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  1. Huh. I didn't notice the plinths on page 40. Thanks for pointing those out and I agree with your analysis.
  2. No Bren just messed up the number. I can't even imagine how, but page 38 is the correct page. The object to which I refer is in the gap between the table of Sarra Ya'Qual Hit Locations and the table of its list of weapons on the lower right portion of page 38.
  3. Interesting. The original RQ2 version of Griffin Mountain didn't include that section or any dragonewt plynths. Doh. You are correct, it's on page 38 in my physical book. The obscured object can be seen to the right of the dragon carved plynth that is on the far left. The second object looks like it is a stone of some kind, but it is mostly covered by the table.
  4. This thread has been very illuminating. When I saw the two examples of what you would allow I thought, yes that sounds exactly like something Coyote said or would say.
  5. You did a very nice job on the tatoos. Adding onto a 2D depiction of a curved surface like an arm is maybe a bit beyond my skill. Thanks for the info. I hadn't even thought to check Roll20 for Ancient tokens (just for D&D and Westerns). I'll give it a look.
  6. I just noticed the illustration in the section labeled Dragonewt Band on page 40* of my Runequest: Gamemaster Adventures book. Part of the drawing is obscured as it runs under a hit location table, but the lower left corner of the page shows what looks one of a pair of "peculiar standing stones which appear mostly to be crude and stylized representations of dragons, wyrms, and an otherwise unknown thing vulgarly called a “frogosaurus”. * Edit: The illustration is actually on page 38. No idea why I wrote page 40.
  7. A bit of thread necromancy (don't tell Delecti), but I'm surprised there aren't drawings of one or more plinths. Especially given how interesting, weird, colorful, and integral to the Dragon Pass boardgame the dragonewt roads are. Someone did create miniatures of a plinth and a gateway. Do really appreciate the mini you have to look at both the side and the top down view.
  8. "Token" or "Tokens" is the what I've often seen used. And I agree those are beautiful tokens. Are they available and are there more of them?
  9. Presumably some of that theoretical 73% surplus is lost to rodents, insects, spoilage, etc. Exact numbers seem hard to come by, but one article mentioned 10-20% loss post harvest (in modern Africa). That could reduce that 73% surplus to a little over 50%.
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