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  1. Thank you for your careful consideration of my ideas! This sort of thing is exactly what I have been getting at all along.
  2. Because in their parent's lifetime, the occupants of Dragon Pass have been subject to a campaign of Genocide - The Great Winter - by the Lunar Empire. Tack on to that the fact that, at the moment of the game, Esrolia is at war with the Lunars, who no doubt will be fielding troops from LUNAR Tarsh. Oh, wait, Esrolia has also just finished putting down the LUNAR Red Earth faction in a civil war. You are ignorant if you think this wouldn't bring out the very worst human nature has to offer, include brutal interpretations of race and ethnicity. Try picking up a book.
  3. The Lunar, Red Earth Faction has been put down in a civil war by now. Esrolia would still be tense; nothing like a round of brother-against-brother bloodletting to leave resentment. And then, add a Lunar occupying army fielding troops from, among other places, LUNAR TARSH, where this NPC is from. Is this really your position, or is something else going on?
  4. I watched George Floyd get suffocated in public. That was horrific. "Race" killed him. It is not artificial; you have to confront it, or, I guess hiding from it is an option. Back to the ancients, the Romans sacrificed two Gauls, just locals, as their armies marched to face a coming invasion. If you don't think that was a message to the others in the community, you are foolish. The word "barbarian" comes from the ancient Greeks mocking outsiders whose language, to them, sounded like "BAR BAR BAR . . . ," noise, that is. If you don't think that the people of Dragon Pass, after suffering through the Great Winter, wouldn't be paying VERY close attention to anyone with a hint of Lunar allegiance, that is arrogant virtue signaling.
  5. Noting you are ignoring the "Lunar" part in the Lunar Tarsh. Noting "idiot" statement. Noting you are ignoring the Great Winter part of my statement. I think I know more about human history and nature than you do, way more. You're a moderator? Great job. Please, shut down my profile before I do. C yah
  6. This question revolves, for me, around a Lunar Tarsh NPC. The time is early 1624. Memory of the Great Winter is fresh in people's minds and Notchet is still under siege. If she is readily identifiable as Lunar, how much danger is she in of being lynched by a furious crowd in Esrolia? I am ignoring your concern with me being "weird," for now.
  7. I have seen/read about flawed definitions of race driving horrific behavior. My question ultimately is, in a world of a horrific Crimson Bat and a horrific Great Winter, is a flawed definition of race another kind of horror I want to introduce? Arcane, an animated series close to my heart, does not have LGBTQ bias portrayed even though a central romantic plotline involves two women. I support that creative decision; it is among the best of any shows I have seen, animated or live-action. Regarding all kinds of bias, it seems I have a lot of creative freedom in my Glorantha, too.
  8. Looking at the responses, I think that sums up Glorantha's position on race/ethnicity. It is a question I needed to ask because I have a Lunar Tarsh NPC in Dragon Pass, 1624, travelling with Tarshites / Heortlanders / Praxians / Esrolians, and I need to gauge how much trouble she'll attract just by existing with the rebels. Since it is what I want, I want her ethnicity to be something others have to detect with an Insite (Human) roll. Rolls bring uncertainty, and uncertainty brings drama!
  9. Oh, boy. Here is a lightening rod thread. Still, I have to ask: Do Lunars present a different ethnicity and/or race from the native inhabitants of Dragon Pass? Would Lunar Tarsh present as a sort of "Mestizo" ethnicity/race? Do Praxians share the same race as Heortlanders? Esrolians? Grazelanders? Why not tackling racism in my game? I've always looked for trouble. Why stop now? 😏
  10. So, after a lot of typing and reading and thinking, it is TIME to actual see if I can find players. Are you in the Austin, Texas area? This will be an in-person game at the store Dragon's Lair. "It is the year 1624, Sea Season, and the Lunar Empire has the city of Notchet, the last stronghold of the resistance, under siege. Be part of a team of rebels dispatched to the war-weary Grazelands, intent on winning (or bribing) new allies and stopping the Empire from opening a second front." Here is my meetup link if you want to RSVP: north-austin-4th-edition-runequest-roleplaying-in-glorantha/events
  11. I am starting my long-delayed game in 1624, too: Sea Season
  12. Interesting thoughts. I changed the NPC's cult to Hon-eel's, since She has a history of human sacrifice and, in turn, is less likely to be free and easy with her former devotees.
  13. I am encouraging Duck(s) and/or an Engizi Initiate(s). The PC's are pending, so we will see. I wonder what I should set as the move rate per MR for a canoe being paddled upriver by two people? I am thinking 6. With no paddling, they drift backwards at a rate of 2. I will be sure to brush up on those drowning rules . . . 🙃
  14. Believe it or not, I have decided on a Selene ambush as my party paddles upstream on the Lyksos. Boat rolls, anyone?
  15. Super thread. Btw, who/what are the 47 Cannibal Virgins? They are mentioned in the backgrounds. Perhaps, I just need to extrapolate from the thoughts here, and keep it scary.
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