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Gochie's RQ:G Character Sheet - Human 1.1

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About This File

These are my edited first two pages of Chaosium's human Character Sheet for RuneQuest: Glorantha (RQG). These two pages should be sufficient for players who prefer to write their own backgrounds/biographies.

I kept the overall look of the original sheet while shuffling things around and adding some things I thought were missing:

  • Removed weapon category skills (only kept "natural weapons"),
  • moved equipment to the first page,
  • moved Rune Affinities and Passions to 2nd page,
  • added 8 rune affinities (Chaos, Plant, Law, etc.)
  • added "Original" and "Current" characteristic lines,
  • added armor type/ENC/SIZ per location lines and a move speed line,
  • added blank lines (at least one) to most skill categories, including weapons and Sorcerous Magic,
  • divided the long lines in equipment and spells sections,
  • moved Mount/Ally section to 2nd page (from 3rd),
  • and probably other minor things I forgot about.

What's New in Version 1.1   See changelog



  • Added a "Species Max" characteristic lines,
  • moved the "Race" line to a better position (replacing "Ransom", which was removed),
  • added race-specific color and pretty pictures to the frame.

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