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  1. It's Chaos. I'd be tempted to have the player make a new die roll each time they use their new strength.
  2. Interesting event. I would expect a +4D6 Strength to visibly manifest in some way. What I immediately thought of was Cuchulainn's warp spasm. If the Chaos Gift manifested that way he might look normal until he decided to use the extra STR. And a successful roll on his affinity Chaos in a situation where lots of STR would be useful could cause him to undergo the warp spasm without a conscious decision.
  3. One could increase the damage when used 2H to 1D10+1.
  4. And that answers my question. Thanks Jeff! 😃 Now I'm curious what happened to the one-handed longspear, which aside from the lance, has also disappeared from the weapons tables.
  5. You are welcome. Sadly I haven't figured out how to remove the incorrect skill check box next to the Customs (_______) entry nor how to replace the specific entries for the Melee Weapons, Missile Weapons, etc. with fillable entries. Some parts of the character sheet don't seem amenable to change.
  6. He gets knocked down, but he gets up again....
  7. Try this version. It seems to work for me. I like the elemental runes for the skill categories, but the extra runes seems a bit cluttered in the weapon list. RuneQuest_Glorantha-Character_Sheet_Fillable_Runes 1.0.pdf
  8. I don't think we can, really. The equipment list in my OD&D (1974) rules simply lists "sword" and the Player's Handbook for Advanced D&D and 1st edition Runequest were both published in 1978. Indeed you did. Always good advice.
  9. But two-handed swords still exist in Glorantha, e.g. greatsword, rhomphaia, and sickle-sword are each listed as 2H weapons on the Swords and Daggers table on page 208 of RQG. So I don't see how the material can be an issue. I understand how one might argue that they don't fit what we know from the artifacts we have from earth's bronze age. However, I don't think there are a lot of intact bronze age weapons. (I could be wrong, I'm not a military historian or archaeologist.) So absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. In addition, bastard swords have been part of Gloranthan culture and present in published materials about Glorantha until this most recent addition, RQG. I've been playing RPGs for a long time (1974) and I still have my original RQ2 and RQ3 rules so I'm perfectly capable of including bastard swords if I want them, YGMV etc. etc. And I'm not arguing about whether bastard swords (or any other weapon) should or shouldn't be included. What I'd like is to understand is what went into the design decision to remove a weapon long present in the setting. What factors were part of the decision e.g. strict extrapolation from Mediterranean Bronze Age cultures, fidelity to available Bronze Age art work, new ideas about Gloranthan culture, mechanical reasons for balancing weapon choices (bastard swords were arguably the hands-down best 1H weapon for most adventurers in RQ2 and RQ3), or something else?
  10. Thanks for the answers. Pretty much as I expected. There aren't AFAIK, a lot of intact Bronze Age swords, but it seems a bit odd to have broadswords and 2H swords, but no lengths in between. The idea that the Cult of Humakt includes the knowledge for making and using longer swords is interesting. I may do that. I'm also curious why spears were similarly changed. Removing one-handed long spears doesn't seem to fit a Bronze Age ethos or epic descriptions of the heroes and their weapons. It also complicates the weapon choices for some Yelmalions since they can't use their long spear with one hand and an active shield nor can they throw a 2H spear. Examples of epic spears:
  11. I'm curious why is the bastard sword missing from Runequest in Glorantha? It was present in both my RQ2 and RQ3 weapon lists. Bronze greatswords exist, so the issue can't be one of metallurgy. Why the deletion? My Sword of Humakt PC keeps asking me this question and I don't know what to tell him.
  12. Do vendref self-select to worship Humakt or are the Grazers choosing particular children to train up as elite warriors? Are these elite Humakti bodyguards similar to real world Jainissaries?
  13. I just picked up Heortlings of Sartar. A quick printing and skim through it tells me I will find this very, very useful. It is fairly generic, so suitable for reuse, but it includes enough color to give the GM something to start with. Thanks for mentioning it.
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