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    Had some of my best RPG sessions in Glorantha several years ago.
    Always was fascinated by Glorantha since then.
    Did Fantasy role-playing over several years using a home-brew system heavily based on Runequest III and Hârnmaster.
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    Just started to run my first HeroQuest campaign in Glorantha.
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    After more than 15 years of role-playing hiatus I'm back in a much more intense way than expected.
    Started to translate HeroQuest Glorantha into German language...

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  1. Oracle

    Elmal Yelmalio thing

    Becaus I'm quite intrigued by this discussion: where could I find this essay?
  2. I've just downloaded the file from the Chaosium site, and it still has the same issue ...
  3. Oracle

    How to translate God Learner?

    Another important point with respect to the interpretation of the term God Learner is probably, if they called themselves God Lerner, or if the term has been created by non-members of this group (with kind of derogative meaning maybe).
  4. I think I've found the answer: the Newtlings Distribution Map does only show the distribution of young (tadpoles) and adult Newtlings. This does exclude Bachelors (which contrary to my initial impression are not adult Newtlings), but this is the type of Newtlings, which you can find along the Zola Fel ... So you can ignore this entry. It's not a mistake.
  5. p.14 The old RuneQuest modules Borderlands and River of Cradels gave me the impression, that there live Newtlings along the Zola Fel. The Guide to Glorantha, p.440: Rogue bachelors of the newtling race live in the Praxian river valleys. This is not reflected in the Newtlings Distribution Map. So is the population at the Zola Fel too small to be shown in the Newtlings Distribution Map, or is this an error in the map?
  6. Oracle

    RuneQuest Classic Edition Kickstarter status

    @Rick Meints: Thanks for the short update in the Kickstarter comments section! That clears the fog over the quagmire ... 🙂
  7. Although I hate doing this, I think I have to do it anyway. It seems, that @Rick Meints did not login to the RuneQuest Classic Edition Kickstarter since his last update at the beginning of May, so the chance to grab hold of him may be better here ... First let me express my excitement about the new RuneQuest version a.k.a. RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha. I love, what I have seen so far, and I understand, that Chaosium currently is heavily concentrating on getting as much as possible for this new product ready and available as soon as possible. But on the other hand I would like to have the missing stretch goals available especially in this context, as I would try to use them immediately with the new Runequest. In the last update the main statement was Given the fact, that this statement is from May 3rd, and still nothing happened since then, I would say, it's a bit overdue ... Again, I understand the pressure, you're currently working on, but nevertheless I would like to ask kindly for an update (however small it may be) about the current state of this Kickstarter. This would move the state of my mind from guessing to knowing at least ...
  8. Oracle

    RQG Sorcery

    Just being curious: What are the Western Novel fragments ... and where could you find them ...
  9. Oracle

    Greymane, 1625 and beyond

    From the Glorantha Sourcebook, pp. 37/38:
  10. Oracle

    HeroQuest SRD and OGL, genre packs

    "Heroes on a Quest" "Heroes' Worlds" But paraphrasing @JonL here: I'm not in marketing (and that's for a reason )
  11. Oracle

    Apple Lane stats conversion

    For example here: So my guess would be, that one of the "three loosely linked scenarios" is the aforementioned new Apple Lane scenario.
  12. Oracle

    Apple Lane stats conversion

    According to @Jason Durall it will be part of the upcoming GM Pack: Which should be available until Gen Con in August, if I got that correct ...
  13. Oracle

    Apple Lane stats conversion

    The HeroQuest 1 scenario Sheep, Clouds, Thunder from the Gathering Thunder module, which is volume 3 of the Sartar Rising campaign contains a description of Apple Lane after the Great Winter, i.e. under Lunar occupation. Not sure, if that is the scenario you thought of, but it gives definitely an impression of the hamlet during the Lunar occupation. But I'm also not sure, if this is still canon ... but the new Apple Lane scenario will shed some light on this question probably.
  14. Oracle

    1980s RQ Soloquest

    They are part of the Runequest Classic Kickstarter - in fact, they are the next reward expected to appear, which means, they will also appear again on the Chaosium site. Not for free, but at least available. @Rick Meints: any news about the current state?
  15. Oracle

    RQG Preview - more of the Bestiary

    I'm outright stunned! This is by far the most impressive, best depiction of Gloranthan beasts, that I have ever seen. It starts with the baboon, but it doesn't stop there. A Dragonewt with two klanths, a (Mistress?) troll bristeling with magic, a female duck ready to fight chaos - represented by the broo on the left side. A tusk rider and a scorpion man and ... and ... Even a Walktapus in the left background. All so lovingly detailed, including lots of rune tatoos (or other types of markings) - yes, this is obviously RuneQuest! I cannot wait to get my greedy hands on this Gloranthan Bestiary!