster with tons on npc, I even test using rq2 mods for low grade NPC and monsters. Even If I found a far better method, going back to rq2 was the first step to better system and it was a lot less tiring for me. Base % + mods (CAR1, CAR2) is still used in a lot of systems and the "representation of reality" is quite decent. The Scalling in RQ3 skill bonus is great and it's the only game where having high POW could give you negative modifiers (in discretion). There was only two bad things in RQ3 modifiers : 1/ It was awfully annoying to calculate at each carac' evolution (like POW). 2/ I never understand why some modifiers have one carac' and some four carac'. The first flaw made me hating pow economy and change a bit the POW evolution and the Runic magic behind (killing Rune magic flaw at the same time). I didn't master any RQ for sometimes but I think changing secondary modifier to +0.5% by point of carac and creating simplier table of carac to modifier will greatly help. But I don't know if all my players will like to have a "+12.5%" modifier... The second flaw still let me without *good* answers. I still don't know ho to handle this -_-;; To sum up, rq2 modifier is a bit simple, a bit less realist but I must admit a lot more easy to handle for GM, easy to play for players.
  7. Weapon Damage Modified By Skill Level

    When house ruling the best is to test it before hand, I personally use three tools : Soloquest, PNJ testing and my personal BFS-D. For you Idea, For each 10% margin of success, you add 1pt to your damage_dice value (Δ 10% : Dam +1) -Solo-test : Adding a step for damage calculation is a bit heavy, you have to roll the skill with a skill modifier and find out if you making a normal / special / critical. And you have to add one more step of calculation before doing the damage and then add a value after the dice roll. This really help a lot low damage weapon (dagger at 1D4+2) but become less effective with two hand one (heavy sword at 2D8) or spell (5D6 damage sun spear). The Good part is you make a bit more damage and a good skill roll can compensate a bad damage roll. The Bad part is a lot more heavy calculations and the fights became more mortal, and RuneQuest is already very mortal. -PNJ testing : It take too much time but from my experience, you should always let your player the choice to use it or not. The other bad part is having a qualitative success (spe/crit) and a quantitative one Δ 10% : Dam +1 mixed up. Players usually dislike fight because of calculations. Special and critical should be calculated before hand or with a table. I agree 10% is easy to calculate but you lose a lot of time as master to use it and players too. The Good way to implement it could be : PC choose a -10% malus to gain +1 Damage (cumulative, no limit) and/or -30% malus to gain ability to re-roll damage (no cumul). The Bad way is often to not let them the choice or gain a boost without a risk. -BFS-D : It's my personal way to analyse any modification, I mean Better Faster Stronger and Diamond (Solid, Clear and value). BFS is for the master system, D for players importance (remember players are lazy, demanding and ). Better : Yes, the more skilled you are, the less lucky you need to be. Faster : Really not, it take too much time. Stronger : It's not very effective for weapon that do more than 10 pts of damage. Solid : The Damage roll become too much complex, special and critical are more usefull. More special success will be easy to play without extra rules. Clear : As player, I understand why you do it. But it's more a lucky fighter at skill roll make do more damage (than a skilled fighter)... Value : Does we gain something... no because PNJ will also do a lot more damage. you better give us extra-armor point ! I hope these analysing could help you !
  8. Disruption

    1- If you did read my post : 1/ The spell state that disruption "damage is not absorbed by armor". The quotation marks ("...") mean it is the exact text in the spell description from the RQ III version Deluxe by Avalon Hill and I will add that my RQ III, french version by Oriflam state "Ces dommages ne sont pas absorbés par l'armure". 2- In your example, The effects of the spells are cumulative but not the spells themselves. 6 men casting six Disruption 1 can't create a Disruption 6. Each spell are treated separately making six separate spells rolls, MP oppositions, localisations rolls and damages rolls. -The english term in RQ is "stackable" or "variable"; Disruption is not a stackable/variable nor it can be boost with Crystal of Powers (elders secrets, chapter Glorantha Mineralogy, RQIII Avallon (en) and Oriflam (fr) editions). -The rules also state that "One adventurer cannot combine a spell with that of another adventurer". You cannot have combined spells unless you do sorcery and use Multispell (also in RQIII Avallon (en) and Oriflam (fr) editions). The very best example is TRose Shotgun wand (It's a beautiful and marvellous idea) : Even if the six spells are simultaneous, the player will have to do six separate rolls for overcoming the target POW, six separate rolls for the random localisation and six separate rolls for damage. Even if half failed, the target will get 3x 1D3 damage which mean an average of 6 HP loss up to 9. Only a counter-magic 3 will protect you.
  9. Disruption

    Yep, 100% agree but If you have some milllions years, you could like The Doctor pierce an adamant wall with your tiny punch... but it take a lot of time and lives. 1/ The spell state that disruption "damage is not absorbed by armor". It doesn't ignore armor points of an object, just the protection a target may wear. 2/ No, unless you forgot that a castle door (in RQ III) have 30 ArmorPoints & HP. Disruption CANNOT ignore innate armor points of objects but only any armor the target may wear. 3/ If you want to counter disruption just use counter magic 4. If you want to counter bladesharp just use dullblade or simply protection (that don't stop disruption). No need for a new spell like this.
  10. Disruption

