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  1. See Delta Green: Countdown for Pagan Publishing's take on the Tcho-tchos and a problematic take on Southeast Asian-American communities. Actually, it kind of underscores the fundamental problem of viewing the world through the xenophobic lens of H.P. Lovecraft. !i!
  2. You know, "argument" in the Platonic sense. As others have suggested, Superworld worked pretty well for less-super, street-level comic action, like Daredevil or Iron Fist and Power Man. Batman* stretched and broke it, though. !i! [*Batman, like the Green Lantern, is the industry standard stress test for any super hero RPG.]
  3. This, in a nutshell, is the heart of my argument. Quoted for truth. !i!
  4. Weirdly, I think I remember reading that in the letters col, but never circled it back to the original article in the previous issue. The joy of re-reading something 40 years later. !i!
  5. You know what? Over the last couple of hours I've fallen in love with the notion of a 12-year-old Rune priest of Humakt. I'm picturing Hit-Girl from Kick-Ass. I realise I'm not helping. !i!
  6. I guess I never looked at this article more closely. Ken was playing a 12-year-old girl? And a Rune priest twice over at that. Dang, they turn 'em out young in Sartar. !i!
  7. Can we get a ruling on the point during the fall at which Ben Grimm would achieve terminal velocity due to atmospheric drag? Assuming that it occurs somewhere between 0 and 80-N storeys, where N = the number of storeys fallen until terminal velocity is achieved, he'd stop accelerating and accruing additional d6s in damage. See? See? Scale! This is exactly why I didn't play Superworld more and eventually switched to HeroQuest (now QuestWorlds). Sure did love designing characters in Superworld, though. !i!
  8. Quoted for truth. If you're interested in brand loyalty, though, allow me to suggest the QuestWorlds rules for super-heroics. Earlier iterations were, hands down, the most satisfying comic book gaming experience I ever had. I understand there are one or two upcoming titles waiting in the wings, but I recommend grabbing a copy of the SRD now and begin digesting it on your own. https://www.chaosium.com/questworlds-system-reference-document/ !i!
  9. While I think it's an exaggeration to say that BRP breaks down completely with the superhero genre, it certainly does falter. What it comes down to, fundamentally, is "script immunity," or lack thereof. In most comics, the heroes are generally guaranteed survival from one issue to the next by virtue of scripting and narration. It's their title, after all. They can get beaten and abused and down on their luck, but very, very seldom killed outright. BRP, on the other hand, has its roots in traditionally mechanistic simulation of reality -- even fantasy versions of reality. Part and par
  10. Honestly, don't let it hold you or your players back if the rules aren't consistent with play. Does the head lead the heart, or vice versa? !i!
  11. [2:36] "So kids, learn a lesson...correlation does not imply causation." Oh, wait, I guess that last bit got edited out of the final cut. I'm sure that's where he was going, though. !i!
  12. Because Borderlands will effectively be a preamble to the Hero Wars, and by the time the events of the GM pack roll around, the characters will be seasoned veterans tied to the setting and well positioned to take the front seat. Note that a lot of the really significant events from the Family History tables take place in Prax. Why roll randomly when you can actually play them in person? As others have pointed out above, Borderlands is a fantastic adventure, and can still tie Sartar exiles to their homecoming in the 1625-era. If it's good enough for Argrath, it's good enough for your pl
  13. It could be because of repeated use of informal fallacies to assert personal opinion, but who's counting? It was a great story! And: "It's much improved." Yeesh, faint praise. !i!
  14. See the inset box on p.29 of RQG. Characters will generally come out less powerful than by the extended Family History method. This is not a popular answer, but there it is. !i!
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