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    Had some of my best RPG sessions in Glorantha several years ago.
    Always was fascinated by Glorantha since then.
    Did Fantasy role-playing over several years using a home-brew system heavily based on Runequest III and Hรขrnmaster.
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    Just started to run my first HeroQuest campaign in Glorantha.
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    Munich, Germany
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    After more than 15 years of role-playing hiatus I'm back in a much more intense way than expected.
    Started to translate HeroQuest Glorantha into German language...

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  1. Oracle


    Me goes with the "bee" ... ๐Ÿ˜‰
  2. 1. Using a flashlight has a visual effect 2. People on this Earth don't consider it cheating, especially if you use a flashlight for enhancing your sight during dusk or dawn. There is no difference between using a technical device and training your eyes to see better (especially during dusk or dawn). 3. So using a technical device, which has a visual effect, but there is no difference between using it or your own eyes only. Does that make sense?
  3. Another good story for getting an impression, what Glorantha is, is the web comic Prince of Sartar. Although it is not yet complete, it contains already six great chapters, which give a good introduction, how Glorantha and how a game in Glorantha could work ...
  4. Ah, I see, Adventurers are the Redshirts of Glorantha ... ๐Ÿ˜‰
  5. Maybe I'm wrong, but doesn't incompatible just mean, that it is not possible to cast both spells at the same time? I do not see, that you cannot learn both of them ...
  6. I wouldn't call it a victory, as the players do not get the prize, which was the ultimate goal of the contest. But yes, the defeat may not as deadly as it could be (depends on the Most Game Fun objective used by the player group).
  7. Oracle

    Robin's Book?

    I think this 'long and storied history' is one of the main reasons, why Chaosium these days is so reluctant in announcing official release dates for new products - which looking at the last releases makes a lot of sense, because now you know, if they say a release is coming, then it is really avaiable in a relatively short time frame ...
  8. Oracle


    1) I would say the length is including blade and hilt, i.e. overall (but I may be wrong here ...) 2) that's still a Broadsword. Or why do you think there should be a different name?
  9. While we are talking about the PDF section of the Gamemaster Screen Pack: Similar to the hard copy this section contains several map PDFs, especially and My question is about the South Peloria maps. Similar to the Dragon Pass maps there seem to be two versions of the South Peloria maps with different sizes. For the Dragon Pass maps the one with the smaller size is the map drawn by Darya Makarava, the other one is the more artistically map by Olivier Sanfilippo. So my expectation was, that the same is true for the two South Peloria maps. But in fact both links provide the same map - the map drawn by Darya Makarava (albeit in different compression - which is the reason for the different sizes). So the question here is: Is this, what was planned. Or was something different planned. I have never seen a South Peloria map in the same style as the Dragon Pass map by Olivier Sanfilippo, so my expectation was wishful thinking probably, but anyway these two links providing the same map is at least at bit confusing. So inquiring mind wants to know, if something is wrong here or not. Not sure, if this question should go to @Jason Durall, @Rick Meints or @Dustin O'Chaosium ...
  10. Oracle

    RQ vs D&D

    Definitely yes. Although you could use Harn with any RPG system, Harnmaster was the system, which used Harn as its defined game world.
  11. Not sure, what you mean. For any NPC in the Gamemaster Adventures book, which has iron armor, it is explicitly stated, that the iron is enchanted. And according to the rules on p.121 of the same book, this means, the iron does not affect spells. This looks consistent for me ...
  12. I can understand your issue absolutely. Are you are aware of this thread: As far as I can say all publications listed here are available at least in PDF format (except the computer games obviously ๐Ÿ™‚). The list gives no clear hint, if a publication is available in hard copy format too, but maybe we can convince @Trifletraxor (who maintains this page) to add this information. You can check on the Chaosium web site always, but for a start going through the publications from above page: the system-less books at the top are all available in printed as well as in PDF format the RuneQuest books are all available in printed as well as in PDF format the four Glorantha Classic books (listed under RuneQuest Classic): Griffin Mountain and Pavis & Big Rubble are out of print and therefore available in PDF format only Borderlands & Beyond and The Cult Compandium are still available in printed format as well as in PDF format RuneQuest Classics RuneQuest - 2nd Edition and The RuneQuest Old School Resource Pack are available in printed format as well as in PDF format all other publications are available in PDF format only currently, but there were plans to make them available in printed format too, but no idea, when (and if at all) this will happen ... HeroQuest Glorantha the Sartar books and the Pavis book are out of print currently and therefore available in PDF format only Wyrms Footnotes 15 is available in PDF format only, but could be order as Print On Demand via Lulu all other entries from this group are available in print as well as in PDF format HeroQuest: all listed publications are out of print and mostly not canonical anymore. Nonetheless are the PDF version available in the HeroQuest and Glorantha Vault HeroWars: all listed publications are out of print and mostly not canonical anymore. Nonetheless are the PDF version available in the HeroQuest and Glorantha Vault The Stafford Library: all publications are available only in PDF format (except for King of Sartar, which is available in printed format also). But all publications can be ordered ss Print On Demand via Lulu 13th Age Glorantha: available in print as well as in PDF format. I hope this helps (and that I've got everything right here ... ๐Ÿ˜‰)
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