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  1. Id also love to see the charts from the hawkmoon rules. Cheers.
  2. "The monograph Swords of Cydoria. It's full of great ideas. " Can you tell me a little more about it?
  3. I'm hoping to kick off a post apocalyptic dark fantasy game where the setting on the surface is dark fantasy, but underneath it is set on a slowly decaying post galactic warfare isolated ringworld where te remaining rate sufficiently advanced tech is seen as magic but also various forms of "corruption" (Nanites, radiation,, warp engine leakage, or whatever handwavium you care to mention) gives characters mutant powers/magic. Ideally Id like to use the same system for PCs but also for major NPCs and mutant creature/chaos nasties from the swamps of "don't go there". What system from any
  4. Me either, is it still on for a Continuum 2012 publication date?
  5. As I've said elsewhere I'm very interested in this. I hope the action point and mook systems are handled well. Though it will have to be pretty amazing to beat White Wolfs' "Adventure!!!" IMHO.
  6. Holy necro batman! I played in an openquest game of Steffs a couple of years back at continuum and really enjoyed myself. It was a mish mash of European colonial history mixed with the discovery of a new continent in the north full of fantasy races and magic weirdness, I liked the concept very much. I wonder if anything is coming of that?
  7. I just use the % rolled on the dice as the number of shots that hit. EG: If a burst is 5 rounds and you roll 45% then 2 rounds (45% of 5 rounded down) hit.
  8. Cool. Will you be at Continnuum 2012? If so sign me up for a game. As an aside, any more solid news on a release date for RoH?
  9. You could go with Age of Shadow which is a LotR specific OpenQuest varient.
  10. I certainly plan to, but part of it is that the PC are "unwilling" but write a plot hook that forces them to work for the agency.
  11. Paid in full and Ill see you all there
  12. One thing Id be careful with is the autofire rules as they stand. Many people feel that they are too deadly. Id tend to make it so autofire weapons ran out of bullets after a couple of bursts and needed a round to reload.
  13. You may or may not have see my previous post about Unknown Armies Sanity system in BRP. But in continuation of the same game setup I have one minor worry. Most of my players will be able to get into the central conceit of a group of high tech vigilante/bad asses of one stripe or another being brought together to form a super group and go on missions for a super secret agency. I just have a feeling that one or two of the players will have a tenancy to "go off the deep end" in terms of playing their dark eyed loner who doesn't want to work for the man. Now in principle I have no problem with
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