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    My player name me "The Sadic Master" because I want them to not fear death... but to fear being alive
    Dying is an easy act but living is the hardest thing for a hero
    Death is a salvation for the hero who had accomplish his destiny
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    But as long as he wish to accomplish his destiny, he will never and ever be able to die
    Only the greatest Heroes will be rewarded with the gift of Eternal Peace

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  1. I'm half agree with you... Personally, the very best rule to me is HeroWars (& HQ) rules to compare successful rolls because : -Bonus are used as usual, skills rolls only take in account the decimal + unit ( 126% is roll ass 26% : no need for an extra table) -Each 100% (1M) give you a bonus of one quality of success or a malus to the other side -You compare the global success giving you a qualitative result (minor>major>total) and not just a win or fail -Even equality in "success/success or fail/fail" never ended without a proper and simple answer The HW/HQ is so simple, you can write all rules in half A4 and it is also easier to compare opposing characteristics without any multiplication-by-5-for-dummies table ... because RQ-G had clearly benefit from HW/HQ system but not enough to my taste because inspirations/skill boosting another is clearly simpler, better, faster to use in HW.
  2. Why not Saint Hasterax ? he is very good to select wood and slicing them .... 😂
  3. Some magical acid was even worst as it just destroy the SIZ of the target : Meaning a 3Pts acid damage on your body just destroy 3Pts of SIZ O_o In term of physics and RPG, The best way to describe acid and others corrosive substance is something between fire and poison. Mainly because an acid really burn you like fire AND the damage are really similar but just a bit slower to take effect like some poison). The simplest way to rules it : Rapid action acid => Fire Damage / Slower and nastier one => Poison rule. Just tell them : If the don't want to lose it, just don't use it :p The more you pc complain, the better (as GM) you are... and for any GM this is the best compliment you can get (Complain ~> Compliment ^_- )
  4. Oh Great Shaman and Mystic of the Fantasy, May our voices reach you wherever you are now, You share us Glorantha and so many others discovery, You open ours eyes on a new worlds of wonders, For all these gifts and for everything you've done, Thanks you and we will never forget you, Thanks you Greg, Aujourd'hui nous pleurons le départ d'un être chèr, Pour que Demain sa Joie continue à vivre dans nos coeurs, Que la paix soit avec celui qui peux désormais contemplez l'Invisible,
  5. 🤣 Best Joke of the month ... doing a special attack made your attack weaker (1D6 - 1D4 upgrade to 1D6 -1D4 -1) As fun as the topic is, I still ask : IF empaling n' slashing benefit everyone, why crushing should handicap the weaker ? I really like the idea of Crushing giving a boost for bigger and stronger creatures but even if it's simple and good rules it has some flaw (... the trollkin pathos !). During my RQ3 era, I choose to create a second Bonus Damage type calculated with a Double Strength (DB with 2xSTR + SIZ instead of STR+SIZ) to give and advantage to stronger characters. This method cost a few second at creation but really help with crushing rule and feel more natural. Using RQG standard, it could became something like : Creature (average str and siz) : Bonus Damage / Double Strength Bonus damage Pixies (5) : -1D4 / 0 Runner (7) : 0 / 0 Trollkin (10) : 0 / 1D4 Great troll (26) : 2D6 / 4D6 A "good" trollkin vs a Runner could get the upper hand in a fight even with same DB modifier; A Great troll will get a monstrous bonus as he should have ! Even a tiny Pixie could benefit from it. This could be a great, simple and efficient solution to crushing flaws but I'm pretty sure it will stay a house rule...
  6. I've go nothing to add about the core of the sheet, but as "I love painting my ugly B&W Sheet" I 1/ You could a bit of red to match the classic style ... And for God's sake, write your name BIG and RED... 2/ Check box are RuneQuest trademark, you should make them square because maniac player like me really like Square Check box ...(it's a maniac talk, don't really take it in account :p ) Apart form those minor details, It's a perfect Runequest Classic Sheet ! Great Job ! 👏
  7. Like most RQ's GM, I've tried lot of alternatives and solutions (from the slowest to the fastest) 1/ Giving all players the table : Simplest (for the GM) and no problem with most players (not newbies) 2/ Create a new Sheet with some space to write Special & critical success for all skills (like in Cthulhu v7) 3/ A bit Change of rules by multiplying the Dice Score by 5 or 20 instead of dividing the skills percentages. (an great idea of my first GM) If Dice Score x5 is still a success, it's a special success If Dice Score x20 is still a success, it's a critical success 01 is always a Critical success 4/ Giving to players a "Card Game" size table with simplified table (Considering Dice x5-20 instead of skills /5-20)...(My favourite one but it's a lot more time consuming to create, print...)
  8. MJ Sadique's R.P.G Principle : As a gamemaster, you must be crystal clear about the three Dogmas of the RPG : The Rules of the game that describe how a player's character interact with the world. The style of (role-) Play you set in your game (Is it old-school, adventurous or heroic ?) and what you can accept from your players in the setting of Glorantha's worlds, histories and myths. And, Time to time, don't forget to remind them the respective dogmas importance in Your Glorantha.
  9. I think that the objective is to create more powerfull shaman not only with high characteristics but with more complexity... I personally follow this way of doing things when building my heroes class NPC. re-Creating a blueface level shaman with more than just the "I've got hundreds more MPS than you so I'm certainly more powerful than you"... The "Nerf" is a way to force people think more about how you can get stronger I found that Shamanic Abilities are a superb way to do this : -With Power within 5, you can sacrifice 5HP and gain 5D6MP (up to 30MP for 5HP per round), you can face a shaman who have a more powerful fetch ( about 10POW) and still beat it !!! -With Spirit pacts, you have to sacrifice 10POW to gain an allied spirit acting as a reservoir of 100MP 😱... nerfed ? who said nerfed ? A Shaman have to be a bit clever and not only count on the power of his fetch only... Nerfing the "raw" POW and adding Shamanic Abilities is a very elegant way to do this.😎
  10. You're not far from a very good approach... The simplest way is to use the ballistic equations which work for any projectiles like arrows, stones and ... humans too. To resume the equations : when jumping, the highest height is half length of the longest distance. -An bow with a max range of 200m (shoot at 45°, with peak height of 50m) could attain 100m when shoot vertically (shoot at 90°). -For a human, if the max Standing long jump is around 12ft / 3,6m the standing high jump is 6ft / 1,8m. -With a bit running, the Long jump distance WR is around 8 meters and with a trampoline shifting your speed vertically, you could do a 4 meters jump. (the reference quoted by Mechashef) All these are independent of gravity or mass of the object and are an approximation. Nope, this won't work because people often use World Record as reference but forget to distinguish jump with and Without momentum; As all "standing long/high jump" Olympics Games were abandoned before 1920'... I understand most people didn't find or seek enough the best reference to use ! I prefer this explanation which is logical and correct in term of physic whatever the gravity is ! References : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Standing_high_jump / WR 1.90m in 1980 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Standing_long_jump / WR 3.73m (12 ft 23⁄4 in) in 23 February 2015
  11. MJ Sadique


