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  1. I haven't run that adventure, but the notes I made on page 51 of my PDF copy say, I haven't done that yet, though. So I too would be interested in what anyone who ran this already did to get the text description and the map to match.
  2. Yeah, I don't use vegetarian Morocanth either. And my Humakti is still wearing that Morocanth claw necklace he got in Prax. I reckon that the major tribes each individually competed against their specific herd beasts. The Bison, Impalas, Sables, and HIgh Llamas all lost and the human tribes with those names all won. The Morocanth beat whatever tribe the Herd men were before they became beasts just like the herd beasts of the four major tribes.
  3. Thanks Nick, the GM Screen Pack pages 9-10 are useful, but what I need, I think, is something more elementary that walks them through the steps e.g., Statement of Intent, Movement, Attack, Parry. I'm envisioning something like the Turn Order section of board game rules.
  4. One of my players is really struggling with combat. Before I create one myself, I thought I'd poll the collective mind. Has anyone created a one page (single or double sided) cheat sheet for RQ in Glorantha?
  5. Kangharl overthrows Leika. Kangharl is the son of Kallai Rockbuster. I think what jajagappa was saying was that on the Taraling Lineage Chart on p. 21. The Box labeled "Kohlmy" the one with 2 wives, 2 sons, and 1 daughter (none named) should really be Kangharl. Should Kolmhy be spelled Korlmhy?
  6. Thanks Kloster for posting this and for partially showing your work. While I don't need the exact numbers in play, having some sense of where the numbers are for a rational optimization choice vs. a do-you-feel-lucky choice. Coincidentally, in tonight's session, all three PCs failed their Runic Augmentation in the same short scene. But, as has been mentioned, that didn't impact the skill they were trying to improve, though it did cause some complications for one PC when later that day he wanted to cast some Rune Magic. This thread helped me decide to (rightly) decide to roll my second best Runic affinity, so that I could save my best affinity for casting Rune Magic in climactic combat that came later.
  7. The 2014 movie Hercules with Dwayne Johnson is a good example of a hero's warband. In the film, Hercules gets the lion's share of the credit for actions that the whole band is involved in. It's a nice example of how those Dragon Pass counters are named for the hero or superhero, but the counter isn't really a single human.
  8. Gently lift them up and set them down out of the way?
  9. The Kaphtu Trilogy by Richard L. Purtill. It's set in the Bronze Age Aegean with actual deities. I used the cover of the Stolen Goddess for my first RQ player character.
  10. Walking into melee it seems like the CA should, in addition to wearing distinctive garb, also make some noise (like ring a bell, chant, or sing song) so their location is audibly clear in case they are visibly obscured by fog, smoke, darkness, intervening fighters etc. Their protective status is because they are healers and so they can heal. It's not supposed to be a way for a healer to play gotcha with the fighters in a conflict.
  11. Only if one of the eggs hatches a healthy infant.
  12. While I really like a lot of what has been done with RQiG, I find the rulebook much more difficult to use as a reference book in play than I found RQ2 & Cults of Prax. For example, finding the rules for calculating the physical and spirit combat damage bonuses in the middle of the long character creation section is awkward for me as a GM as I need to reference those calculations whenever I create a new NPC or creature.
  13. Good points. Also the Passion roll failure is -10% to all rolls for the scene while the success is +20% to only one skill for that scene. So a lower penalty for failure, but applied very broadly. And fumbling a passion often (like say in the case of combat) means your PC just auto-failed the entire scene. Passion augments do seem to have the worst cost benefit ratio. As the GM I don't think I'd want to rely on a die roll for the duration of despair. Fumbling a Passion is like a temporary death. Sort of a little death. Ironic, really. I'm curious how people have treated Fumbles for Rune augments. It says, "The adventurer must even avoid acting in accordance with the Rune during that time." Depending on the Rune, the situation, and the breadth of the interpretation a fumbled Runic inspiration could also result in an auto-fail the entire scene. I'd be interested to hear any examples for how people have treated that outcome in a way that enhances fun.
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