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    Had some of my best RPG sessions in Glorantha several years ago.
    Always was fascinated by Glorantha since then.
    Did Fantasy role-playing over several years using a home-brew system heavily based on Runequest III and Hârnmaster.
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    Just started to run my first HeroQuest campaign in Glorantha.
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    After more than 15 years of role-playing hiatus I'm back in a much more intense way than expected.
    Started to translate HeroQuest Glorantha into German language...

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  1. While trying to deepen my understanding of the Sun County I detected this forum thread: which contains in one of the last comments a list of links to @MOB's very helpful site containing *a lot* of additional information about the Sun County. As I'm always interested in stories colouring the environment (i.e. all kind of Gloranthan fiction), I like the entries regarding Jaxarte's Journal, but sadly the entry regarding 'Jaxarte and the Bison Khan' is a dead link. The same is true with respect to 'The Son of Light Awakens'. Any chance, that the contents of these pages could be made available again?
  2. I do not think, that Illumination is the Übermensch. The Übermensch is a possible way, that the Illuminated could choose to go. Another way could be the way of Ghandi or Mother Theresa. It's up to the Illuminated. It's his decision. But this decision has been made without being still influenced by social or cultural experiences or rules. The Illuminated can see beyond these restrictions.
  3. Some day? For sure. Soon? Not so likely ...
  4. I'm pretty sure, there will be opportunities to roleplay in German too ... 🙂
  5. In fact I did not yet participate in a real excessive combat situation in @jajagappa Runequest thread on RPGGEEK, especially not in the one mentioned above, but I do not see too many issues here. As already mentioned you use the dice tool several times at once for getting the weapon or spell dice roll result and the hit location and then you wait for the counter rolls of the GM and his interpretation of the results. Yes, it will take longer than in a real life game, but that's the case with everything else too. So you're combat will run in very slow motion, but this has its merits too. It's like your daily cliffhanger ... uuhh, what will happen now? Do I hit the enemy, and will he go down or not? For me, that raises the tension. But I know, these days, where you can see a whole season of a TV show, people are not really trained in this kind of patience ... 😉 Do you remember the Star Trek season finale of TNG, when Picard was assimilated by the Borg? End of Season. Continued half a year later ... These days the kids wouldn't be able to endure that ... But back to the OP. From my perspective, combat is not more difficult than using other skills in a PbF game. You just have to use the dice tool more often in one step, but otherwise no difference. I do not see, that you have to do more copy and paste than for other skills. But I may be the wrong one to ask. I've always preferred tag using text formatters like TeX over WYSIWYG text editors ...
  6. Yes, I think too, this is a matter of available resources (i.e. man-power and time), not a matter of money or payment. I'm pretty sure, Jeff as well as Kalin would be happy to continue Prince of Sartar - if there wouldn't be so many other tasks to be fullfilled and not enough time to do it ...
  7. You can find more about this on the last page of the same thread, that you've quoted above: and
  8. Have you seen this page in the Well of Daliath: https://wellofdaliath.chaosium.com/home/gloranthan-documents/timeline-dragonpass/ ? Ok, also no seasonal details, but the source references given provide a good opportunity for further research ...
  9. This page describes the effects at the end of the Battle of Iceland a.k.a. the Battle of the Auroch Hills, when Orlanth is freed at least partly, the Great Winter is broken and Orlanthi Rune Magic becomes possible again after a long time ... And yes, that is a great illustration. And as it is from Kalin Kadiev I'm still hoping that at some time the Prince of Sartar comic will reach this point, so that we can see this page in full color ... (Yeah, an old man may still have dreams ... 😉)
  10. You may have seen that already, but I thought I mention it anyway: This message contains several links for donations regarding the Australian fire fight ...
  11. I've seen it the same way always. Using examples from Christianity 'cult' (which I know best 😉) : Confirmation/Communion ritual (or even Baptism) is your initiation into adulthood. You are now allowed to participate in cult related ceremonies (like the Eucharist ceremony), but you are not yet introduced into the deeper secrets of your religion/cult. This is the equivalent of being a lay member of that cult. You are allowed now to use magic (ok, that's beyond the real world example, but anyway ...) you become a member of a monastery, or of a religious order, or you start visiting a seminary for being trained to become a priest means, that you will be initiated into the deeper secrets of your religion/cult. This is the equivalent of being an Initiate of that cult. You are now much more capable in using theistic magic.
  12. In King of Sartar the spelling is "Janerra" too ...
  13. Because Summon plus Truth is just about Knowing the Truth, but not about Letting the Truth Emerge from a given set of obscure or ambiguous facts by removing all things, which may obscure the truth (i.e. Illusions)?
  14. p.17, description of Dera Zarka: Dera is Krola Sein’s younger sister ... should be Dera is Krola Sien’s younger sister ... p.192 Krola Sein 17 should be Krola Sien 17
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