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  1. Tusk Riders will prefer to charge so they get their Tusker's damage bonus for the Lance attack. See the rules on Charging (RQiG p219). Lance will be the pair's first attack. Then the Tusker will Gore or Trample (if the Lance attacked downed the opponent, but didn't take them out). If their opponent is on foot, remember to use 1D10+10 when figuring the hit location for a Lance hit (RQiG p220.).
  2. For some reason, I thought that the day started with sunrise, not sunset. Is there a mythological or other reason for that? Unfortunately, if Wildday starts at sunset and the moon changes at sunset, then during the daytime one cannot (accurately) say, as in classic English horror movies, "Beware! Tonight is the night of the Full Moon" or "It's a Full Moon tonight." Before sunset, the night of the Full Moon is technically tomorrow night. After sunset, it's this night and after sunrise, it's last night.
  3. I was going to comment that a bonus based on existing DSPs doesn't tempt someone not yet tainted. But then you posted this: I think this is brilliant. I know this would tempt many, probably even most, players. I like that it starts them out slowly. Let your anger out just a little bit.
  4. 🤔 I like a good rant as much as the next person, but I've used punch cards. Even on a bad day, Roll20 is faster and generates fewer errors that I got with my coding. And free is the price point a lot of people prefer. I've been using Roll20 as a player and as a GM for quite a while now. For me, the switching cost for learning a new system is pretty high. When I factor in having to teach my players a new system, I would need a significant improvement and I don't want to devote the time it would take for me to test drive other systems long enough to really see how they compare. It's off topic here, but I am curious what you dislike and what you prefer and why. Is it worth starting a different thread to discuss the pros and cons of different online tabletops?
  5. I was in one of the sessions it was a lot of fun - one of the better sessions in a Con full of great sessions. Foundry looked very nice and the system worked great for me, though one of the players had some hiccups connecting. I'm not sure the connection issue had anything to do with the Foundry application though.
  6. Bren

    The night sky

    I too thought the Red Moon would be larger. I thought that, when full, the Red Moon would have at least the apparent brightness of an earthly full moon. Which would probably necessitate it being much larger than our moon and/or else much brighter. Thanks so much for building and sharing this! How the sky works and how it appears are two things I find confusing in Glorantha. And given how familiar with the sky Bronze age folks would be, not knowing how to describe the sky is a big gap in my ability to depict Glorantha to my players. Have you thought about building a version with the day sky? It would be interesting to see how the Red Moon appears in the day time.
  7. Most of the time trying to augment won't result in any change to the Chaos rune affinity. If it does change, it's only a little bit more likely to increase rather than to decrease. Expected value is only a 0.04% increase in their Chaos rune. So it's pretty close to even odds that the change, if any, is negative rather than positive. But you'd probably have to try to augment a whole lot of times before it changed much. That begs the question though, is trying to augment using your Chaos rune affinity itself a chaotic act? Would anyone other than someone already irredeemably tainted by chaos even try to augment using their Chaos rune affinity? Maybe a better approach would be to try to get an affinity to the Law rune. How does one go about doing that? Talk to a lot of Mostali? Try to do what dwarves do? Stand around not moving and telling other people, "No you move!"
  8. It's always nice to hear a follow up. I like that you considered, and ultimately didn't mess with the balance of the Fertility / Death runes. It would be uninteresting if all people with high Death rune affinities avoided or ignored sex and/or marriage. However, I would be inclined to have a high Death rune affinity decrease the likelihood that children result from the sex. The augment process for the Fertility/Death rune as described on p 426 of RQ: RiG seems OK as a simple mechanic to use, though with the Fertility rune it does seem like the chance of twins ends up being incredibly high for anyone making their Fertility rune augment (odds of 25%, 35%, 55% respectively).
  9. Yes. And as has been mentioned, that is so long as the relationship is consensual. If nonconsensual --> Babeester Gor, along with the expected angry and possibly violent, relatives of the victim.
  10. That was my impression as well. The fact that spelling of the "name" has varied between Nameless and Naimless seems to support your interpretation.
  11. There are differences. Seven Mothers and Orlanth are Hostile to each other. Issaries and Lhankor Mhy are neutral to the Seven Mothers and vice versa.
  12. I assumed that most, if not all, Hazia is imported. But the Bestiary entry on p199 says that the plant is "native" to the Stinking Forest, which allows the possibility that it is cultivated elsewhere. Other Sources on Hazia: The main rule book and the Weapons in Equipment book provide no additional information beyond what is in the Bestiary. The Well of Daliath entry, "Top Seven Drugs of Glorantha" tells us that Hazia is "secretly grown deep among the barley fields of Sun County." This is Sun County in Prax, not the Sun Dome Temple in Sartar, so still an import. "Jaxarte at the Sun Dome" adds that "It is said that deep in fields some farmers illicitly grow the banned narcotic Hazia, though I saw no sign" and that "Hazia is illegal, but greatly-sought after in the Lunar Heartlands." So an import from Sun County to the Lunar Heartlands and also, presumably, to Sartar. "Lunar Imports" confirms that Hazia is imported to the Lunar Empire from Prax. So it appears that it is cultivated in Sun Dome County, Prax among the barley fields, which seems like a very different environment than the Stinking Forest. If you can grow it in forested hill country and in Prax, it seems reasonable that it could be grown in Sartar, which seems like a much closer environment to the Stinking Forest than is Sun County. I wonder if the Sun County hazia is stronger or weaker than the native plants.
  13. I do not have that issue. Thanks for the explanation. Somehow I missed the parenthetical. My bad.
  14. Good qu Good question. I have the same understanding as Nick Brooke. The Assistant Shaman had previously acquired several doses of Hazia. So I assumed she knew a seller. I did think about using a shady contact from the Jonstown Compendium Cups of Clearwine / Dregs of Clearwine supplements, but I decided against it since I didn't want to add obstacles when the players were being unusually quick in coming up with a solution. So I had them purchase from Sora Goodseller who barely made her bargain roll. They have cleaned most or all of her current supply. Which may be a problem if Redeye ends up addicted as Dragon suggested. It will probably be most interesting if Sora still has a little bit of Hazia for Redeye to sniff out. That way there are two possible targets. Clearwine and the assistant Shaman PC.
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