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  1. I interpret this so, that we can expect an updated version of the RuneMasters PDF file. Is that correct?
  2. The Game System specifics outlined in the New RPG Submission Guidelines for Chaosium do only cover Call of Cthulhu and Runequest: Roleplaying in Glorantha. What about HeroQuest and HeroQuest Glorantha?
  3. What about the description of Peloria (including Carmania and Dara Happa) in Glorantha - Introduction to the Hero Wars (which is still available as a PDF similar to the lunar books for HQ1)? Are these descriptions still useful? Or do they have to taken as out of canon too? They may be overruled by the Guide to Glorantha, but I was under the impression, that these descriptions are more detailed as in the Guide (which may be a wrong impression).
  4. Cult rules or Cult runes?
  5. In fact reading some of the discussions in these forums I'm not so sure about that ... ... but anyway in most cases I admire the knowledge of some of the veteran Glorantha sages.
  6. I agree too. I have to confess, that I had lost the context of the Catch-Ups section. If I would rephrase that sentence now, I would do it that way: You can’t raise abilities under a keyword using this package deal. Neither can you gain a catch-up when the effective value of a sub-ability reaches a mastery (since it’s the keyword, not the abilities under it, which has a rating). Thanks, that was the hint/eye-opener, that I needed.
  7. In fact I have issues to make a decision here, because every time I touch an unknown are (e.g. in the Guide), I'm completely fascinated and would like to know more, so that I could start a game there. And even exploring Sartar and Prax in the detailed level, that is available already is quite exciting. But one area, that catches me again and again is Kralorela (probably because I'm interested in this kind of philosophy ...). Joerg's proposals in his above posting would be quite a good start. I could imagine purely Kralorelan scenarios with all heroes from Kralorela (similar to 'Crouching Tiger, Sleeping Dragon' or 'Heroes') or scenarios with outsiders (e.g. from Sartar or Prax or the Lunar Empire) being confronted with a completely unfamiliar culture (similar to 'Shogun' or 'The Great Wall'). But in the end a detailed setting book would be great.
  8. A similar question recently appeared on G+, which contains several answers already:
  9. Seven! Really? Working on my own project since nearly 2 years, this seems to be a HUGE amount of work for a single person. So if there is any way in supporting you in this work, I happily would volunteer to do so. Anyway, so far I'm quite impressed with the work Moon Design has done and Chaosium is doing now, so feel highly praised and do not despair.
  10. I would like to second that! Since I've started my return to Glorantha nearly 2 years ago with the still overwhelming Guide I've acquired tons of PDF documents from Moon Design and later from Chaosium, and all of them were searchable (which is a big help in doing your own research in Glorantha) and printable - and in Germany we use paper formats in our printers, which differ definitely from the formats used in e.g. the USA. That never was an issue. So thanks from my side too!
  11. I think it's basically what happens in the myth 'The First Hospitality', which you can find in Sartar:Kingdom of Heroes on p.89. This is explained a bit more on p.90 of the same book.
  12. ... What is the source of this quote? The Kolat cult write up I have access to is in the Sartar Companion and there the respective description is: This sounds as if Zolan Zubar is a whole category of spirits, not just one.
  13. Good point. BTW, is it possible to move an ability from a breakout ability to a full ability (e.g. by investing a Hero point)?
  14. Ok, that supports my own interpretation. So that means given my last example it is not possible to raise the sub-ability Archery until the keyword Hunter is raised at least to a value of 20 (i.e. the first Mastery Level) giving an effective value of 1W6 for Archery. Now the sub-ability Archery could be raised again, because now there is room again for reaching the next Mastery Level ...
  15. The following sentence on p. 106 in HeroQuest Glorantha at the end of the Catch-Ups section gives me a bit of a headache: So given I have a keyword like Hunter and a sub-ability (that is a breakout ability, right?) Archery with the following values: Hunter: 13 Archery +1 According to the above rules I'm not allowed to raise Archery higher than +6, because raising it to +7 would mean, that the effective value (13+7=20) would reach a new Mastery level. So far, so good. Now imagine, that over time I have reached this maximum value: Hunter: 13 Archery +6 Now, at the next possible opportunity I raise the keyword (e.g. by investing 2 Heropoints): Hunter: 14 Archery +6 Wouldn't that break the above rule? And more so, if I raise the value of the keyword even higher? Or does this rule limit the raising of sub-abilities only? Whereas reaching or exceeding the next Mastery Level by raising the keyword value is possible without any restrictions? (In fact I would tend to use this last interpretation, but I would like to know, how other people handle this.)