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    Ages of playing BRP games, several years of writing for at least one of them, taking it all in a new direction.
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  1. And Sunshine was directed by Danny Boyle, with a pretty amazing cast. It's good, thoughtful sci-fi, and I recommend it. !i!
  2. David clarified this issue nicely, and people can enumerate for their own purposes accordingly. But, to re-muddy the waters, maybe we should introduce RuneQuest: Slayers? I kid, but it was a not-No.4 that never was. Or that just sort-of-is...but isn't. In any regard, it shouldn't affect your amalgamation of rules. !i!
  3. For inspiration, you might start by looking where worlds collided: https://www.pensee.com/dunham/pdp.html PenDragonPass is going the other direction, though -- adding RQ to Pendragon -- so YMMV. !i!
  4. Not at all. Now, don't crush that Mostali, hand me the pliers. !i!
  5. As others have pointed out, it's clear that you don't, but you can if you try. Your statement appears to be committed to rejecting an understanding, though, and rallying others to your opinion. At least stop doing that. !i!
  6. To this day, I marvel at that gaping hole of negative space in the middle of the cover of the first D&D Monster Manual. By the way, though it featured Tunnels & Trolls stats and was technically a game unto itself, where did Flying Buffalo's Monsters! Monsters! fit into the timeline? !i!
  7. Just this week I finally caught up on the last several seasons of The Venture Bros. and was mildly astonished to see a heroquest in the last episode of Season 7 (S7E10, The Saphrax Protocol). The Monarch and Henchman 21 are initiated into the higher ranks of The Guild of Calamitous Intent in an elaborate ceremony where they're walked through recitations of the stations of Guild history and they ceremonially act out the events. What we see is the mundane side of things, but it struck me that this is what an outsider would see of a community enacting a heroquest ritual. !i!
  8. To be fair, though, I'm descended from at least one of the "Mayflower" families, and I never get invited to family reunions. Blood gets thin out at the margins and the gate keepers seem to care about maintaining legitimacy. !i!
  9. Which raises the question of the merit of skills over 100%. UA, as well as some other d100 games, doesn't scale over 100. !i!
  10. Be sure to send royalties to Greg Stolze. πŸ™‚ !i!
  11. Unknown Armies featured a similar flipping mechanic, though I forget how it was implemented. It also had a clever method for calculating special/critical rolls. Each double-digit of a skill level (i.e., 11, 22, 33, etc.) was assigned a special effect -- roughly 10% of whatever skill level you possess That's neither here nor there, but it filled the gap for un-flippable die results. !i!
  12. I understand your position and appreciate it. However, Sandy, under the handle of "SandyofCthulhu", used his recognition and authority in the gaming community to promote fundamental misunderstandings regarding both the transgender community and sport. I stand by my decision to draw attention to it here, where his opinion has influence and to refute his statements. I disagree with the position that "we've just got to suck it up" when others are leveraging their right to free speech as a means to misinform. !i!
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