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  1. Since it isn't an actual visual change, but merely a distraction, does the rune spell "Invisibility" hide you and your spirit from creatures that have different senses (i.e darksense, heat vision, spirits/shaman/second sight, etc. )?
  2. True, but is that really a problem? I'm sure the Telmori would want to stay in wolf form forever if given the chance.
  3. One thing I think might help is the use of Extension only on Transform Self to lock in the Wolf form longterm... Otherwise, I think it's fine. They should have full transformation as an eventual goal, and now that you start with 3 free Rune points and can potentially increase each season, it is achievable quite easily.
  4. I agree that you usually train offense and defense at the same time... At least for more advanced martial artists (boxing and kickboxing often teach strikes before slips/parries/bob&weave/etc.). This is why, as I mentioned previously, starting skill bonuses could be equal if you want to consider that they stem from training or equal attack/defense opportunities while doing your job... But it doesn't explain experience checks. You will often have the opportunity to get check in both attack and parry, but not always. And I don't see a reason why succeeding in a jab should improve your bob & weave.
  5. I think giving starting bonuses as a single skill (ie to both skills equally) could work if you consider that they were both equally trained/practiced together, but when it comes to experience checks I feel they should be separate since you are clearly only succeeding in either attacking or parrying.
  6. We actually had a lengthy discussion about the single skill change during our last session and we came to the conclusion that it doesn't reflect reality. We will likely house-rule separate % for attack and parry. Defense is something you need to train individually. If you just hit things with your sword, you won't get better at parrying, and you will likely never be as good at parrying with a dagger or an axe as attacking with one. My personal experience comes from martial arts, and I promise you blocking a punch or a kick with your hands is its own skill.
  7. I agree that it would be nice to get more diversity, but I guess they needed to start somewhere with the new version. It is easier to introduce updated rules with the culture people already know best.
  8. We always played that as soon as you had 1% in a skill (before modifiers), you immediately had at least a 05% chance of success.
  9. RQG Bestiary specifies the following: Darkness: "on the first round a target is engulfed" Fire: "at the end of each round" Lune: "when touched" for madness and "SR 12" for magic point drain Selene: "takes place on SR 12 of the round the selene engulfed its victim" Others don't specify when in the round the damage is inflicted, but I would probably do SR12 as the norm.
  10. Both. Get an absolute noob with an axe and he/she will hit a log, probably right in the centre. The only reason you don't have a nearly 100% chance to hit everything in the game, including standing opponents, is because they move, not because you can't hit a still object. Giving +40% instead of an auto-hit is because of the squirming of the prone opponent which might cause you to miss slightly - even if he did not actually try to dodge or parry. Not giving a bonus to hit means (to me) that the opponent is moving/maneuvering normally as if standing with full mobility. The halved dodge is because he can't move freely when actually attempting to move out of the way of a specific hit.
  11. I would argue that it is at least easier for someone else (a second attacker) to hit a prone target than a standing, moving one. It also depends on how the prone person is positioned. If they're face-down and generally immobile, you won't miss his head. If they're on their back up-kicking you to keep you at bay, then yes it will be hard to hit them anywhere that isn't the legs. Generally, I might be inclined to give other attackers (other than the one the defender is focused on) +40% to hit, and also halve the Dodge of the prone target vs all attackers. I would also halve the parry to be honest... Moving properly plays a rather huge part in parrying.
  12. I'm pretty sure the rules say (in a very confusing way) that you have 5% starting in your left hand, and you do not follow the half rule. I would just keep that as is to be honest. It's simple and makes sense.
  13. Damn right. My group never played/read Heroquest, only RQ3/G, so my Orlanthi joined Humakt with no problems whatsoever.
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