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  1. There are also some very interesting examples of Women knights in Arthurian litterature: the Wigalois from Winrt von Grafenburg has Marine of Alarie and her troop of women warriors (all noblewomen with no male kin left beacause of the villain of the story) helping the eponymous hero in his adventures. She meets Gawaine who basically goes cool beans a woman knight and nothing more is made of it. We have Silence and Avenable/Grisandole from their stories (basically the same story Woman hides she is a woman becomes the King/Emperor best knight) Le roman de Silence being the best ve
  2. The Tandareis and Flordibel also has Flordibel daughter of the king of far away India sent as a lady in waiting to Guenever. So not China or Korea but east nonetheless. The Arthurian litterature is very cosmopolitan in general with people from all over showing up at the court of Arthur or with Arthurian knights going to the ends of the Earth.
  3. Yes I have the same issue as you do. The rules are not explicitly explained. If like most of us you’ve played previous editions it seems clear, but for a newbie gm it might be needlessly confusing and when I look at a Quickstart I assume being a newbie GM that never tried the system before. It is a small but annoying flaw in an otherwise excellent Quickstart and I am sure it won’t be difficult to fix, but the basics in a Quickstart have to be crystal clear. Hope that makes sense
  4. I might have been unclear Morien. My issue is exactly yours, the example they use is 15 + 5, but what happens if the bonus is +10? We know how to treat a 25, but a first time reader might figure it out, but in a Quickstart it need to be stated in a much clearer way. In fact the best way, might be to have the skill 18 better explained. In fact, the example make it seem that the skill of 18 only benefits from +2 as « however, their effective Skill is boosted to 20. ». That need to be better unpacked especially for a Quickstart.
  5. I cannot see anywhere how bonuses are applied. I mean, I know and I am sure everyone on this board knows. But I would think a Quickstart would make it clearer. What happens if your skill is 15 and you get a + 10. It can be guessed by reading the rules, but it should be much clearer, since Pendragon has always been a bit different than other Rpgs. If someone reads this with no prior experience, we want them to have as smooth an experience as possible. The adventure itself is great, the QS is pretty and very attractive. Everything’s you want to draw new people in.
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