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    Did Fantasy role-playing over several years using a home-brew system heavily based on Runequest III and Hârnmaster.
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    After more than 15 years of role-playing hiatus I'm back in a much more intense way than expected.
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  1. Setting Narrative Difficulty

    As far as I can say, besides 'Mother of Monsters' the following chapbooks are also not (yet) available in PDF format: No Way for a Lady to Behave Meet the Parents The Lady of Alone A Brief Return to the Rubble (all these are Griselda stories by Oliver Dickinson published as fund raiser chapbooks for this year's Kraken.)
  2. Frank Menzter's Empyrea

    Yes, these two boxes I've never understood. The only RQ3 supplements I've never purchased ...
  3. Glorantha: HQG or RQ Classic?

    I think, this is just a Gloranthan detail, which is also typical for Glorantha. If you get deeper into Gloranthan mythology, you will experience a lot of confusion, because (as in the real world) different cultures interpret the same (or better similar) mythologies quite different. This leaves it to you to decide, which interpretation is important for your game. Personally I see the Law rune as a Condition rune - at least at the moment. And with regards to the rune listing in Heroquest Glorantha I think, this is the right answer too. But @jajagappa listed some other possible answers. So it the depends on the context (especially of your game), how the Law rune is classified. The above entry in the errata may be important for Gloranthan nerds (like me ) but not for Gloranthan beginners. As @jajagappa already mentioned, the only important point regarding the Law rune is the fact, that it is mandatory for sorcerers.
  4. Sartar Question

    I've read this table always with War values in the header row and Peace values in the outer left column.
  5. The Eleven Lights - now available in PDF

    There exists another thread already, which is used to compile errors in the The Eleven Lights pdf: Tribal Source Editing: The Eleven Lights You should check, if the typos you've found are already listed, and add them, if not.
  6. Errata

    So far not an official one. But there were some crowd source compilations available in the glorantha.com forum, which I've tried to compile in these two threads: Crowd Source Editing: HeroQuest Glorantha HeroQuest Glorantha typo/spelling/editing error list As far as I know, @David Scott is working on an official errata, but I may be wrong here ...
  7. The Wooing of Sorana Tor. This leaves a quite different impression of Sorana Tor than the one, that I've got from reading her short description in Sartar:Kingdom of Heroes, p. 86, where she is mentioned in the context of human sacrifices. The only hint in that direction is the mentioned, but not visible bloody sacrifice knife made of copper and obsidian, that she usually wears. So it seems, that Arim the Pauper courted the priestess of a very brutal goddess ...
  8. Any idea when Khan of Khans gets delivered?

    I've received my Khan of Khan box today, but sadly the 10 Khan cards were missing. @MOB, what can I do to resolve this issue?
  9. RQ Quickstart: Chronology

    Hhm, from my perspective the available text fragments leave still room for interpretation. (But that's part of the fun even with canonical Glorantha. ) And I may overlook something here. Anyway I have no issue with following your interpretation ...
  10. RQ Quickstart: Chronology

    Are you sure? Guide to Glorantha, p.732, left column, third last and second last paragraph: My interpretation here is, that Broyan was not in Nochet during the siege (which started in 1623), but his appearance with his allies led to the lifting of the siege.
  11. RQ Quickstart: Chronology

    As far as I know King Broyan was not in Nochet during the siege. Looking for a reference ...
  12. RQ Quickstart: Chronology

    Guide to Glorantha, p.177, boxed text 'The Hero Wars begin', fifth paragraph: ... Sartar throws off the Lunar yoke and Kallyr relights the Flame of Sartar to be named Prince of Sartar. ...
  13. New RuneQuest and gods' Runes.

    True, but what about this one: What happens if a worshipper of the Trickster god Hermes tries to recover a spell from his god further west in a temple of the Trickster god Merkur?
  14. New RuneQuest and gods' Runes.

    What happens if a worshipper of the Trickster god Hermes tries to recover a spell from his god further north in a temple of the Trickster god Loki? (I confess, that this example is not truly matching, as Hermes and Loki differ in more than just one aspect, but anyway:) I think this is something, which is up to the game master. In most role playing games this kind of scenario will never happen, because most role playing games provide simply just one single pantheon. This is quite different with RuneQuest, and obviously there is no easy way to solve that. In fact if RuneQuest would provide a general solution here, it would limit the creativity of the players, which is not desirable - at least not from my point of view.
  15. New RuneQuest and gods' Runes.

    I do understand the need for this kind of clarification absolutely. In fact I guess most of the players in my group are not interested in the metaphysics of Glorantha nearly as much as I am. Therefore my current hope is that the announced cult books will bring clarification at least on a regional level - as already mentioned in a previous post I don't think this is possible on a universal level. So introducing the required kind of information on a regional level may be the best compromise between holding up the complexity of this game world and making it accessible for players preferring a less confusing and more playable approach.