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  1. Yeah, I don't know why I blanked on Dreamlands. I used it as the setting for a Tunnels & Trolls campaign that I ran ages ago. !i!
  2. So, really, what you're asking is: Has anyone written a Sword & Sorcery adaptation or adventure for CoC7e? Not that I know of, though there's perennial talk of someone writing up a Zothique setting, and there's Pulp Cthulhu, which sorta-kinda ties in to the feeling of more fantastical and less horrific. You might want to have a look at Cthulhu Through the Ages for the Cthulhu Invictus, Dark Ages Cthulhu, and Mythic Iceland chapters. Each features a far less contemporary approach to the Mythos, though I don't know that it gets you much farther along than the BRP BGB. Still, at U
  3. Ask and ye shall receive... https://www.chaosium.com/content/FreePDFs/CoC 7/CHA23135-Conv - Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition Conversion Guidelines.pdf !i!
  4. Dragging this thread further off-topic, I've been leafing through several volumes of my set and I'm surprised to be reminded of the page count devoted to the dissection of Nazism and its connection to para-science and the occult. I'm also reminded that when these articles were written in the '60s and '70s, the political and psychic impact of WWII was still fresh in people's minds, as was the shock that a modern world power would so overtly employ occult symbolism and paraphernalia, as well as more covert practice, in a bid for domination. There's a tone of reckoning regarding Light<-->
  5. In my home town, the personal collection of one "Manly P. Hall" was parted out to several small bookshops, some more esoteric than others. Crazy magical stuff that just looked goofy and ridiculously earnest to a budding teen skeptic with little pocket change, but that I realise now was kind of amazing. I did, however, stumble into the 24-volume collected set of MMM a few years later during the second round resales of Mr. Hall's literary estate. !i! [Edit: Never thought of looking up Manly P. Hall on the Internet before tonight. Turns out he died in 1990, nowhere near my home town.
  6. That's a whole lot of definitely-maybe mixed into one punch bowl. !i!
  7. We can understand the disappointment among those who missed out on the "impromptu" notice, though, yes? !i!
  8. I'd have written a letter to the publisher and/or author, politely requesting a clarification, and some weeks later probably gotten a simple and maybe even apologetic response clarifying the error in print. In fact, this very thing once happened exactly as described. It was a very pleasant experience, gratifying even. I've been lamenting the illusion of immediacy and accountability since I got my first mobile phone a couple of decades ago. A significant page count by my reckoning. !i!
  9. One of the candidates I had in mind! Also, orchids came to mind (though the climate this far north probably isn't right) -- sometimes attracting pollinating beetles by producing odors that mimic breeding females or rotting meat. !i!
  10. I have another entry for the Your Dumbest Theory thread (or maybe a new thread, "Your Dumbest Misinterpretation of Glorantha"): For some reason I had it in my head that the Stinking Forest was a term applied by non-Aldryami to the particular flora cultivated in the forest. Great, vulgar, malodorous blooms producing a perfume intoxicating to elves and the insects that pollinate them, but wretch-inducing to others, even the Uz. And I am totally wrong. Another decades-long blind spot punctured. My misinterpretation underscores the curious intersection between Aldryami and Uz -- insects.
  11. Puddins. It really kind of begins and ends there. !i!
  12. I'm enlisting playtesters to organise independent games and provide review. Mythras operates on a fundamentally similar base of mechanics to BRP, so the learning curve will be rather stepwise. I'll send you a private message shortly. !i!
  13. Holy cats, I'd forgotten about Adventure 4: Leviathan. Wasn't that the product of the Games Workshop crew trying to figure out how to play Traveller, too? Sort of GDW's answer to Griffin Mountain. Yeah, the Belgarde Sojourn didn't really pull it all together cohesively. !i!
  14. Dang, I'm not using my emojis again. I was agreeing with you, actually. Or at least disagreeing with the orthodoxy of informing you that your idea is fundamentally flawed while graciously allowing that maybe you enjoy that sort of thing. You know, "YMMV" and all that. Play on! !i!
  15. See? The fact that we've elevated the conversation to the realm of boardgames fills me with joy! Why is Argrath such an asshole? Because he has to be in order for me to win the game. !i!
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