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    Had some of my best RPG sessions in Glorantha several years ago.
    Always was fascinated by Glorantha since then.
    Did Fantasy role-playing over several years using a home-brew system heavily based on Runequest III and Hârnmaster.
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    Just started to run my first HeroQuest campaign in Glorantha.
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    Munich, Germany
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    After more than 15 years of role-playing hiatus I'm back in a much more intense way than expected.
    Started to translate HeroQuest Glorantha into German language...

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  1. I will heed the warning ... (I'm one of the players ...)
  2. So to answer the OP's question: Yes, I am frustrated, because I would like to have a look at these documents. On the other hand: even if I wouldn't have missed the Guide to Glorantha Kickstarter (I've entered the tribe around 2015 with HeroQuest Glorantha), I wouldn't have gone up to that backer level ...
  3. Please bear with me, but I do not even understand, what you are talking about. This sounds, as if there exists a series of publications (Roots of Glorantha), of which I've never heard before. So could you please elaborate a bit, what this is?
  4. Ah, I knew I had heard of them (I'm one of the players, who's character(s) are currently looking for them ...)
  5. @Minlister Can you reveal the source of the pictures?
  6. As far as I know the latter is already in the works (by David Scott for Prax and by Robin Laws for the Rubble). See
  7. Dorastor: Land of Doom is a Runequest 3 supplement, and so far I'm not aware of any legal PDF versions of Runequest 3 modules. So, no, there is no legitimate way to purchase this PDF. But anyway: welcome to the tribe!
  8. Oracle


    From King of Sartar (2015 edition), The Argrath Book, p.157: Which map is your reference? If it's the map on p.11 of the Smoking Ruins adventure module, then yes, the ruins on top of the printed word 'Ruins' south of Centaur Ford should be Voss Varainu, and the ruins below the same word mark the remains of the Zoo, which - according to King of Sartar (2015 edition), The Argrath Book, p.157 again - was near the southern gate of Voss Varainu.
  9. I think one of the important points regarding the Glorantha Sourcebook and the Guide to Glorantha is the respective year of reference. Guide to Glorantha: 1621 ST Glorantha Sourcebook: 1625 ST This means, that the Glorantha Sourcebook contains information about four years, which never made it into the Guide to Glorantha. But even information about years covered by both books is much more detailed in the Sourcebook.
  10. Oracle

    Pavis in 1626

    Have been? Does that mean, the books are done basically? Or does it mean, work is on hold, because other projects became more important?
  11. Ok, so there is no 'canonical' explanation, just the usual speculation ... 😉
  12. Just never understood, why Minaryth Purple has not been resurrected afterwards - or was he, and I have missed something here?
  13. I've seen 10,000 B.C. just these days, which contains a very impressive part, in which the hero helps a (much bigger) smilodon, which is trapped under some fallen tree trunks. And shortly after that the smilodon helps the hero, when he is encircled by a whole initially hostile tribe. But communicating with the smilodon gets him the favour of this tribe. I could very well imagine, how this could happen in Glorantha, and how this could lead to relation between the hero and the big predator ...
  14. As far as I know Red Strings of Fate is not at all related to Glorantha ...
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