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  1. I interpreted it less as a direct teleport, and more that your god is breaching the veil from their own realm directly into time, dragging you back into their realm, and depositing you somewhere that is both safe and easy for them to reach, with both criteria being satisfied by a sanctified temple to the god.
  2. Keep subtracting until it's inside of acceptable bounds was what I had in mind. So using the above scenario, a 39 would be subtracted from twice, and only cost you 1. A roll of 38 would land on 19 and leave you with 0 POW, so any multiple of your POW score is bad news for you.
  3. I have an idea I would normally balk at for being weird and clunky, but DI is a fiddly dangling rule as it is and this keeps it close to the rule in the book. Use the Divine Intervention rules as normal, and allow initiates and priests to augment with whatever passions or runes you consider appropriate. If the roll is greater than the initiate's POW (or POW+RPs in the case of priests), subtract that number from the result to determine their loss. e.g. if an initiate with 19 POW successfully augments their divine intervention, their 19% chance of success goes to 39%. A roll of 24 would be a success, and because it exceeds their POW they subtract 19 from the result and get 5 for their characteristic loss. It kind of sucks, but it doesn't require changing much from the RAW.
  4. In the RQG rulebook, there's a mention that full initiates to a cult are only supposed to engage in worship rituals with associated and friendly cults. I'm curious if this is supposed to suggest that lay membership with neutral cults is generally acceptable and ok, if a little weird. Or is it that Yelmalio and Orlanth are closer to friendly with each other than the cult compatibility chart suggests?
  5. I don't understand this perspective. Beyond that, I don't see the point in taking umbrage with people for encouraging it, considering the game clearly incentivizes it.
  6. However many they successfully use, plus their four cult/occupational picks. I don't keep track myself. As the GM, you make the call as to whether a situation requires a roll to resolve. If the situation doesn't have something potentially meaningful at stake based on the roll's success or failure, I probably won't ask anybody to roll anything. Otherwise, checkmark farming is great. It encourages players to apply a variety of strategies to maximize their skill gains, and also encourages a balancing act between "always use our best person for this skill" and "cycle other people through so we can overlap our skill sets and eliminate any single points of failure."
  7. I wrote up a whole thing, but honestly Andrew's advice of buying the new materials and going back to buy old materials as needed is probably more useful. All I'd add is that HeroQuest: Glorantha has a lot of publications with useful setting information, so consider looking there as well as RQC. Agreed, but I think it has bigger problems than random encounter rules. People are creative, and a GM who thinks there should be an encounter on the road to adventure will make something up if they have to, random encounter tables be damned. I think a bigger hole in the RQ:G framework is rules for creating and managing clans. The core rulebook repeatedly mentions the importance of communities, even basing their "one adventure per season" structure around PCs maintaining their daily lives in one, but has no rules for interfacing with communities beyond the player-facing upkeep rules in the back of the book. Guidance for creating a clan, how to gauge its wealth and well-being, how PCs can affect those statuses for good and ill, how to create friends and enemies, and how to drive and manage conflicts between them would all go a long way toward making the clan a meaningful part of the game system. I can throw a few things together to make a quick tool for checking random encounters, but clan management is a much more complicated beast.
  8. Are you planning to run published adventures or do you just want useful game materials and setting info?
  9. I have a CA cultist in my game who puts herself at risk to do frontline healing. Enemy combatants have picked her up and carried her off the field for that reason.
  10. No confirmed date last I heard. Maybe potentially late May, but no guarantees.
  11. Sleep and befuddle both require the Chalana Arroy healer to take responsibility for the safety of whoever they cast it on, which can be a risky gambit in a melee. Dullblade doesn't have this restriction, and also doesn't require a POW vs. POW roll.
  12. That's also mentioned in the RQG bestiary. "Green elves are associated with coniferous forests. They inhabit cool temperate lands. In snow, they can ski cross-country with carved magic wooden shoes."
  13. The spell doesn't say the illusion has to be of the caster, just that this is a common usage for it. By the wording the caster could create a small jar and swap places with that, the swap would just be very obvious in this case. This could still be useful for covering a short distance in a pinch (160 meters), or getting to hard-to-reach places.
  14. There are also suggestions in the Guide to Glorantha that slavery is neither ubiquitous or uncontroversial in Orlanthi culture. Concerning Orlanthi thralls: Similarly, despite always considering violence an option, they hold both non-lethal and non-violent resolutions to conflict in especially high esteem:
  15. Shamans can possess, and are not killed if their new host dies while possessed, so presumably killing the host does not kill the possessor (though it does a small amount of general hitpoint damage, not sure how this would apply to spirits without a body to return to).
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