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  1. I was just swinging by, saw this, and turns out I know a few people are super excited for this. It's not even a franchise I'm very into and I'm excited.
  2. Yeah. It seems like the linear scaling causes the lack of granularity that made certain mecha that should be stronger have effectively the same stats. My next attempt with BRP mecha is going to use something like a Heat track instead of POW.
  3. I did make a massive spreadsheet that could output usable stats for BRP Mecha from techspecs from their anime. I was also working on an automated form-fillable mecha sheet that the spreadsheet could output to. I didn't get enough interest IRL to do a mecha game, and I started picking at the rules and stats, looking to rebuild them into something less fiddly feeling. But I really don't think the game as written works for cross-franchise, or even intra-franchise in the case of long running serial franchises like Macross, mecha.
  4. With all that being said, I have been considering using other mecha focused games as an overlay or addon to BRP with or without BRP Mecha.
  5. They don't even use dice like a proper game of pretend.
  6. Sometimes superrobots do have their engines rated in kW or hp. One of the reasons I constructed my spreadsheet, which covers Gunbuster, Battletech, CoC, Code Geass, Cross Ange, Five Star Stories, Pendragon, A LOT of Macross, and so on, is so I can make comparisons and plug in numbers that I need, if I need them. A great many mecha anime/manga don't have all the tech specs that BRP Mecha would like, which is why there are guidelines to using other stats to derive the missing ones in it. And after doing a lot of the data entry, I've noticed how meaningless a lot of these stats. I use the whole proccess to get into a ball-park, and then wiggle stats around until I get a good feeling that the stats when used in the system will give results that will emulate the series they are from. And I only use Palladium to fill the gaps when I can't data from original source material in Macross/Robotech. The numbers for the Macross franchise feel a lot more internally and real-world consistent. One of the things I like about the BRP family is how robustly it can handle a certain amount of arbitrary handwaving. Besides as far as having the "right" POW for an invid/inbit, unless you are going give it fuel consumption and track that fuel consumption, or it you want to give it enough firepower that it can't always fire all of its weapons every round, its POW is generally going to be meaningless. Similar reasoning can be applied to STR, even STR is more likely to come up as important in its raw form, STR vs STR etc, but in BRP Mecha moving around other mech or objects is based of the Size Class anyways. I went through a very similar thought process. In the end, as long as you make internally consistent choices with your conversions, the mecha should be as relativly powerful as they appear on screen.
  7. I rather enjoy the mecha creation rules. Doing point buy needs you either pick an arbitrary value for all mecha, or figure out relative values for various mecha, before getting down to business. I like being able to take some "real-world" stats and making game stats straight from them and then doing some handwavey arbitrary selections like slightly adjusting armor and/or weapon stats. And here is a dump of some raw stats from my spreadsheet. SeriesMechaMass(kg)SIZCONHeight (m)SIZ ClassArmor TypeArmor PointsPOWer Plant (kW)POWThrust (kg)Flying STRLifting Capacity (kg)STRThrust to WeightFlight ACCSTR to MASGround ACCWalking kphMOV/SPDMax SPeeD (Flying kph)MOV/SPD2HP HeadHP TorsoHP LegHP Tail/WingAPSTRengthSTR FlyCONstitutionSIZePOWerMOVACCMOV FlyACC FlyMOSPEADAInvid Carrier5,670,000142015526126 #NUM! #NUM!000.0000.000.00006,432644853260#NUM!0142#NUM!00640MOSPEADAInvid Commander28,0008108.75111 #NUM!2,300522,300520.0810.081.151624064353215252081#NUM!2141MOSPEADAInvid Enforcer28,0008109.7212 #NUM!2,500532,500530.0910.091.251417257353225353081#NUM!1171MOSPEADAInvid Overlord36,00084010.1212 #NUM!2,500532,500530.0710.070.971526567353225353084#NUM!2171MOSPEADAInvid Scout4,5006003.25111 #NUM!1,500471,500470.3350.334.67911,08811232114747060#NUM!15115MOSPEADAInvid Shocktrooper11,5007105.8111 #NUM!2,200522,200520.1930.192.681414805243215252071#NUM!1353MOSPEADAInvid Soldier2162502.3010 #NUM!1,250451,250455.79815.7981.02713203121104545025#NUM!181381MOSPEADAInvid Trooper10,0006905111 #NUM!2,200522,200520.2230.223.081414805243215252069#NUM!1353MOSPEADAVF/A-6 Alpha Series16,7007508.751112,7605419,200772,000511.15160.121.681721,9001924321517707554221916MOSPEADAVF/B-9 Beta Series29,50082013.72124,1405919,200772,500530.6590.081.191821,930193532253770825921199
  8. So odds are it will be more of a discard some stats that don't exist thing? I personally like having a SIZ stat, but BRP Mecha doesn't use it beyond generating HP, and Size class is used for a lot more. It feels like there might be a loss of granularity, but it's probably meaningless granularity that gets lost.
  9. That would be pretty sweet. I've got a campaign outline for a Mecha game. How much of a difference in the way mecha are statted do you anticipate between BRP Mecha and Revolution Mecha?
  10. There is an extremely good chance I will back this and attempt play-test it with BRP Mecha.
  11. That's a thing I've been thinking about whether I even needed to go as far as deck plans. I haven't even done of capital ship stats yet.
  12. My currently planned campaign features a colony fleet with FTL, but tending toward possibly spending months or years traveling STL. It's really meant to just be the backdrop of the campaign though.
  13. On the one hand, I'd hate to have to buy a whole new book, but on the other hand, I hate having to drag out my BGB to reference while working with Mecha. It really does warrant a self-contained game.
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