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    Had some of my best RPG sessions in Glorantha several years ago.
    Always was fascinated by Glorantha since then.
    Did Fantasy role-playing over several years using a home-brew system heavily based on Runequest III and Hârnmaster.
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    Just started to run my first HeroQuest campaign in Glorantha.
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    After more than 15 years of role-playing hiatus I'm back in a much more intense way than expected.
    Started to translate HeroQuest Glorantha into German language...

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  1. In the text the name of the hamlet is always Farfield, on all the maps it's Fairfield. What's the correct name? (I guess, it's Farfield, but I wanted to be sure ...)
  2. Thanks for the effort, David! Small remark: the keyboard displays on the page link show the same runes for lower and upper case ...
  3. Aaah, Gen Con ... sadly completely wrong continent 😟 So may you consider to do something similar for The Kraken in October? (Given the books are not yet available in print officially, which I do not expect currently ...)
  4. Harald (aka @jajagappa) runs his campaigns on the RPGGeek web site in the format of Play-by-Forum games these days (I'm a lucky participant in two of them 😍). So I guess, what you're looking for is his Nochet Campaign. In addition you can find the Nochet, City of Queens page on glorantha.com. I may be wrong, but I was under the impression, that the Nochet map on this page is from @jajagappa too ...
  5. I could imagine, that Donandar entertainers use their illusion magic to create effects similar to fireworks on our blue marble without any need for black powder ...
  6. There is an example adventure in HeroQuest - Roleplaying in Glorantha (aka HQ1), which has the title Chasing Kites. This adventure is about recovering a sacred kite, which has been stolen by a giant raven during a kite-fighting contest. Here the kites are used in the context of ancestor worship.
  7. Sources about the Temple of the Wooden Sword I know of: Wyrms Footprints - a whole 7 page article telling the story of the Temple of the Wooden Sword from its beginning until the end in 1615. Sartar Companion - several bits of information in the context of Clearwine Fort description, the Old Wind Temple description and the "Gifts of Stone" adventure, which is located in the Sazdorf troll clan area.
  8. Yes, this is a serious and valid question. But my main objection would be: player characters are not average characters. So with MGF in mind I would refrain from using these quantifiable differences in the character creation process. Unless the players want to do it, but I do not see, why they should ... So basically I do not see that as something missing in the rules. It's up to the players and the GM to decide, if they want to play it that way.
  9. Oracle

    Dragon Pass cuisine

    I know, that Claudia Loroff was working a Gloranthan cookbook (see question 6 in the referenced interview), but I have no information about the current state, and if it will ever happen for real (the blog entry is roughly one year old ...).
  10. I don't recall any notice to that regard. Nobody is nagging, but it would be nice to have. ... From the Stretch Goals list on the Guide to Glorantha Kickstarter campaign page: I guess, that's what's meant here. But I've never seen the Companion Gazetteer, so I can not tell, if this monograph has been included or not ...
  11. Oracle


    Me goes with the "bee" ... 😉
  12. 1. Using a flashlight has a visual effect 2. People on this Earth don't consider it cheating, especially if you use a flashlight for enhancing your sight during dusk or dawn. There is no difference between using a technical device and training your eyes to see better (especially during dusk or dawn). 3. So using a technical device, which has a visual effect, but there is no difference between using it or your own eyes only. Does that make sense?
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