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  1. Weather is going to be a real issue. There's no land to cause hurricanes to lose their power. :eek:
  2. Here are a few spells I pulled from RQII and an old Dragon magazine that worked rather well in my last RQ campaign. The first is a spirit magic spell while the last two are sorcery spells; all three are stated in RQIII terms. Hope they're of some interest. DETECTION BLANK Touch, Passive, Temporal This is a specialized antimagic spell designed to block detection spells. It may be cast to screen any one object, spell, or person from detection. It stops only Sense, Detect, or Find spells, but unlike Countermagic, Shield, or similar spells, it does not let the person doing the detection know that his spell has been blocked. Otherwise, it functions as one point of Countermagic for each level of Intensity. Simple penetration of this spell by a boosted detection spell does not dispel the overall effect, though the target is clearly detected. Future detection spells must still be boosted to penetrate the Detection Blank. This spell does not block spells such as Second Sight or Mystic Vision, nor any skill. MYSTIC BLOCK Touch, Passive, Temporal This spell blocks all detection of magic on the target if the detection spells don’t overcome this spell’s Intensity. It does not even leave a magical glow on the target: i.e. it appears that the target has no spells on. This is rumored to actually exist, but only by the top Magi. MYSTIC CLOAK Touch, Passive, Temporal The spell creates a barrier to spells such as Mystic Vision, Soul Sight, and Second Sight. The target does not even detect to these spells except for Intensity 10 Mystic Vision (which only reveals the presence of a cloaking spell). Spells such as Detect or Find Enemy or various other sense spells are totally unaffected. This spell also blocks a discorporate being’s ability to see the target’s POW aura. This includes spirits using one of the three previously mentioned spells as well as the innate abilities of ghosts, wraiths, and other such ethereal creatures.
  3. "Outside of an atmosphere, the Eagle can accelerate at 117.4 g's." Is 117.4 g's accurate? If so, even if that occurs only during remote piloting, what's the fuel usage?
  4. You can choose and there are different occupations for each period. However, the book does point out that the same template may be able to be used across time periods. Ex. A noble with a high degree of diplomatic ability and some weapon skills is rather generic. Change the weapon skills to fit the period and you're off and running. It's not quite that simplistic but it's close enough.
  5. Exactly! Running an opposing force just like they're a party of PCs can really wake up the players when they discover some of their favorite tactics can be used against them. Nothing is more sobering than finding out an enemy is being run intelligently with a thought to effective group tactics.
  6. Daefaroth

    SF BRP

    Ah! Ok, I've seen it then though it's been quite awhile. Thank you.
  7. Daefaroth

    SF BRP

    Whoops! Sounds like I missed something darned useful. And Google isn't being helpful. Could you provide some details on "Stuff!"? I'm having trouble finding anything on it.
  8. Looks like the first step was to define the physical world and lock in the design. That right there pre-defines all the spaces that can be used for differing cultures and areas where those cultures will interact with each other. It will also help define weather and ocean currents which, in turn, define accessible natural resources, plant life, and overland and water-based trade routes. Fertile land with water sources give rise to settlements. Apply a little imagination and bang!..instant gaming world with a high level of consistency.
  9. Daefaroth

    SF BRP

    I've used scaling multipliers for years (having played Traveller for over a couple decades now) and they work extremely well. And the two foolish PCs who tried to walk through ship-mounted laser fire did indeed not notice the difference. The biggest problem I've seen with scifi RPG equipment design systems is the ones that fail to be used are those that try to simulate, rather than emulate, reality. Most gamers want to play the game, not go through a self-study program for mechanical/electrical engineers and far too many games have been ruined by game designers who insist their game be "hard science" without understanding that science will make such games obsolete within a few years (or sooner). IMO, a successful gear/vehicle/ship design system should be modular in nature, easily scalable (i.e. the same rules framework used to design a handgun or motorcycle is used to build a starship planetary defense emplacements) and allow tweaks and improvements to come from successful PC skill rolls. In other words, it has the simplified intuitiveness that's the winning characteristic of BRP. That's when a game gets "buy-in" from players. Make it overcomplicated and players, and their money, walk away and never look at it again.
  10. For the rule, I use how much the first successful roll was made by as a penalty on the opposition's roll. If the first successful roll was special, the penalty is doubled. If the first roll was a crit, the penalty is tripled.
  11. I've just received (14 minutes ago) an email stating my copy has shipped. Given that I received the Pending Shipping email on Jan. 2nd, looks like the processing time to get a copy shipped is 5 days from receipt of the Pending email. At least it was in my case.
  12. Hi, everybody! I've just joined the forums on BRP Central and thought I'd say "hi". The foundations of my interest in BRP was laid when I picked The Lord of the Rings trilogy 'way back in 1973. My roleplaying experience was kicked off 1976 when I started patio-top gaming with the 2nd edition Chainmail rules (I "roleplayed" the commander of an elven left flank). In 1977 I was intro'd by some of the same friends to D&D in the white box and in 1980 discovered 2nd edition Runequest and Traveller. I haven't gone back to D&D until this month and then only because I can't convince the group I game with to play Runequest. That may change with the release of BRP. I've done a bit of playtesting for various games over the years, including Brilliant Lances for GDW, GURPS Traveller for Steve Jackson Games, and now BRP for Chaosium. I'm very proud of what Chaosium has accomplished with the upcoming version of BRP and hope you all will get at least as many years of enjoyment from it as I have from Runequest.
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