    There was nothing about spirit magic in New Design, I tried to lure Jeff by opening the thread "New Design - Spirit Magic" but that old fox didn't take the bait. We just had some infos from Kraken and there was some about a mass combat rule in the New RQ but nothing more.
  11. Disruption

    The reason is simple, in Glorantha you can do things Physically (a ram) or with Magic. For human, Magic and Physic are at the same strength : a punch (D3 damage) is similar to disruption (D3 damage, ignoring and armor but not the solidity/Armor_points). A hundred of punchs can't take down a castle door nor a hundred of disruption. Remember that a door with 20HP have also 20 AP (armor point = Hit point for objects), so 1D3 Dam vs 20 AP = 0 hit points loss. You can use Disruption on objects but it's not necessary effective or usefull. If you see Disruption as a magical punch that can fly at 50m and bypass an armor, you'll understand it's greatness ! About magic vs physical in fantasy : -Castles are needed because a 1 meter wide stone wall is not easy to build but unlike magic it don't have a 10 minutes duration. -An elite magic-squad could take down a city door but as in heroquest lore, most big places are under protection of a gardian. The contest will become Elite-squad magic vs Gardien-awareness magic. -Is magic cumulative in RQ rules : no. -Is magic cumulative in Glorantha : yes, for a hero or cults rituals. -Does it change the game : Yes from RuneQuest to Herowars/HeroQuest -Does it change the world you play in : No, it's the same Glorantha.
  12. Disruption

    Disruption : My players favorites spirit spell which bypass any physical resistance and armor. To explain disruption effects, I state it was a "Tear Muscle" like effect or tell a player taht the spell was a Piranha spirit that can chew a leg behind an armor. In this comparison, the spell can be used on anything. For a rope, the is rope cuting spell in Land of Ninja which is based on Disruption ... As master, I use it to destroy the leather strap of heavy armor thus render them useless. Also to Neutralize any big spell incoming (since any damage trigger a INT x2 roll to not fail a spell), it's the best counter against >10MP spells. Disruption work perfectly to disarm any bow, crossbow or simple traps without being spotted unlike javelins or others weapon. As a gloranthian, I think there is a myriad of spirit, thus limitating Disruption to one- adamant rule is stupid unless you play a Dwarf because dwarf stick to the rules explained to them. For I-stick-to-the-Rules-fans (which I respect !) most objects in glorantha have at least 3 Armor points (a dagger is 6PA) and disruption is like a stiletto or a punch (1D3 damage). As house-rule, I never ask for POW vs POW rolls because it's stuck at 1D3 damage for 4SR (You cannot have disruption 2 or more, so it's enough nerfed). Like in RQ boardgame, I think Disruption is a physical spell -like fireball or guns- which can be stop by physical mean only -Like a Giant natural armor-. I only make POW Rolls for spiritual spell like Demoralise, Befuddle or any "mental state modifier" spell.
  13. How U Handle - 39 points of Sanity Damage

    First, you PC rocks... my best player only lose so much after meeting a ghoul, a sorcerer, being exposed to the red mist and meeting a Shoggy... (a three sessions scenarii) Assuming CoC v7 and the guy have 60% in base carac and have get a phobia each 12 pts...he is at 12+12+12+3 SAN loss = 3 Phobia rolls + 3SAN. In the scenarii, I'll have him get a -3D (auto fail) for each action : mean he cannot do anything unless he have a dice bonus in the skill he want to use. Depending on the game rules and options, he will have to get out of his bad trip step by step (one for each -1D). Fleeing from the cause of SAN loss is a sine qua non condition and For after the scenarii, I will let him choose between : -Getting 3 minors Phobia at -1D each if the phobic factor is meet. -Getting 1 medium Phobia at -2D and one minor at -1D ... -Getting 1 major Phobia at -3D ... and assuming he will be out of game if the phobia is trigger .... And did he want to stay out of the game to recover, I always let the player choose and usually give him a double rate recovery if he pay a huge amount of money for a week in a Deluxe Sanitorium. If you can rack his money and his sanity, you must do it ! (any Sadistic Master should do this)
  14. House Rules for HeroQuesting in RQ2

    Great, I love the idea of Heroquesting with RQ rules. Runes spells for Heroquest, Feats and Runes with Heropoints. a Lot of good things
  15. The "Fate Rune"

    from http://www.glorantha.com/docs/glorantha-core-rune-font/ X : Fate Rune, K : Luck Rune. In Glorantha, Luck Rune (K) is said to be only displayed in Holy Country by the Masters of Luck and Death. Playing oriental, This rune look like a Torii (Japanese's sanctuary Spiritual Gate) to me; I choose to use the Luck rune to explain the power of Ki (Land of Ninja) but always let it unusable or at least unexplainable by any others culture. The Fate Rune (X) is more the power of a hero to change the world and himself (his own destiny, his own path) as it's used as Hero Point since Herowars. For RuneQuest, it's a bit too much big power for a classic game. But if you want to change the world and change your path, you'll have to understand this rune a bit ! Fate and Luck Runes are "not recommended" rather than "not used" for Runequest as soltakss said. But kalidor, if you want to create a cult with such rune, you could give it the same feats like Humakt or Yelmalio cults : You take a geas and gain some free Runic power our abilities; the spells and abilities will depend on the other rune of your cult.