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  1. [Caveat: Geologist, not a quantum physicist.] Or an "initial singularity" -- undifferentiated energy and potential matter existing at a point with no dimension. Or is that just a single dimension? Anyway, similar to what you say, for all intents and purposes, not our universe yet. The laws of physics hadn't yet manifested, and perhaps could've rolled out differently under different, randomly evolving circumstances. By the way, there are schools of quantum theory that focus on the fact that quantum phenomena exist only in a potential state and don't resolve (i.e., become decisive, manifest reality) until they are observed. Since observation requires a conscious being, our universe exists only because it's being observed, and therefore exists precisely to support the observer, i.e., life. There are also some quantum theories that suggest our universe still exists in a state of singularity, and perceptions of time and space are entirely subjective. I can't really touch on higher dimensional and string theories, but others are welcome! !i! [Edit: I'm not certain it's correct to state that there's no way we can know something. Presumably, there exists a trail of evidence that can potentially be pursued, perhaps not conclusively, either now or at some point in the future.]
  2. Le sigh. Particularly, perhaps, but far from exclusively. The Internet makes it far easier for us to be stupid worldwide. Thanks for the special attention, though. !i!
  3. Because we really can't put too fine a point on it, this is in great part why toy manufacturers have gone to great lengths to make squirt guns and Nerf guns in such bright colors and outlandish shapes and sizes. And yet people, mostly children, are still killed on occasion for pissing someone off with a squirt gun. Getting back to the OP -- be sensitive to your environment and social climate, and understand the consequences when you're flouting convention. !i!
  4. Shame? Seriously, though, in reality, nothing. Also, the red tips are just a toy manufacturer's measure, and -- in a climate where mobile phones are mistaken for firearms -- not real insurance that someone else will still not mistake the toy gun for a real one. !i!
  5. Please, don't play the You-Don't-Know card on me -- I've seen Shane. I know how this story plays out. You should see the men my divorced female friends marry. Besides, she falls for him within, like, a day, maybe two. Sure, it's not the face she's interested in -- it's the machismo and domestic security. All that said, after however many weeks later at the end of the episode, I'm down with her feelings. And yet they're all still psychotic. !i!
  6. I'm really not trying to be contrary. I was just watching the show again recently, and right now I'm watching The Mandalorian. Another good show, and I couldn't help but compare it in structure and tone to Firefly. Of course, unlike Jayne, who exhibits some degree of discretion appropriate to the time and place, the Mandalorian himself goes everywhere armed to the teeth and wearing combat armor, and it doesn't seem to limit his social interactions. I mean, sure, the only places he seems to go are bounty hunter cantinas and war zones, but everyone seems all chill with his rifle, blasters, and combat armor that he's absolutely never without, because it's a well known and accepted part of his religion and...well...um, this is Star Wars. One woman even falls in love with him through his helmet. Again, the expectations of society at large, and the people of Star Wars are psychotic. !i!
  7. I believe the word you're grasping for is "pedantic". Ha. !i!
  8. Not to be a poop (well, okay, kinda), but for all his personal arsenal, Jayne seldom moves in public brandishing arms. When he does, it's very specific to the circumstances and the expectations of company. That said, it's a great show and a fine example of how even "lawless" society treats the imminently violent. !i!
  9. I know one or two people who own riding/racing gear that essentially amounts to full body armor, and they'd sum it up for you: It's really uncomfortable; It just doesn't look cool if you're not on your bike. I have to assume much the same applies to combat body armor. Also, since we keep entertaining the absurd, see my post above about reactions to someone armed to the teeth. Public censure, whether by official statute or informal reception, will keep anyone but an overt troublemaker from displaying an intent to engage in mayhem. If you want to blend, don't look like you're prepared to kill someone. !i!
  10. Well, that hit the inevitable end-point right away. Bringing it to more realistic ground, a person walking the streets armed to the teeth is going to be avoided by just about everyone, including people they want to interact with. No one trusts someone who's clearly prepared for armed conflict unless they understand the circumstances and context in advance of the encounter. Add personal biases and cultural bigotries to the situation, and that understanding gets murkier and harder to arrive at. Even in municipalities with "open carry" ordinances, most people give wide berth to those who are clearly trying to make a statement by being overtly or exaggeratedly armed. Those who don't are typically fellow travelers or looking to create a confrontation (which, quelle surprise, is exactly what the armed individual was intending to provoke). If the question is really about what would happen in a game situation, assume that the local citizenry will have to treat a stranger displaying arms as a threat and respond accordingly -- probably by avoiding them, maybe by confronting them. Your favorite Western movie probably sets the right tone. A stranger comes riding into town, pistols at his side and a rifle across his saddle, the locals head indoors and the sheriff comes out for a little talk. !i!
  11. ✋🐵🤚 https://images.app.goo.gl/jLQcgHJC5RZkiy6d6 !i!
  12. Remember Season 4 of Arrested Development, and how it was re-edited to present the story in chronological order to appease confused critics? Kind of undercut the vision of the original. !i!
  13. A feature, not a bug! a) Isn't that how most players (as opposed to GMs) play roleplaying games? b) I own a number of GURPS setting books, but have never, ever read a copy of the GURPS rules, much less owned them. Well, okay, I think I skimmed GURPS-lite once. Paired with my flippant response to Mugen above, this kind of gets to the heart of how, with the exception of combat resolution, most gaming experiences play out. The players are petitioners to the court, and the GM is judge; one party needs to know how to present a case, the other needs to know how to decide it. Setting is what brings the case to court, every time. !i!
  14. Some impressions: Lankor Mhy - Yeah, "Gandalf". Malkion - Odd that he's presented in militant aspect (but, hey, it's a wargame), but more Romanesque than European, which is what I expected from others' comments. Maran Gor - Okay, that is not what I expected. But, a girl goes to war, put on your best boots. Babeester Gor - Too pretty. Boob-armor! And isn't that a Lunar axe? Won't it get caught up on the first thing it hits? Humakt - Not how I envision him. More menacing than grim. But it's the sort of thing people generally expect from a "god of death". Evil! Chalana Arroy - Way too Christian. Further evidence that this is a game for the general public, not the initiated. Dayzatar - Nice! Weird! But if he can be shown in a non-militant aspect, why not Malkion? Annila - I understand the perception that "sex sells", but do her flowing robes really need to perfectly contour her ass? It kind of negates the whole "flowing robes" thing. Daliath - Now there's my favorite. Storm Bull - Rock on, soul brother. Triolina - Somebody remembers Blibdoolpoolp too fondly from D2: Shrine of the Kuo-Toa. Natha and Rashorana - Enh. Vadrus - The Evil Winter Warlock from Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer. Xiola Umbar - That's a lot of boob. But at least she's no Chalana Arroy. Shine on. Zorak Zoran - Not how I've always envisioned him, but I'm all right with this sculpt. Maybe leaning too much into the D&D image of a "troll". Zzabur - I am down this this one. !i!
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