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  1. After years of occupation and occasional visits by the Crimson Bat, why, indeed, wouldn't Kallyr just mumble "No comment" into the microphone and keep doing whatev's?
  2. I, too, am learning. It is more fun than knowing, actually.
  3. I found this about Vistera, a short-reigned (shortest?) Feather Horse Queen. Vistera (born 1594, Feathered Horse Queen from 1623 to 1625). The daughter of Sorana and an unknown father, she became Feathered Horse Queen in 1623, after leading a rebellion against her sister. She took the title “With Bitter Heart” and ruthlessly avenged the deaths of her grandmother, mother, and sisters. She had pro-Lunar chiefs and priestesses murdered, allied with monsters and Tricksters, and made a terrible pact to awaken the Dragons. She died during the Dragonrise upon witnessing her schemes complete.
  4. Magister Militum has Ducks in 15 mm. https://www.magistermilitum.com/qak3-ducks-with-slings.html Like most fantasy 15 mm figures, they are a little tall, but they still are pretty nice. I will be using 15 mm historical mini's in my upcoming campaign; I can't spend too much time painting.
  5. It is a good idea to let your PC's deal with the ramifications of their own behavior. I imagine the cost of an over-aggressive stance will be high, body-count high. I bought the Smoking Ruin scenario recently. My game is set in 1623; I am going to add a Lunar squad exploring the ruins simultaneously with my VERY anti-Lunar PC's. The Lunars will be scouting another route through the Grazelands on the way to Esrolia and the siege of Nochet. Here's hoping that will be exciting.
  6. I wonder who made that casting decision? Geeze, women need roles in the arts, too. WTF?
  7. I am unlikely for forgive you for whatever that "Bellone" creature was.
  8. There has been some name calling. Just want to clear things up.
  9. Since we are stumbling onto the 3rd rail of human sexuality, it is Storm Khan's stated position that sexual preference is not a matter for ethical judgement in the real (or any) world. Anyone's choice of a partner is their business, and their business alone. The only issue I have with Lunars, as presented, is their willingness to weaponize chaos. That is a BIG issue, however.
  10. Awww, such a mellow, organic folk tune . . . until it isn't. Nice.
  11. Hmmm, I would have suspected that Jar-Eel would swing both ways without hesitation or guilt. Lunars strike me as people not bothered by tiresome rules . . . any rules, really.
  12. Really? I know the tune, but I don't know that song's story.
  13. So, if ever a fictional character deserved multiple song dedications, it has to be Jar-Eel. Here is my contribution via utube link, the song She's Unreal from album "Subliminal Sandwich," by Meat Beat Manifesto: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i-RAnbUvX1k Anybody else?
  14. So, has anything been published about Inkarne, the current Feathered Horse Queen (starting in 1625)? I ask because while her predecessor, Vistera, was anti-Lunar, the Feathered Horse Queen before her, Mirina, was a militant Lunar sympathizer. If Inkarne is in the Lunar orbit anything like Mirina was (ok, not sorry about the pun), things might become very complicated very fast for your new settlement. A Lunar sympathizer in command of the Grazelands would not tolerate anything celebrating the union of Orlanth and Ernalda. It could mean teams of assassins, a wave of Broo assaulting the area
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