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  1. That was exactly what I said on Facebook in response to the ruling... There's zero logical reason for this rule to exist. Honestly, if I was Chaosium, I probably would've ditched Extension completely.
  2. Why would Eurmal not offer gifts and geases? Hell, he would have the most fun ones!
  3. I don't think this is right. I think the word "Typically" is used because some specific spells can be boosted for other reasons (ie. Sword Trance). I think it's pretty clear after reading it that boosting a spell is for instantly overcoming Counterspell, Shield or similar spells. If you boost it with too many MPs (or didn't need to boost it at all) they are wasted. Boosting Countermagic or Shield would only be good for immediately piercing an existing version of the spell, for whatever reason (to renew, upgrade, downgrade, cast Shield over existing Countermagic, etc.).
  4. I think there's an argument for every cult having gifts and geases. The more you resemble your god (by denying yourself what has been mythically denied to your god), the more powers you start sharing with it.
  5. What boost? We just determined there is no boost unless for beating countermagic lol. You would need 42 points of Neutralize Magic to have 50% chance of dispelling it, 52 points gives you 100% (95). 33 points would give you 05%.
  6. Sorry, I meant I would still allow the free attack, but a grappling roll would need to succeed to stick to your opponent or take him down after receiving the free attack. It would actually be more difficult to stay in C range this way. As for the animals pouncing, I think realistically you don't really have the reaction time to strike a black panther as it pounces on you. Maybe allow C range weapons (ie dagger) to get the free attack, but not bulkier weapons.
  7. Veeeeeery interesting stuff here! I really like how this considers the real-life utility of small weapons, instead of them just being the worst thing you can possibly have. I think I would maybe use the grapple skill to close the gap into close combat, and perhaps a grappling contest every round to determine if the players stay in C or if the defender manages to back off to M. This would add a ton of utility to the very underused grapple skill as well. Maybe give some animals a pounce skill which would deny the free attack as they close the gap... I have a lot to think about now.
  8. I believe we calculate "physical" damage (ie. weapon/Str/iron) first, and then multiply the total physical damage with the magical source. This will sound complicated but it's actually pretty easy to figure out in person... So, physical damage multipliers multiply eachother first, and Magical damage sources multiply the total physical damage at the end. Magical damage sources have no effect on each other. So Truesword on a great sword means 2d8 (physical) + 2d8 (magical). If it's an iron sword, only the "physical" damage is doubled by the iron, so (2d8)*2 (iron)+2d8 (Truesword). If you add the double damage gift (magical), only the physical damage is doubled, but it multiplies with other physical sources (weapon, STR, iron). So it becomes (2d8)*2(Iron/physical)*2(gift/magical)+2d8(Truesword). Add Bladesharp, and you just slap a +1 damage at the end. On an impale things get a bit nuts, and since it's physical, you multiply it with the other physical sources, before magical multipliers. So it would be (2d8)*2(impale)*2(iron)*2(gift)+truesword+bladesharp. I hope this makes sense... Lol.
  9. So your Honor varies depending where you are, starting at zero everytime you visit a new place? If someone doesn't know you, they don't know you're honorable... So the stat would be pretty useless in most of Glorantha, and can easily be replaced by Reputation. I can't look it up in the book right this second, but I believe it's technically considered a passion--which would be part of the character's personality.
  10. I also meant to do something like this... Great job!
  11. I would say it's definitely in the personal sense. Social honor would fall more along the lines of a specific type of reputation imo.
  12. You're right, i misunderstood the rule (we rarely ever played with any countersell or shield, so it's kind of new to me). I guess it's not so bad after all 😊 Clearly I understood (for whatever reason) that you could boost any spell to resist dispelling magic... Which sounded crazy to me.
  13. Nope. You wait it out if you must. On the flip-side, is there any way to get through a 63 MP-boosted Shield/countermagic, as above?
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