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  1. Bite damage seems to depend on the size of the beast/mouth/teeth. I would probably go with 1D6 or 1D8.
  2. You can officially be a Humakti and Orlanthi...
  3. Literally one of the worst films I've ever seen... lol. Conan the Barbarian for me.
  4. That's how I know it's in the works; I asked if I could make it for the JC. :S
  5. This is actually being worked on currently... Or in the plans at least.
  6. A hard decision no doubt, but I found Smoking Ruin more detailed and unique overall.
  7. I would do a resistance roll (ie. the REAL opposed roll). Divide both skills % by 5 and match them on the resistance table. Player (or passive character?) rolls on the resistance table to see if they beat the opponent.
  8. I'm pretty sure that is how it should be (as intended). SR is just the order of the actions taking place in the round (only with sorcery is it also *kind of* a measurement of time on top of sequence. So if you're super slow, well you're just going last.
  9. Can you combine rune points from more than one god/cult when casting a common rune spell? I.e. I have 4 RP with Ernalda and 4 RP with Orlanth; Can I use all 8 RP to cast Dismiss Magic 8?
  10. No. Strike rank is hard to explain, but generally don't look at it as a measurement of time--just a measure to determine who goes first in a round. Again, since it's so strange, sometimes it is a measurement of time (like sorcery magic SR, and missile attacks to some extent). For missiles where it is possible to attack more than once per turn, you have to add 5SR to the normal SR to ready the missile/weapon between each attack.
  11. Nice idea! Can you cast it more than once on the same player? IE. casting Poison Purge III three times in a row removes 9 POT?
  12. We use Discord with a Dicebot. Roll20 is a good option too, but takes waaaaay more work to setup properly. I feel like it's worth it if you're big on battle maps, otherwise I would just use Discord to start. I also made fillable PDFs for our adventurer sheets that players upload back onto Google Drive after each session.
  13. Sorry, yes, I meant a spirit spell. It just seems so deadly to NEED a Chalana Arroy cultist around when poison attacks are fairly common, and so fast-acting. Also the fact that even resisted poison deals half damage makes it deadly no matter what. Perhaps making resisted poison damage healable? Or maybe I should just make the vast majority of poisons take longer to kill someone (like in real life?) and then players will have time to seek-out a CA healer.
  14. I feel like there should be a "heal poison damage" spell or something, if that's the case. Or have Rune magic heal poison damage, but not spirit magic.
  15. I think you have it right: Crit = lower weapon HP by full damage amount (can bring weapon HP to negative, but any damage past 0 also goes through to the location). Special = any damage over the weapon's HP lowers the weapon's HP correspondingly (and goes to the location). Normal = if any damage goes over the weapon's HP, lower the HP of the weapon by 1 (and the extra damage goes to the location). I should note that I will definitely NOT be using the rule for crits, as they already do a ton of damage. I don't think a sword crit with no STR bonus should automatically 1-shot an iron sword, so I will keep it the same as a special hit.
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