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  1. I'm trying to think if there's a single cereal grain in the real world that isn't roasted and steeped to make a drink. I'm fuzzier on the New World grains and seeds, but I think even a number of legumes are used for beverages -- certainly for making "milks". Provided they haven't been 'effed out of canon, Glorantha has most counterparts and a few new ones. I have some boricha right here -- roasted barley "tea" -- though I'm drinking it cold, and some genmaicha (roasted brown rice with green tea) up in the cupboard. How 'bout some hot bloodbean milk? !i!
  2. How did the US Postal Service know how to deliver your package with the address blacked out? They're amazing! !i!
  3. Boo! πŸ‘‰πŸ˜ΎπŸ‘ˆ This smells as bad as "Pavis isn't prone to urban fires because of runes." Too much "mythic" hand-waving is boring. Save the mythological relevancy for heroquests. !i!
  4. And your brevity was much appreciated. Take another bow. !i!
  5. Thus sparing the dilemma of Newtonian Physics vs Divine Order when calculating falling damage. Well played. !i!
  6. Go on. I'm unaccustomed to this degree of brevity regarding this topic. There are films? Must I watch them? !i!
  7. A book on pachyderms alone? You're my hero! !i!
  8. I'm unfamiliar with this "Prisoner of Azkaban". Could you explain the context of this reference at length? !i!
  9. In my Glorantha, the gods love real world physics -- the effects, if not the actual calculations. They're enamored at how our physics so closely model the effects of their divine order. They adore stall speeds, gravitational pull, tidal effects, molecular chemistry, etc. Took them ages to get all that just right, and it's a marvel that our real world mirrors those effects on a sphere of all things, and apparently without demonstrable divine guidance. It's rare that they go mucking up the divine order to suit the whims of mortals, and when they do it inevitably turns into a runic pissing ma
  10. To be clear, no pigs, real or imagined, were harmed in the production of this illustration! !i!
  11. You have my attention. I'm still iffy on bows while airborne, but, hey, if a horse archer can manage it.... You have me re-thinking javelins, if used like a large dart in a tucked dive. The real point, though, is that Wind Children generally hold the advantage of elevation and mobility against grounded opponents. Spock, re: Khan -- "He's intelligent, but not experienced. His pattern indicates 2-dimensional thinking." Hrm. Next up: Aquatic combat among the Triolini. Dog-fighting with spears and nets! !i!
  12. The primary limitation that seems to get overlooked when dealing with the Wind Children is that the action of their wings occupies a huge volume of space (assuming they need to pay at least some lip service to physics and flap their wings to fly -- God, I'm growing weary of this "cuz magic" Rune-affiliation hand-waving). Swinging a sword? Spinning a sling? Unh-uh. Bows, problematic. Javelins? See swords. Poignards and naginatas make great sense, as do skillfully managed grapples and nets. Keep those wings free. !i!
  13. Yer slayin' me! Maybe hooks or barbs on the backside of the swordstick blade? I'm blanking on the home defense martial art where samurai wives would train in using a pruning hook to disarm -- sometimes quite literally -- intruders. That could be nifty. In general, though, I assume that Wind Children adopt the tactics of peltasts and light cavalry -- don't stay in one place and get whomped by heavier arms. !i!
  14. ...but mostly for the slash-and-draw effect, a vestige from early development as cavalry weapons. A variety of utility, though. Check out the sasumata, or man-catchers. I have to wonder why Windchildren would carry such things about, though. !i!
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