    One problem solved and yet another surface ... 😂 Let's get back to Earthpower origin and meaning in case of POW loss : 1/ It' s here to save you from a peril : You cannot trigger it when not in danger or by the sacrifice your power to a god (for a miracle). 2/ Excess MP are lost when used or when the spell ended : with 15MP max, if you get +24MP (3D8) then you've got to spend the 9 excess MP or lose them all at the end of the spell 3/ You gain additional POW, saving you from death from a drain (by a vampire or sorcerer) : As an instant spell, you get immediately your extra POW and a lot of MP. Two cases First case, if you follow strictly the spell description, You have 15min for a "Baroud d'honneur" to utterly annihilate your "very surprised" enemy. Which is a bit off for a earth spell unless you pray some violent goddess like Babeester Gor. Second case, if you follow Gloranthan Mythology n' Earth's Goddess logic (of protecting) : the POW you regain is permanent but the extra POW points (in excess of you actual value -before drain-) are indeed lost. Exactly like the excess of MP... Don't also forget that the spell description also include in case of all MP lost : 1/ You get extra MP, excess lost when used or at the end of the spell 2/ You get additional POW to your actual value (to defend again some spells) and this extra is lost when spell ended (extra which cannot be scarified because you got only 15min).
  12. I'm not sure this will happens soon my friend 😔..... but you may knock to the door of "Éditions Sans Détour" (www.sans-detour.com) because they are doing a FANTASTIC job to translate Call of Cthulhu v7 in french and re-editing some v6 rare books. They may hear you out but translated Guide of Glorantha v1+2 and RuneQuest Glorantha is a BIG job ... I'll pray for this...🙏
  13. MJ Sadique


    1/ No need to... you may no know this but Earthpower properties had already been clarified for the Quickstart and it's still the same for RQG (mainly because it was post in CoC thread) Characteristic of RuneSpell (RGQ p317) state "Unless the spell description says otherwise, all Rune magic spells are passive with a duration of 15 minutes and a range of 160 meters." In the quickstart Styopa asked for clarification and Jason Durall replied that " The extra POW goes away at the end of the spell's duration. It's not a permanent thing." As the rules of runes spells are still the same in RQG, the same answer is still ok. The idea was good Womble but it's already in the rules (a bit tricky ^^) 2/ The spell state " ... to save them in a time of mortal or existential peril. " If you lose you MP but are not peril, the spell which work as a blessing won't activate ! Remember in term of Gloranthan Mythology that you cannot exploit gods (they exploit you !!!). Earthpower is much like Antaeus 's power : as a giant and the son of gaia, he was immortal as long as he touches the earth but was killed by Heracles bear's hug !
  14. Where can I find this ... oh Greaaaaaaat Atgxtg ???
  15. I did not speak into this thread because comparison about Earth VS Glorantha in term of weapons' cost, availability and maintenance are always flawed... and I will only use RQ3 system thanks to Super-Furry Fella because RQG "hold the palm" in term of unrealistic values of cost and income. As a crafter gains about 60-80L per year (RQG p403) and a crossbow cost 80L and a bow around 150L (RQG p213); Even if it's rare someone could live with selling ony one crossbow per year or one Bow per 2 years. It's the same with melee weapons, a blacksmith could secure a year of income by selling 8 Daggers... O_o No need to be a financial analyst to understand how wrong it is ! Some could find some arguments but there is a problem with weapons prices OR income. I think it's mainly because the designers choose to recalculate the income and money value for fixing some old problems (RQ2 training and spells cost mainly) BUT they forgot to adjust the prices of weapons ... As reminder : in RQ3 a master crafter gains was around 6000g per year or 112 per week and weapons cost was around 150L for a bow, 350 for a longbow which mean a crafter need to built 40 bows or 18 Longbow per year for is income. it may not correspond to reality but it's a lot more REALIST !
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